Cave Dwellings: A Few “Strange Characters” and a Surgery Update..
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Friday, November 2, 2012

A Few “Strange Characters” and a Surgery Update..

Before I forget, I want to give a shout out to Kcgaz, another brave soul who is willing to risk his sanity to follow my lack thereof….I sure hope we get to take the Hiker somewhere this Winter so he can cram into the GMC with the rest of you daredevil blog friends!!!! If we don’t get outa here, I may just go from slightly loony to completely “off the wall”…Smile with tongue out

  Well, it has been unseasonably FRIGID around here the past week… When McGyver and I take our daily 2 mile jaunt, I dress like Nanook of the North…

2012-10-31 08.06.50

Does that fur make my nose look big???Oh, yeah, that’s right..My nose IS big!…Without my glasses on to cover it up, it looms larger than life!!!

  Wednesday, Halloween day, Den and I went to our 3rd grade grandson’s Halloween Parade…This is where his school, McDole Elementary in Sugar Grove, IL, has their annual Halloween outdoor walk…This grade school consists of Kindergarten through 5th grade, so the ghosties and goblins varied in size from pint to full blown adult size kids…There were some great costumes…

2012-10-31 14.49.332012-10-31 14.50.512012-10-31 14.52.57

2012-10-31 14.53.462012-10-31 14.54.002012-10-31 14.55.20

I gotta think that those moms and dads were up all night gluing, sewing, and trying on….I have no idea about the purple “thing”…


2012-10-31 15.01.222012-10-31 15.01.302012-10-31 15.01.47

…like I said, they ranged in sizes pee  wee to rotundo…..

2012-10-31 15.00.35






This was one of my  favorites….How the Heck did this kid survive all day like that??? Maybe he took the top off and the teacher helped him put it back on for the parade…Such ingenuity…Ahhhh yes, there was a time when I dressed up every Halloween…(no surprise to any of you, I’m sure)…





Our grandkids dressed up, but on Halloween they live too far away for us to “Trick or Treat” …Not to worry, we make sure they get a treat….Actually they ARE a treat!!

Heiser HalloweenWolff Halloween AidenWolff Halloween Madds

Left, the Heiser kids…middle, Aiden Wolff….right, Maddox Wolff……


Actually I did have a potentially  “possible costume” laying on our counter…Yesterday, it arrived by UPS, and I had to try it on….

2012-10-31 08.54.36

This little number (circled) could be amusing in many ways….

  2012-11-01 15.26.23

…but when I tried it on, I looked like a chipmunk, loaded with nuts and about to strangle…That compression bandage sure does give me a profile though!! The look on my face reminds my of my 10th grade typing teacher, Mrs. Blowers…She often had that look of just having swallowed a whole lemon…You know the look….pursed lips, clenched teeth, and dagger stares…I sure hope Dennis is ready for thisSurprised smile!!

Update on my surgery….Tuesday, Nov. 6th, my “caregiver” and I go to see my plastic surgeon, Dr. Bahram Ghaderi….My caregiver is McGyver…McCaregiver is what I shall call him…Thursday, Nov. 8th, I go to Valley West Hosp. for pre-surgical labs, chest XRay and EKG…Monday, Nov. 12th, I go to my local GP, for a “surgical clearance” physical…I hope the “clearance” is low enough that I can get through itWinking smile…Oh, and just for giggles, the weekend of Nov. 17th and 18th, we are having another Cave-a-palooza to celebrate Thanksgiving…I do believe that my plate is already full!!!

Monday, Nov. 19th, I go to Dr. Ghaderi for pre-surgical visit.  The next day, Nov. 20th, is S-Day..  surgery at noon, hopefully home and drugged heavily by 6PM… The day after that, Nov.21, I go back to Dr. Ghaderi for post surgery visit…AND…THE NEXT DAY IS OUR 43RD WEDDING ANNIVERSARY..(I sure hope I can get some wine down for thatFingers crossed)..…My surgery is at the out-patient area of Delnor Hospital in Geneva, IL…I do believe I have my blogs filled for the next couple months, eh???

Dedicate yourself to the good you deserve and desire for yourself. Give yourself peace of mind. You deserve to be happy. You deserve delight.

                                                                                                                                                         ~ Hannah Arendt


  1. You're the only person I know who can make a surgery procedure sound not only interesting but even humorous. I'm just glad it's a cosmetic and not an OB/GYN sort of thing ;-) Of course we're wishing you the best!

  2. Were behind you 100%, tell Denny if he needs any tips on being a nurse, I have plenty of experience being a nurse, especially carrying the pot to the upstairs bathroom at my sisters and emptying it. no bathroom downstairs. So she had to use the potty. Can't wait for the wait and the procedure to be over and you will be the new and improved Cave woman. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  3. woohooo good for you girl..can't wait to follow along on are rock girl...

  4. I have an appointment at the Mayo clinic in Jacksonville, FL, next Wednesday. Don't know if I'll need surgery, but I'm guessing yes. Hmmm...could a battle of the surgeries ensue? Sorry to say, mine won't do anything to change my looks. I'm stuck with them. :)

  5. all the kids dressed in their Halloween finery look fantastic!
    you know all of us in blogville will be wishing you well with your surgery!!

  6. Well, good luck not only with the surgery, but keeping track of all that. That's a busy schedule. Hope McCaregiver is up for it.

  7. Surgery is coming up pretty quick. Just keep a stiff upper lip, chins up, & you will be OK:))

  8. Great costumes on the kids - that headless one was my favourite.

    You have a great attitude going into your surgery and I'm sure it will all go well and turn out just as you hope. Just don't take any surgery pics, o.k., I faint at the first sign of blood.

  9. Your personality is so BIG how could anyone notice a little loose skin on your chin! We love ya just the way you are. We're worried about Dennis being your nurse, You better ask for forgiveness from him before he becomes your nurse!! LOL

    Keep us posted and we will miss you guys this winter