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Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, February 16, 2011



Boy, oh boy, spring is in the air!  Did I mention that we saw Robins in Indianapolis last weekend?  Either they were lost, or they know something we don’t.  Though we haven’t seen any here yet,  I’m hoping they have some insider info about the upcoming weather.  

Today my daughter-in-law, Cindy, is having out patient surgery at Loyola Hospital in Chicago to implant a bone anchored Cochlear Stimulator…also known as an abutment, and a small titanium implant, which is put into her skull behind her ear.  Sounds like fun, right?  Actually, Cindy had sudden onset hearing loss in one of her ears.(SSD, single sided deafness, for short)….no warning, no reason..she just lost her hearing and is now deaf in that ear.  Being a nurse, she has researched this new surgery that will give her back her hearing in that ear..Somehow, this implant goes under a flap of skin.  After it heals, (about 3 months), she gets a sound processor that she can attach to it and she will hear via bone conduction…AMAZING STUFF!  “The Bionic Woman” so to speak…There are several different sound processors.  I am not sure which one she is getting, but one is called the Baha…That link is really informative…MUCH more so than MY feeble attempt at explaining it.

The main thing with this surgery is to keep any infection from appearing at the surgical site, because of it’s close proximity to the brain..Luckily, our son, Kelly, is a skilled paramedic, so he will keep a close watch on this…Obviously, she cannot see behind her ear!!

I wanted to make them dinner for tonight, and since the weather is actually “grillable”, McGuyver is making his famous grilled whole chickens for them, and I have whipped up some macaroni salad.  The Jolly Green Giant is providing some nukable ear corn, and Wally Mart made some warm turtle brownies and ice cream….



…A few random pix from my gallery….


…Left is myself and Aunt Jeanette a couple years ago at the baby shower Terrie had for Chris…That glass of wine in her hand is exactly why I love her…At this picture time she was 93…ya just gotta love her spunk!






This morning we did our first battle with the Al Queda squirrels here in our backyard…We have a bird feeder right outside our kitchen window full of sunflower seed for the Cardinals and Chickadees…Well….the renegade squirrels sent out their stealthy spies and found it …



…That little #@!*#*##@!!!!

McGuyver immediately took the feeder down.  He will empty the sunflower seed out and replace it with safflower seed this afternoon..Supposedly squirrels don’t like the safflower seed…Key word here is supposedly!



Thanks for checking my meandering blog….See ya on Friday!!


  1. Ahhh, I love the squirrels! Just look at that cute little face. Interesting info about the implant. My daughter interprets for the deaf so I find this kind of stuff very interesting. Good luck to your daughter and let us know how it works out for her. I bet she'll be glad to have the hearing back in that ear.

  2. The surgery your DIL is getting to restore hearing in one ear sounds pretty amazing!

    I'm not going to repeat the first 2 words of your blog title for fear of ending up on the Homeland Security Watch List! But, I expect bus-loads of agents in dark suits are already on there way to Sandwich IL. to check out these insurgents of which you speak!!

  3. Tell Dennis good luck, squirrels will eat anything,The only good deterrent is a good sized hawk, before we got urbanized, you never saw a squirrel here and very few rabbits, what you did see was some nice fat hawks circling the field. Now we are overrun with them and the hawks have flown to west Dardenne Prairie. where they still have fields. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  4. I'm afraid I agree with Sam, about the squirrels. I'll be surprised if switching seeds works, but some times you never know. (ha ha)

  5. They have implants for almost everthing now days.

  6. I work with a doctor that had the same surgery about a year ago. What a difference, it's sepectacular that he can now hear. Of course now we can't talk about him as much.

  7. Clean that bluebird house now! And give it a spray with some diluted bleach. Those beauties will be up in your neck of the woods pretty shortly. :)