Cave Dwellings: Day 9, post surgery…stitches out..Yea!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 9, post surgery…stitches out..Yea!!

  A short update on my neck surgery saga…Today Dennis chauffeured me up to Dr. Ghaderi’s office in St.Charles for a 9:15AM appt. to have my stitches removed…

2012-11-29 08.58.34



This is the door to his office…I didn’t take any photos inside…I didn’t want to act like a Dr. Ghaderi Groupie, but I really AM oneSarcastic smile…I had thoughts of having McGyver take some photos of the good Doc removing my stitches, but thought better of it…This place is a Class Act,and I didn’t want to seem too “hayseed”…even though I truly AM….FYI, his nurse and office girls are absolutely gorgeous…I am now re-thinking my former employer ( an Optometrist), and wondering why I didn’t apply for a position with a  Plastic Surgeon…JUST THINK OF THOSE PERKS!!


I was almost giddy as we got into the elevator to assend to his office…I was hoping the head gear was going by the way of the trash can soon…




2012-11-20 10.16.222012-11-29 09.12.37

                                                                                                                                     Before….                                                                                           After….

If there ever was any doubt that I am secretly related to the Tom Turkey family, here is the proof…I do believe I could have requested a purse be made from this chin.

Dr. Ghaderi is very pleased with the results, and assured me that it would only get better from here…I do NOT have to wear my spandex panties on my head during the daylight hours, but until next week (when I see him again), I do have to sleep in it…Hey, this I can handle…Poor Dennis is the only one who sees me in it …and if he’s smart, he will sleep on his left side so he can avoid it…After all, it’s only one week…I need not bandage it, nor do I need to put any balms or lotions on it yet..He just wants it to heal, and told me that the scar will soften up a lot in the next few weeks…I took this opportunity to mentioned that we are thinking of leaving here just before the New Year, and asked if that would be a problem for me and future appointments…Dr. Ghaderi saw no problem with me going out of state by then..WAHOO!!! I love this man!!…Now, if we can just get our ducks in a row, maybe..just maybe…Dennis and I can hit the road in the Hiker by New Years Eve…Time will tell..

2012-11-29 13.55.27 2012-11-29 13.55.57

After visiting my Doc today, we headed for Uncle Jr.’s and Aunt Jeanette’s to take them grocery shopping and so some banking…We hadn’t been there since my surgery, and they thought I looked great.  That photo above, right, is NOT the grocery store…It is Jr. and Jeanette’s basement…Yes, that IS a shopping cart..Den and I carry the groceries to the basement, Jeanette puts them in this cart and takes them to the back room to put them on their shelves…By the looks of those shelves, they  must know something that we DON’T know.  Are we going to be invaded soon?…Is this a make shift bomb shelter???? These two wonderful  people absolutely crack me up..and they never cease to amaze us…Now if I could only get the skinny about just how they acquired that shopping cart…Disappointed smile!!

Just a couple more pics…Since we got home, I took a frontal shot of my incision…

2012-11-29 16.00.162012-11-29 16.00.52

Yes, I AM one very self confident and HAPPY CAMPER!!!!!…Oh, and if you think this is the last of my graphic photos, well, you are mistaken..I am going to take you all, albeit kicking and screaming, on this entire journey..and it only gets better from here on…Do I regret this surgery??? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!

“I do not care so much what I am to others as I care what I am to myself.”
Michel de Montaigne


  1. Looks good. The scar will fade. Be sure to se whatever scar stuff the reccomend. I had a tummy tuck and right after the scar looked really bad. In a few months it was so much better, and now years later you can hardly see it.

    People will notice your scar at first and think you were in an accident or something. Thats OK!

  2. Oops-good :)) my fingers are to big for my phone:(

  3. Really looks great! Da Aunt and Uncle were products of the Depression, right? I think all the elders have the food hoarding issues. My folks sure did.

  4. Absolutely fabulous!!!! I know you are excited...but you have always been beautiful you know!!!! :-)

  5. Why you look great, you will be getting offers for a centerfold soon. So happy for you and your new look. Be safe out there Sam & Donna...

  6. I sure hope you get to blow that Sandwich Popsicle stand for the new year with your new look!

    Yep, your aunt and uncle are a hoot! What a treasure they are.

    I don't think I'm going to show my stitches on my blog since they'll be in a more sensitive area...:P

  7. Great results on the surgery, Donna. If anyone asks you how you got the scar on your neck, just say 'knife fight' and that'll shut-em-up!!

    1. Thought I would tell them Dennis tried to slit my throat...and almost did!

  8. Love the knife fight explaniation,

  9. Nicely done!! And Rick had a great suggestion - love it!!

  10. You are looking good Miss Donna!

  11. Wow, that looks really great!!! Great healer that you are....

  12. looking mighty fine, Donna!
    as for the shopping cart?..we have one in our front entrance, albiet a small one that I use to take the garbage and recycling downstairs to the compacter, we also use it to bring up the groceries from the parkade..oh sure, by Sunday it is gone and then we get one back again later in the week, for the next haul! weird I know!

  13. butterbean carpenterDecember 1, 2012 at 9:57 PM

    Howdy D&D,

    Donna, you did not have a turkey-neck; THEY ARE BLUE!! The results are very
    good!!! Now, what will you have to fuss about??
    While y'all are down in Loozanna eat a whole lot of mudbugs for me, please!!

  14. Very courageous and looks great! Hope the recovery continues. You look great!

    1. Thanks again to ALL of you for your continued means lots to me!!!

  15. Donna it looks wonderful :) yeahhhh and it can only get better!!!!