Cave Dwellings: Die Hard Chicago Bears Fans…
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Monday, November 5, 2012

Die Hard Chicago Bears Fans…

  This blog will be pretty short and sweet…and sweet it was to watch the “Monsters of the Midway”, Chicago Bears, annihilate the Tennessee Titans Sunday…We had the great pleasure of being invited to a good friends house to watch the Bears…Linda Hann and her husband, Don, ran a local tavern in Sandwich called Don’s Old Time Inn…When they sold the bar, they brought sentimental pieces of it home and made an “old time inn” in their huge garage…Don passed away last Spring, and Linda is in the process of down-sizing into some smaller diggs…In the meantime, she is a strong and fine woman who is a great friend..and she invited a few of us friends to watch at Bear’s game at “Don’s Old Time Inn..West”….As you can see by the photos….we had quite a time…

2012-11-04 12.06.042012-11-04 13.45.092012-11-04 13.45.18

2012-11-04 13.46.032012-11-04 13.46.262012-11-04 13.45.28

There was no lack of food or drink….My son had the big idea of making a beer can pyramid…This is like a contest to see how high they go before someone puts one too many on top…


2012-11-04 15.21.122012-11-04 15.21.572012-11-04 15.22.48

Dennis was the culprit of the first disaster….So he built them back up…


2012-11-04 15.26.332012-11-04 15.29.212012-11-04 16.05.16

Kelly was the next one who made “the walls come atumblin’ down”….


2012-11-04 13.45.472012-11-04 16.12.052012-11-04 16.45.17

Maggie Mae, the dog, wanted NOTHING to do with this group…It’s a proud moment for the grand finale…..but then Kelly tried just “uno mas”…


2012-11-04 17.02.52




Way to go, Kelly…By this time, the Bears had won handily and we donated all of that aluminum to Linda’ s Dad, who collects it and turns it in…Lots of work went into the consumption and building of the Beer Skyscraper….just sayin’…





2012-11-04 18.10.09

A great time was had by all….as you can see by these two “Cavemen”…I LOVE OUR FAMILY!!!

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”

                                ~Benjamin Franklin


  1. I would love to be at Don's Old Time Inn.

    Thats a great header picture of Dennis...

  2. Go Bears!!! :) Don't watch football, but always hope the Bears win.

  3. And here I thought those orange cans were "Orange Crush"... until I looked a little closer. ;-) Looks like a great party and a good time had by all!

  4. sweet, but look out the Texans are next...

  5. go Bears! great family day filled with beer, food and football!

  6. With all that pyramid stuff going on and then finishing off those beers, do any of those guys actually watch 'Da Bears' on TV? Great way to watch a game though!