Cave Dwellings: Oooooh yeah, I’ve definitely got “some skin in the game”..yikes!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oooooh yeah, I’ve definitely got “some skin in the game”..yikes!



  Soooo….As I’m sure anyone who reads my blog, even sporadically,  realizes my “elephant in the room”…that elephant being my many chins.  I say it’s like an elephant in the room because everyone sees it, but nobody wants to say anything…Trust me, I’ve dealt with it for a looooooong time…On the rare occasion when I DO get out of my uniform and into some “big girl” clothes, I still cannot feel like a “hot mama” with all this skin hanging from my chin..It’s the Ross curse.  Our entire family had it..and as I got older, it got worse…I tried to tie it up in a bow..

…Nope, that wasn’t catching it…I would have to get many bows to match my many outfits…

It was getting so large that I felt my chin skin entered the room before I did…swaying to and fro like a willow in the wind…Speaking of wind, I do believe I could have hoisted those chin skins on a mast and set sail!

…I was beginning to understand the fascination with the Shar Pei dogs…What do they hide in those wrinkles?? When they shake, do they almost knock themselves off their feet?

Funny Shar Pei Dog_5Funny Shar Pei Dog_8

I feel your pain, sistas…..or brothas…kinda hard to tell….Smile with tongue out


How did I transform from left………………………………to right (no, let’s just say WRONG!)


What the Hell IS that under my chin…(My actual chin is really quite nice, eh?..If only you could find it!)

Sooo,  getting back to my next journey…Decision time …..I am officially booked in for a “procedure” (nice term for going under a plastic surgeon’s well  honed blade)…November 20th I will be saying goodbye to the only visible sign that I really am related to the turkey…Hey! I figured I’d better act before I ended up on someone’s platter in a few weeks…Yes, I have thought this over LOTS…Yes, McGyver is onboard with this…No, I am not scared, I am ecstatic! No, I am not doing this to please anyone….except MOI!…I want this done …FOR ME!!! And, no, this is no secret, for sure..I think my “experience” may be blog worthy…and maybe even help other peeps who are considering some “procedure”  (Wow, I just actually got serious for a moment…)




After comparing my photos to the real Maxine, I decided that I was even a better Maxine than she was…I ask you, if this isn’t the face of a grizzled, knarled, saggy 80 year old, what is??? This lovely photo was at the top of my list…truth time…YOU NEED SOMETHING DONE!! FOR GOD’S SAKE, YOU ARE NOT 80..YOU ARE ONLY 64…JUST DO IT!!!!





What looks like a pillow on my left shoulder is my neck…pulling me over…JUST KIDDING! ( but not about that neck!)

“ NOT BY THE HAIR ON MY CHINY CHIN CHIN CHIN CHIN”…with apologies to the Big Bad WolffHot smile


  1. Good for go girl. Keep us posted.

  2. That is great. You will feel so much better.

  3. I love hearing about folks doing what THEY want to do for THEM!!! I'm excited for you and am looking forward to hearing (seeing) how this all comes out. You Go Girl!!!

  4. This is really exciting for you! May 'the journey' be swift & smooth!!!

  5. Go for it! At our age, we should do what makes us happy. But I do hope your Maxine persona does not entirely disappear.

  6. I can understand how you feel. Nearly every day I look in the mirror and wonder what happened to that guy I knew;) Enjoy the new you!


    1. Good for you! I hope "the procedure" goes well. Looking forward to seeing the new old you.

  7. if it makes you happy - go for it...

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  9. good luck with the surgery, Donna!..if it makes you happy that is the most important thing!!
    I am sure it will be a blog worthy event!!

  10. Donna & I are 100 per cent behind you,although I feel sorry for Denny, now he will have to watch to to keep all those young studs away from you when you guys go out for a brew. Keep us posted and Go for it.. Sam & DOnna..

  11. Geez, I guess I'm pretty dense. I never noticed that "elephant in the room" even once. Oh well.
    Gonna be some nifty blog fodder, that's for sure. Go for it.
    Now if I could only do something about my belly...

  12. Like you, I have a similar chin problem so I just grew a beard years ago & covered it all up. Have you considered that option.....:))

  13. You are a brave woman, Donna, to allow someone to voluntarily take a scalpel to your throat! I'm sure you'll feel much, much better after the 'procedure'. The photos to come should be blogworthy!

  14. Definitely blog worthy and I can't wait to see the new you!

  15. You go, girl! Hope the 'procedure' goes well and recovery is swift.

  16. well good luck to you my dear..I'd consider it but I'm too chicken..tried growing my hair long then pulling it up tight in pony tails etc thinking it would take up the slack but alas that didn't work..all I got out of that was a headache..wish I was brave like you...will be watching for updates...