Cave Dwellings: “One of a kind” fountain…CONSUMMATUM EST!
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Monday, June 11, 2012

“One of a kind” fountain…CONSUMMATUM EST!

  Well, the new fountain that was in our yard didn’t stay there long…After working endlessly to keep it level, and trying out everything imaginable to hide the reservoir with stones, rocks, bricks, McGyver and I had a meeting of the minds…WHY NOT MOVE IT TO OUR DECK??? Heck fire, it’s much easier to get it to stay level and we can see it from our kitchen…Now, the only problem was how to hide that pesky reservoir above the deck ..For this, we called in the “big guns”…Jim Otto and Sons Construction (owner and master builder Jim Otto)…Jim and McGyver had a meeting of the much smarter minds and came up with a plan…Why not built a box out of treated lumber that will hide the unsightly container of water at the bottom…allowing moi to junk it up with plants and rocks…  


Again…it’s a work in progress!! (McGyver worked for Otto right after he retired from Cat.)


Thanks, Den and Jim…It will look much better after the new wood weathers a year or so…

Den and I have been going weekly to help our aunt and uncle do their grocery shopping…Seeing that they both have lived to a ripe old age (almost 89 and almost 97), I think McGyver and I should pay very close attention to what they are eating.. . So far, I like their diet…avocados, blue cheese, applesauce, fruit, ice cream with blueberry rum sauce, chips, dips and wine…Of course that isn’t ALL they eat, but I see very little meat in their bags…

For date night this week, we stepped “out of the box”  (the Moose Lodge and a pizza) and went to Sheridan, IL to one of our old haunts, The Old Mill.  As you might have guessed, this restaurant use to be a mill on the Fox River..You have to go up some cement steps to get into the restaurant..

2012-06-09 19.18.17 2012-06-09 19.17.17

The Old Mill has been a mainstay in Sheridan for years and years…Den’s parents use to stop there…We have become very good friends with the owners, and use to make the 10 miles drive to Sheridan every Saturday night…But now, with DUI laws being much tighter we rarely having a cocktail out of our town of Sandwich.  Anyway, last Saturday night we decided to go and say hi …and..get some great catfish..

Old Mill dining room2012-06-09 19.08.55Old Mill Kitchen


As you can see, the inside is all knotty pine..There are a gazillion signs and bumper stickers behind the bar…My favorites are “The only difference between this place and the Titanic….was that they had a band.”and……. “Just One Clown Short of a Circus”….

We took home some great catfish carry outs…God, how I have missed this fun place…Thanks, Cinder, for the drink and the wonderful friendship through the years…(Cinder is the owner).


Let’s see, what else is new?? Not too much, I guess..Terrie and her girlfriends stopped by on their way to dinner the other night…


These are part of the Pink Lemon Ladies, who are walking 60 miles in August for the Susan Komen Walk for Breast Cancer…..And speaking of Breast Cancer, I have to share this shirt… This is worn by a Breast Cancer survivor….

breast shirt


I cannot top that with any quote….See ya later and thanks for tolerating my erratic blogging.


  1. Love the clamatis (SP?) on your header photo! It's huge! Looks like you found the perfect solution for your fountain.. and didn't it turn out lovely!

  2. Good looking fountain, and the restaurant looks like a neat place. Love that shirt, really says it all.

  3. Love the shirt. I'm going to borrow the picture for my Facebook.

  4. I swear, I have had a few of those 'real ones' try to knock me out too.....

  5. now that is a great quote!!! it!

  6. Great shirt. Our first set can definitely turn on us.

  7. Nice job on the fountain!

    I've never eaten Catfish in my life. I just can't get by the look of those ugly fish!

  8. Even if it is only a lump that gets removed, you never feel as comfortable with the puppies again. Never know when thet will go bad again

  9. I'll bring three coins with me for the next time we are at your place for the fountain.Denny and his buddy did good. But like I said, with water running all the time and a cold beer in your hand, Boy the power of suggestion would kill me. Rigg's sends a big sloppy wet, huge tongue Lab kiss to you Donna.Be safe out there. and don't leave home without it. Sam & Donna..

  10. Donna, how are you getting your pics to link together like that? Mine will only load one at a time and whenever I try to even place them next to each other I have all kinds of problems! I don't know if it's my design I chose or if there is an option I need to add that I don't know about. Help would be appreciated! Thanks!

  11. Great T-shirt. That really does say it all.