Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


  Dennis and I have a program on our computer called My Heritage Family Tree.  We have a TON of information in plastic boxes in our basement just loaded with old photos and family information.  My maiden name was Ross, my Mom’s mother’s maiden name was Fry, and her Mom was a Roush…Dennis, of course, is the Cave-man,  his Mom’s maiden name was Bark, and her Mom was an Arnold..This stuff can get REAL complicated as it goes on, and on, and on…..It’s like digging for gold…

Crystal Lake, IL High School graduating class of 1898….

My Grandma Maude A. Ross (Harnish) is standing, back row on the left.

We are very blessed to have a gazillion old photos on both sides of our family.  Some of the photos are even “tin types”..Unfortunately many of the photos are not labeled and we are trying to sort that out who they are..BUT, some of the old photos DO have names written of the back, so we can see exactly WHO is in the photos…Please, please, please …do your kids a favor and remember to put names on the back of photos so they know who the heck these strangers are when us “older duffers” are “blowin’ in the wind”…


Left is Christmas at Grandma and Grandma Bark’s house (Den’s fraternal grandparents)…Note the big bunch of mistletoe hanging in the top of the photo…Far right is Den’s maternal Grandma and Grandpa, Clarence and Jenny Bark… Middle photo is Aunt Jeanette ,(yes, THAT Aunt Jeanette, the one we still visit) ,holding a ceramic giraffe…and she still has that giraffe sitting of her coffee table.  The photo on the right is Den’s Mom, Katherine…and Dad, Cam (Ben Campbell Cave)….We really treasure these great old photos…



Check out the little Shasta camper in this one….Left is Uncle Jr., middle is Aunt Jeanette, and right is Den’s Dad, Cam….


The Shasta travel trailer was Jr .and Jeanette’s little gem, and they used to take their two dogs, Pomeranians, with them on ALL their travels ….They had no kids, but they sure showered lots of love on those dogs…


                                      Dennis’s Dad in front of the Shasta….He never owned a pair of jeans or sneakers in his life..




Here is Aunt Jeanette grooming one of their dogs on the picnic table…They had 2 different pairs of Pomeranians…The first 2 dogs passed away and they got 2 more…Always a pair, and always one male and one female….I know LOTS of RV’ers out there are traveling with their furry kids, too…







Above left is my Dad, Don Ross. He could play the violin,( but didn’t want too many people to know that.) He could also play the Jew's Harp  , also known as the Ozark Harp..The name of this instrument has nothing to do with Jewish people…It is thought to be one of the oldest musical instruments in the world, and was common to Asians and also common in Turkey…The link has a photo of the one just like we had in our home..Our son, Kelly, now has it…I don’t know what ever happened to Dad’s violin…I sure wish I had it, though…

That handsome couple on the right is MY Mom and Dad, Don and Cora Ross….God, how I miss them.

It is a wonderful gift to give oneself when you revisit your roots through photos and old documents.  As I said, we are lucky enough to have a volume of memorabilia , and we intend to save it for our kids….We are in the process of trying to get as many names on those old photos as possible.   It is soooooo important to listen when the “elders” start telling stories, too.  Better yet, get it on a audio if you can.  If you don’t do it, a LOT of family history could possibly be lost forever…And isn’t is strange ..the older we get, the more these things mean to us…???

    All of us have a history…some of it good, some not so good.  And I’m sure some of you out there either don’t care to know it, or aren’t into that kind of thing…But McGuyver and I are both really involved in finding out about our heritage…I just thought today I would share a tiny bit of it…After all……



  1. We have been wondering just who you are!!!!!

    You are so lucky to have those old photo's. My mother's side of the family has been traced back to 1700's. It is very interesting. Dawn on the other hand is adopted and doesn't know much at all about her biological family, her adopted family left her with lots of pictures that don't have names on them.

    You are doing a great thing by helping your kids out with the information.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn and Denise

  2. Got tears in my eyes. LOVE to look at old photos, what a treasure to have and hold dear. We also have some old photos that we don't know who are who, so wish the parents were here right now!! Take time now to know what they knew, it will become so very important.

  3. Loved the old pictures, when I went to PA I spent some time looking at pictures my Sister had that Mom gave her, I have an album here from my Dad when he was in the pacific during WW2, When he came home he never again wanted to leave his home town. That is why he never owned a camper, he said he did enough camping over in the islands and Australian, NZ, and New Guniea.I too have a hard time figuring out who is who, At least in the digital age you can make the name and date part of the filename. Oh by the way Donna & My first trailer was an 18foot 1962 Shasta that I bought for 300 bucks, Ice box, and gas lamp and all. with the fin on the back. Be safe out there. Sam and Donna.

  4. Nice to see that camping genes were passed along!

  5. I love that trailer,wish I had it.

    You mom was quite the looker.

  6. So much fun! Mo has been looking into her family tree lately as well, with the rest of her family. Her mother's maiden name is Ross as well, the Irish side. The family landed in North Dakota where Mo was born. We were there last fall checking out all the Ross's in the cemetery there.

  7. That is a cool little camper. Nice pictures, thanks for sharing.

  8. Hey, I think I know those people...just kidding but the photos do look similar to some I have. I'm in the process of scanning old B&W negatives and trying to figure out who's who. Wish I had written down some of my parents' stories while there was still time. Thanks for sharing.

  9. now we can see where you get your fine good looks from and your love of RVing!!!..great post today, Donna..thanks for the trip into the past..and yes we all came from somewhere!!..and we are who we are because of our past!..brings tears to my eyes that you miss your parents!..if only there was one more day!

  10. Great old pics! Thanks for sharing your family history with all of us.

  11. We had to pass down to our kids a lot of the old photos, as well as some other familty things. We recently learned that one of Suzy's real treasures, her family's Christmas creche had totally disappeared, and no one had any recollection of ever having it after we retired. There was no way we could have given that away or trashed it. But we still have some of the old photos, have scanned a few, but that project has collapsed of its own weight.