Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


  OK…a quick peek at my last 24 hours….

2012-11-20 10.12.242012-11-20 10.16.22

Therein lies my metamorphosis, Delnor Hospital….  Let’s change this turkey neck so I can have just ONE chin..I’m ready!

2012-11-20 10.46.422012-11-20 11.01.20

Bring on the big drugs!!!!     They put some air pumps on my legs to keep circulation going..and that fluffy thing on top of me in the second pic is called a “Bear Hugger”…It is a giant air mattress that heats up and keeps you warm.  The Nurse Anesthetist informed me that Dr. Ghaderi is adamant about keeping his patients comfy and warm for surgery….Then, when they wheel me into the surgical suite and put me under, Dr.Ghaderi turns back the heat to igloo temp and the whole surgical team is frozen…I loved this nurse…

Dr. Ghaderi came in about 10 minutes before surgery and did some artwork on my soon to be “turkey neck be gone” (that is my daughter-in-law’s words)…

2012-11-20 13.05.372012-11-20 13.07.12

He had trouble getting the color off his hands…I told him he needed washable crayons like our grandson has…HMMMM, I sure hope this stuff comes off my neck??

I was scheduled for 12:45PM surgery, but the Doc told me the day before that I should never believe the time I am told…He had 2 cases before me, and surgery is one thing you do NOT want to rush through…I was wheeled into the surgical suite at 2PM…at least I think that was the time…by then I was already speaking in foreign tongues and seeing pink elephants on the walls…

2012-11-20 16.40.32



Time:….4:10PM..Out of recovery and trying to get ice chips into my mouth…This was not easy..I could barely get my mouth open to speak…McGyver was in 7th Heaven.






I was let out of jail about 5:45PM, wheeled out the front door to the GMC and on the way home by 6PM….Let me just say that for once, I did NOT try to back seat drive…I was pretty much silent for a change….

2012-11-20 19.40.422012-11-20 19.46.112012-11-20 19.49.58

Last night was fun??? not so much…Ice became my new best friend…I tried the Tylenol w/ Codeine and that made my erpy, but luckily the Doc has prescribed drugs for nausea….Hey, he must have known this was going to happen..I had some chicken soup broth and switched my drugs to 3 Extra Strength Tylenol…Bedtime was 8:30, with my head elevated above my heart (I thought that’s the way I was made anyway!)…Actually, I  had a fairly good night..Today I felt somewhat partially human. I had a bit of a time brushing my teeth, and combing my  hair was a NOT…I did, however, find a way to get some bling into this outfit..

2012-11-21 08.54.07

A ribbon on my head and my attempt at make up….lipstick…But, I do see the makings of just one chin in this deal..!!!!

That will be enough for today…I am still sore, but much better than last night…I have an appt. with the good Doc at 5:30PM (yes, another hour drive to and fro), but he will take off my head gear momentarily to change the dressing…and then show McGyver how to redress me..(he need not be shown that Surprised smile!)…Sorry, but at least my sense of sick humor didn’t go with the other 3 chins!! More later…

“Scar tissue is stronger than the regular tissue.  Realize the strength and move on.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                              ~ Henry Rollins


  1. Yikes!
    No no, I'm referring to the surgery. Any surgery for that matter.
    Not yer charming mug.
    I kinda like that warm blanket program for surgery, not that I'm dying to try it out or anything, but the last time I was in for surgery, I did find it pretty derned cold in there. Oy, what's with that?
    Good luck on the recovery. Seems you're well on your way.
    And, Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Can't wait for you to be completely recovered and have the new Cave Woman look. I know it will be great. Donna and I are so glad you went for it and know you will be a happy lady. Be safe out there,now you will need a big black Lab like Rigg's to chase the young guys off the porch when they start drooling over you. Sam & Donna...

  3. "I could barely get my mouth open to speak…McGyver was in 7th Heaven." Now that statement made me laugh!! Glad you came through with flying colors. :)

  4. Pretty funny for a surgery story:) Glad all went well!

  5. Woo Hoo! I had my eyes done when I was in my 30's and a tummy tuck in my 50's. I'd love to get my neck done, but it really won't make me feel any younger. I am doing that with exercise, weight loss and not looking in the mirror. You will love your new look in a few months.

  6. You look great already! No bruising noted. Must be a great surgeon.

  7. glad to see a post from you and glad its all onward and upward to a speedy recovery and healing..can't wait to see before and after your sense of humour!!!! Heres hoping for a pain free night tonight for you...

  8. nice recap of your transformation, Donna! look good with your decoration and the lipstick!
    rest well and speedy healing to you!

    1. Thanks to all....and a HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!Suppose to be 65 degrees here in is good!

  9. Well, you really kind of stuck your neck out for that operation eh. Oh well, chin up & soon the make-up will put itself on. I'd say keep a stiff upper lip but don't want to see you running back to the hospital for a lip job.....:)