Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, December 3, 2012



I have been adding a few more Christmas “touches” around the house….

2012-12-03 14.00.002012-12-03 14.00.352012-12-03 14.01.59

2012-12-03 14.07.372012-12-03 13.59.48

I love my Norman Rockwell Santa…..           “the stockings were hung by the chimney with care”..

I had to decorate the Hiker too…We can sit outside on our deck and enjoy this wreath..

2012-12-03 13.57.21



As you may notice, the grass is a lovely green and the cement under the Hiker is damp….Today was 70 degrees and so was  yesterday…It certainly doesn’t seem like December here!!!





2012-12-01 10.59.26


My pansies out front are in full bloom….I sure hope they have their long underwear at the ready…By the end of this week we are in for a drastic change…




Yesterday we went to Linda Hann’s house again to watch the Chicago Bears/Seattle Seahawks on TV…We call this Don’s Old Tyme Inn West….Linda has the bar/garage very festive for the holidays…..

2012-12-02 12.45.382012-12-02 12.45.53

2012-12-02 14.03.242012-12-02 15.38.15

There is no question who our son, Kelly, is a fan of…On the right, Tom and Leanne’s old Lab, Maggie Mae, is totally bored by the football game…(Notice they brought her rugs and blankies with so she could be comfy..Wish I had brought mine, I’d be right down there with her!)

Of course, we had to begin another beer can pyramid…..It’s becoming a ritual on game day..

2012-12-02 12.10.162012-12-02 16.36.05

Above left, the beginning of 1st quarter , with just a few….On the right, Dennis adds the last can after the darn Bears LOST it in overtime!!GRRRRR! The last time we let Den go near the pyramid, he made it fall.  This time, it did waver, but managed to stay up..Why is that so important?..I have NO idea.

  McGyver and I are planning/hoping to be able to take our trip South, and I just HAD to start getting the Hiker loaded up with some stuff..We aren’t using our shorts and T-shirts much right now (not that we couldn’t!), so I busied myself loading a few things…Just going in and out of it made me feel all “warm and fuzzy”…LOVE THAT HIKER!

2012-12-03 13.55.542012-12-03 13.56.222012-12-03 13.56.31

2012-12-03 13.56.422012-12-03 13.56.07

This Winter,we are traveling without Hughes net  dish to set up..Now that we have our Verizon Wireless, we are sooo looking forward to a much easier set up, AND less equipment in the “basement” of the Hiker…Those fuzzy green things in the pic on the right are my new slippers…I can hardly wait to don my ensemble and trot out the Hiker door in those babies..zzzzzzzz( not sure Florida is ready for the Caves, but we are CERTAINLY ready for Florida!!)  We are hoping to leave shortly after my last Doc appt., which will be sometime around Dec. 27th or 28th…If the stars are all aligned correctly, the “family members” are all nestled in for the Winter, and we don’t get a blizzard in the days following that, we could be on our way by the weekend after Christmas…Fingers crossedFingers crossedDisappointed smile!!!! (Key word…yep, you guessed it..COULD!) Me?..I am asking for all the good Karma I can get..I composed my letter to send to  Santa, telling him what a good girl I have been, and how much I deserve a trip South…OK…maybe I’m stretching the “good girl” idea just a bit…I probably should have said I’ve been a “tolerable ol’ broad”, right????Winking smile

“You can only look forward to a South Dakota winter if, as with childbirth, remodeling a house, or writing a novel, you're able to forget how bad it was the last time.”
Dan O'Brien, Buffalo for the Broken Heart: Restoring Life to a Black Hills Ranch


  1. That picture of Maggie so reminds me of my old lab Maggie who we lost July 2011. Brought back some memories, made me a little teary. Love those slippers!!!!

    1. Thanks Ruth..and yes, Maggie is a very old dog..and a very sweet one.

  2. The neck is looking good. Hope you're able to get away for the winter. Our daughter surprised us today by letting us know she booked a flight to Phx next week. Yeah, the four of us will be able to celebrate the holidays together.

    Enjoy those temps, it'll change soon, it always does :-)

    1. How great to be all together at this magical time of year...enjoy.

  3. Yep, know about that warm fuzzy feeling that comes with finally loading up the rig in preparation for going someplace, anyplace:))

  4. nothing like getting ready to hit to the road to bring out those 'warm fuzzies'..nice slippers! can't wait to see the campfire ensemble!

    1. ...Oh, don't worry, the ensemble will be on the blog, unless I have to blog from jail..The signal sucks from the cell.

  5. I've got my fingers crossed that you'll be able to make the get-away as planned!

  6. I know how you're feeling. We're in the same boat starting to pack up our rig too. Nice header pic.

    1. Thanks Rick...Last time we were in Florida was with the 2005 for our daughter' wedding. Can't wait to get there again!

  7. hope you get the ok to pull out and the weather backs you up...we are down here in Fl and the weather is great...maybe we can get together..:)

    1. We have reservations near Ft. Myers at an army corp park for 2 weeks...After that we work our way farther North and into the panhandle through Alabama and Louisiana..home again mid-March..I hope!

  8. That header picture is precious! I wonder what you were thinking as you looked at him?