Cave Dwellings: “THE HERMIT” DOES IT AGAIN!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, February 24, 2011


  If you remember on one of my posts about Alaska, I had a photo of my Aunt and Uncle on the Alaskan Highway…It was an old, washed out photo, and I tried to tweak it with the Picasa program as best I could….Then along comes “The Hermit”, A.K.A. Robert Hoy,  he enhances it, and it looked fabulous..Well,…. remember the photo of my Grandmother’s graduation class of 1898??… pretty faded and washed out….Suddenly, in swoops “The Hermit” on my email and I opened up the photo ….WALA!!!

 graduating class 1898

                                 ….BEFORE…..                                                                   ….AFTER….


Early this week,  I was called to the Heiser homestead in Sugar Grove to shear a few sheep…..Their “wool” was just about long enough to make a blanket…








Those 2 boys have hair  like their Mom and Dad…LOTS!  Every so often I have to buzz ‘em to keep them looking civilized…Their Dad, Tim, won’t let me touch his “do”…He demands a Cop’s flattop (very Narc looking), and I am NOT a barber…He is a wise detective NOT to let me near his scalp!




Things have been pretty calm here in Sandwich.  We have a pair of Cardinals who are frequenting our safflower seed feeder.  The male is illusive about getting his picture taken, but his bride is quite the ham…even with her mouth full


I saw the first Purple Finch yesterday, so McGuyver hung out our thistle seed feeder .  (He was too fast for a photo)…I am hoping for more of them soon…but they may have to wear their parkas and mukluks a bit longer, here in “the Great White North”…2-6” of snow due here tonight…whatever….


Tuesday we actually caught a glimpse of sunshine, albeit fleetingly…The minute I saw a sparkle from my window prisms in the kitchen, I ran for the camera and almost knocked Dennis off the computer chair getting to the door for a photo…


The gray stormy clouds parted just long enough to give us a quick glimpse of blue sky….and then they slammed shut again…leaving me standing there, expounding in expletives for all the neighbors to hear…Are you suppose to cuss at “Weather Gods”???  I sure hope I didn’t jinx us for another 2 feet of snow…OK, I APOLOGIZE…REALLY, REALLY , REALLY I DO!!!  I sure hope they heard me..I ‘m quite sure the whole neighborhood did!!!!


“Before” pictures of the train car restaurant….


After pics…..

… A little update on the Bull Moose Bar and Grille (train car restaurant).  It is coming along very nicely.  Above is the entrance…It sure looks different than it did last summer…Dennis and I are eagerly anticipating the opening…as is everyone else in town…Although I  do have a  sinking feeling that we will need to sell the Hiker just to afford a meal and drinks in there.

  I’ve made lots of progress in my genealogy research by using a website called  Family Search.  This site is a FREE site to research on (which is hard to come by)..I have found my Grandma Ross’s name on a 1900 census taken in Elgin, IL…I also found out she had a younger sister  I never knew about…and that her father was a War veteran and served in the 23rd Union Battalion of Indiana….He died when my Grandma was only 15 years old, in 1895…This information really rocked me back on my heels…I’m so glad Dennis and I got involved in our family histories….

Hey, I want to welcome another brave follower, Erik and Ronda….You are welcome to get onboard…If we ever get this GMC and Hiker on the road again, you can sit by the window for a while…It will be your turn…And by the looks of the diesel prices, we’ll have to sell the FARM to drive that rig across the street….Oh well…as my Grandma used to say…



  1. I agree, Robert Hoy did an absolutely outstanding job tweaking those old pics. They are good as new!! I know you are so proud.
    Great pic of the cardinal!! Just like a female to be a camera ham,LOL!! Hopefully the snow will subside and the birds will fly in!!
    The train car has come along way since it began the renovation! Should make for a really fine place to eat!
    By the way...those little fellows look handsome with long or short hair!! :-)

  2. What a great gift to have that photo edited so beautifully. The boys look good as well. Isn't it interesting to think of how rare photos were "in the day" and how we treasured them compared to now when there are billions and billions of images out there capturing every moment of our lives. By the way, what camera and lens did you use to get the PERFECT photo of your cardinal lady?

  3. Perhaps one day i hopefully actualy can become good enough to earn such praise ! Thank you.

    the hermit

  4. Nice job on the 'sheep shearing', looks nice and clean!

    Robert did a good job on fixing up the picture too - pretty amazing what a little photo editing can do.

    The train car restaurant looks pretty good as well.

  5. yes, such is life!!..blotty heck it is gonna get cold here! about the 'great white north!'!!

  6. Kuddos to the Hermit. Incredible picture of your grandmother's graduation! I have some old, old pictures but have no idea who they are, lucky you.