Cave Dwellings: Pretty Nice Day Yesterday, But NOT 60 Degrees…LIARS!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pretty Nice Day Yesterday, But NOT 60 Degrees…LIARS!

  I had my lawn chair all ready to go yesterday….suntan lotion, book, sunglasses….just waiting to get out on the back deck…NOT HAPPENING…Old Sol was busy somewhere else and never showed up here in Sandwich, Illinois, so our top temp yesterday was 56 degrees…Oh, well.  I do know it’s on the way, but alas, not today.   Patience is NOT my virtue!!

  Cindy is doing fine after her surgery…She actually said that when this thing heals, she could even plug an I-Pod into THAT is pretty amazing!…Kelly took her bandage off today and is keeping it clean…Just the idea of anyone drilling into my skull makes me faint.




  That gauze and the disc will both be removed shortly, and she will just have a small little screw behind her ear…YOWZA!

Today was a pretty non eventful day here at the Cave Dwellings.  McGuyver has been working on installing a new garage door opener in our garage. 


We also had to get new grates for our Weber gas grill on the deck.   He hadn’t been able to do it until now, because there was 2 ft. of snow on the deck…Well, the snow finally melted…


…..and McGuyver got the grates installed. HMMMMMM… I’m thinking baby back ribs this Sunday…

  Seems that there is always some project Dennis is helping with…..Den and his buddies are now working on an aluminum can crusher, making it easier to save the beer beverage cans that they acquire…They all hang out at Conveyor Eddie’s shop on the East edge of town.  Eddie owns two of those huge concrete conveyors and has his own business, E & S Conveyor, hence his nickname “Conveyor Eddie.”  In the late afternoon, after work, a few of the “boys” end up at his shop to solve the world’s problems…and toss a few down…I think Dennis is the oldest of the group, so they call him “Uncle Dennie”…whatever.

Goose Island State Park, Fulton Texas….February, 2006…..Right is The Goose Island Oak….1000 years old…almost as old as the old babe who is standing in front of it…they even have the same wrinkly skin…

  Above photos are also from Fulton, TX, 2006.  Those guys on the left are unloading fresh caught oysters from the boat…I LOVE fresh oysters!!!!  Chris came to visit us that year….and on the right is McGuyver …enjoying Oyster fest.



Parking the Hiker amongst the Live Oaks is a challenge at that state park, but McGuyver “got ‘er done!”..That spider web in the photo above rode on the outside of our Hiker window all the way from Falcon Lake State Park in Roma, TX, to Goose Island in Fulton…undisturbed. 

The sun is really gorgeous today, but that wind is cold…brrrrr.  They are predicting an icy mix of precipitation for Sunday and some snow on Monday.  McGuyver may be grilling my ribs in the sleet…..Re-enter Winter, stage left…


  …Trying out my new Krupps Panini maker for lunch this afternoon.  I used Focaccia bread, chicken breast, pepper cheese, grilled onions, Italian dressing and Chipotle Mayonnaise.   They were wonderful.  This could be habit forming…

  Well, this has been another bipolar blog…jumping from one topic to another without pausing….Actually, this makes perfect sense,  considering my brain pretty much does the same thing.  Update on my Plantar’s Peanuts disease….I tried to walk 2 days in a row and the pain was just tooooo much…I guess that means I don’t get to take my walks for a while…another reason for me to re-create Maxine…I AM THE CRABBY OLD BROAD THAT SHE PORTRAYS!!! ….OK, time to throttle this thing down…I’m nodding off at my own blog….


  1. Have you considered putting a thumb tack in your other show to divert some of the pain & take attention off the Planters Peanuts thing...........:))

  2. I've been known to put on a few "shows", Al...

  3. Hey, it's going to be in the upper 40's her in Oregon through the weekend! We're leaving for Southern California to pick up our new rig.

    Nice pictures of Goose Island. Also, way to show off the stoic side of your nature! Great look!

  4. Have you thought about taking meds for that bipolar bear thing?

    Good looking pun on your town.

  5. We use our George Foreman grill all the time for making Paninis and Quesadila's, it does a great job - your Panini's looked pretty terrific.

    Hope you're able to get the grill out and going this weekend!

  6. Hey, lady, don't you realize that you are in Sandwich, IL, and not Texas? Put that sunscreen away for another few months! :)

    It was 75 here in MS today. Just sayin... :)

  7. we have the same Krupps Panini Maker..delicious looking sandwiches you created!..great photos from Goose Island..thanks for sharing!!
    hope the grill gets fired up this weekend..spring will be here before you know it!!

  8. Hey, it's oyster season here in Gulf Coast, you need to get your booty down here. ;)


  9. Was 75 the other day tody will only see 50 and then tomorrow they say 69, crazy weather. Adam is out playing at 09:30Am so that's a good sign spring is near.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.