Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, February 28, 2011


100_9495  Soooo I had this really bad dream.   I dreamed we were being pelted by little ice pellets that were sticking to our truck windshield and turning our deck  into an ice rink ,yet again…and.. I FORGOT MY ICE SKATES!!!.. Hey, we were in of sunshine and blue skies, weren’t we??   When I finally managed to pry my eyelids open yesterday morning, I realized that the REAL truth was the fact that I really DID need my ice skates…and I really DIDN’T  have them.  I could only hope that when I took Sosa out to pee, he wouldn’t pull me across our deck by his leash ….much like a crazy woman water skiing behind a runaway boat.  He didn’t ….but I really did need my ice skates.

  Saturday night ,( date night for all you home gamers),  McGuyver and I went to our usual “haunt” , The Moose Lodge, for our weekly date/cocktail hour…Turns out those ice pellets on our windshield were ALSO not just part of a bad dream ..they were part of a driving experience.  OK, I know …I’m in Illinois!! I am a born and raised Illinoisan!!!  I should be hardened like a pillar of salt (from all the salt I have waded through on our streets over time)..I cannot help it if my parents chose the state of Illinois to raise a family, and I should have left Illinois to go to college…(but we could only afford  Elgin Illinois Community College)….And hey, after meeting Dennis,  I REALLY didn’t want to leave Illinois…AND….once we got hitched and Dennis got a great job with great benefits at Caterpillar Tractor in Montgomery Illinois ..(and once we started having the really BIG…we were locked in to living in the “Land of Lincoln”….BUT WE NOW HAVE THE CHOICE TO LEAVE….AND IF WE DON’T ….WELL, IT’S OUR OWN DAGNAB FAULT…RIGHT????  Whew…I feel much better now…A good rant every so often is needed for mental health.

  Yesterday was a very slow day in the “Cave”…Sosa has pretty much been running the house….He sleeps on the couch, knocks over his water dish, eats his food piece by piece in the living room, jumps up for an occasional head pat, gets a treat every time he poops outside, and barks at the wafting curtains when our heat turns on.  

100_9491Right now he is on the couch with McGuyver …. in MY spot, watching the NASCAR race….Ya just can’t make this stuff up…He is DA KIND DOG!!

100_9480 Kelly and Cindy will be home tomorrow evening, and Sosa will get picked up by the “limo” Tuesday morning..I must remember to make sure he gets his morning paper and dog treat to take with him.

When we went to the Moose Lodge Saturday night, we saw some guys outside milling around a fire (as guys will do when they get in a group)…..And was that grilled baby back ribs I smelled??

100_9478We then realized that it was Arctic Cook Out night.  This means that some of the more brave, ( albeit slightly less wise),  Mooses will stand outside and cook ribs and pork chops to feed the Mooses and Moosettes who are waiting inside,  ..drinking , laughing, staying warm . (I could visual is them with knives and forks in the upright position just waiting)…Naturally, we went in to join the wiser Mooses.  But I have to say, I have seen McGuyver standing out by our grill, clutching an umbrella in a downpour…or in his snowmobile suit, in deep snow, cooking his little “less wise” Moose behind off!!!

  We decided to opt out of the feed, as usual, to just have our few cocktails and pick up a pizza on the way home…As I have stated before, we are not “diners out”…We are “drinkers out” once a week,  following it up with “carry out”…It’s just our style.

  This morning I have a “dreaded” appointment with the local Podiatrist to discuss my foot issues…yet again.  This time I am going armed with questions, my walking shoes, and a bad attitude. I want NO surgery, and if I have to get another shot of steroids, I want to be knocked out (just kidding) ..But that shot really really REALLY HURT!! .. AND THEN THE DOC MOVED THAT NEEDLE AROUND AND AROUND ONCE INSIDE MY HEEL.  YOWZA!!!…I have been doing research on the internet, which can be a very dumb thing to do…but..I did find out that I have “supination”…This means that I walk with my feet rolling outwards…and explains why I wear the outsides of my soles down .



Those crocks , above, are my “go to” shoes when I get out of bed in the morning until I go to bed at night…They are so cushy, it really pads my heel when walking.  I gotta “fess up” and say that I even where them to WalMart for groceries…Hey, maybe I’ll end up in one of those “Wally Word” photo galleries and become famous.  If the Maxine photos don’t work, there’s always that!

Before I forget, Sue Malone asked me what kind of camera I used for the lady Cardinal photo in my last blog…like I am some great camera buff..I had to look on the camera bottom to see…DUH!…It is a KODAK EASYSHARE DX 7590 Zoom Digital Camera with a 10X Zoom….We’ve had it about 6 years and would LOVE a newer one, but this seems to suffice for now…Thanks, Sue, for giving me a HUGE head and making me believe I am Ansel Adams …




Ice again ….on our deck, our front porch screens…up close and personal..


These were taken this morning this morning, Monday, at 6:45AM…Sammy and I slid down the back steps for “potty call”…(that would be for Sammy, not me..)..This was after Sammy slept upstairs by our bed due to the to thunder last night…He slept on the floor by my side…but only after he tried to sleep IN our bed with us!!..Sorry, Sam….that’s a deal breaker for the Cave Dwellers…We had thunder, lightening, rain, then ice to top it all off…I HATE ICE..!

OK…time for my appointment with the foot Doc…Not that anyone cares, but I’ll be lettin’ ya know if I get the needle again..if I pass out..or if I my head spins around and I tout expletives at the poor man….



  1. have a a great time at the Podiatrist!...poor Sosa..looks like he is not having too much fun with Gramma!!..
    have a good day and try not to slip and fall on the ice!..I hate ice too!!!

  2. Could you PLEASE call in the 70 degree weather in 3 weeks. We are starting to get use to it. We finally left our cold weather behind us.

    Stay Safe

  3. Sosa may not want to go home since he's having such a great life with you guys!

    Good luck at the podiatrist - can't bear the thought of getting a needle in my foot - ouch!!

  4. You guys must have had the same storm that came through here last night, Lots of rain and hail & Thunder, and tons of wind, the tornado siren went off twice, which always brings my son Andy to his feet, but Mom & I just lay in bed, hey I always hoped to die in bed anyway.I guess cause were over a hundred miles south of you the ice missed us , but it's still a sloppy mess around here.Sammy looks like he is being sufficiently waited on, that he will make another trip to your place. Give him a pet from us.Have fun & be sfae out there. Sam & Donna...

  5. Is your foot problem do to Foot In Mouth Disease? I had that once and the doctor removed it and put it some where else up my!! It's still hard to walk...

  6. It is said that sometimes pets & owners look much alike. That is quite evident in that portrait of Sosa looking every bit like, well you know, not exactly Dennis but......Just sayin:))
    I know what you mean by choices in places to live. If it wasn't for me being a Canadian & all the red tape that entails we would already be living somewhere here in the southwest for sure. No doubt about it. Still trying to figure out how we can do it. Over 60 years of northern winters is enough I'd say!!!!!!!!!!!!!!