Cave Dwellings: HEAT WAVE..I Feel Like “Lawrence Of Suburbia”!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

HEAT WAVE..I Feel Like “Lawrence Of Suburbia”!

  YOWZERS!! Holy ceiling fans, Batman!!….We are in a nasty heat wave here in Illinois!  As I have said before, we don’t have A/C at the Cave Dwellings…and this “Cave” is not as cool as a cave should be!  McGyver and I might have to go live with Bruce Wayne…I just KNOW his cave has A/C..not to mention no train horns all night long!!  Today I hauled water out to our veggie garden, (our hose won’t reach), then I gave all of our flowers a much needed drink, (hose reaches those).  I must have watered China, because an hour later the dirt was dry as a bone had to go SOMEWHERE, right??


Front to back of left photo in our veggie garden,  are Yukon Gold Potato plants, lettuce (what there is left of it…thanx bunniesSad smile), pepper plants with cans on them to keep them safe from rabbits, and tomato plants in the chicken wire.. As you can see by the out of focus photo on the right, the rabbits lie back and wait until the pepper plants grow beyond the top of the can…then they sit down to dinner…Most of the leaves on this poor thing are history…GRRRRRR!!!

Deb and John, our neighbors on the East ,have a beautiful rose garden that we get to see from our deck..what a fabulous view we have.



They also have gazillions of roses in their backyard…and a huge garden of Lavender..


That cherub statue, right, had broken, but Deb’s hubby used bondo and fixed him…

This same neighbor raises Persian cats…She has 4 adults ..and about 8 weeks ago they had 3 kittens, (not Deb and John, duh)…Deb brought them over to show us ..and she let me hold the gray one…


  I know…it’s hard to judge who is the funniest looking…The cat with the smashed in face and striking eyes….or the crazy old lady in her jammies clutching said cat…










Kelly and Cindy stopped the other evening with 2 of their grandkids…Kaitlyn, in the rose top on the left, and on the right, Kaitliyn is holding her cousin, Sophia..I tried to get a picture of Sophia in her sundress, but she would only show us the back of the dress..she wasn’t liking me taking her photo….


I think she really liked the 3 bows in the back of it…Ahhhhhh, those were the days, right girls?? We could actually get away with ruffles on our butt. We could wear almost backless sundresses with bows…and still sport diapers and ruffled rubber panties discretely hidden underneath…Somehow , I don’t think “Depends” will be that easily coveredConfused smile..

Good news for Dale Earnhardt Jr. fans on Sunday….He WON ONE!!!..McGyver was virtually kissing the TV and I was doing my happy dance…WAY TO GO, LITTLE “E”!!!!  Boy, it’s been a long dry spell for that team!! Oh…yes..I am redneck woman…I LOVE NASCAR!!  But…I occasionally try to act and dress like a lady,  a 64 year old lady who refuses to go quietly into that good night…OK, we aren’t going to make this next picture very big…I look best when viewed from a distance..or in the dark…


“If you have a full set of matching salad bowls, and they all say Kool Whip on the side, you might be a redneck woman”..

“If you think loading the dishwasher means getting your wife drunk , you might be a redneck”…~ Jeff Foxworthy


  1. Donna your a diamond in the ruff,thats why we like you...

  2. I wonder, if you watered the garden then put plastic trash bags down, would that hold the water? I have seen some gardens with straw around all the plants to hold the moisture. I just wish we had a garden to worry about, but since we full time in 13 way.

    You are one sassy lady! love it.

  3. Love it. Our neighbor in AZ has been waging a war with the bunnies also. I think maybe, just maybe he is now winning. We were so excited when Jr. won. Been a long time a comin'. You clean up really good.

  4. I don't think we could live without our air conditioner!! Maybe your heat wave will subside soon!
    Stay cool!!

  5. Whatever your neighbour lady with the Roses is doing for water seems to work well. Are you sure your watering isn't draining into her yard instead of China?

    I'm still trying to figure out why Dale Earnhardt Jr. is so popular with so many Nascar fans. It's not like he's ever won a whole bunch of races, so what is it?

    1. It's heredity...We all LOVED Dale Sr....We are now living vicariously through Jr.

  6. you clean up well, Donna!!..nice jammies though..and the kitten looks like a keeper?

  7. you clean up very the kitty....are you keeping one?

    1. kittens here..We had Siamese Cats most of our married life..then a Lab dog..No more pets for a while...

  8. Donna, you look fabulous as always.

    Your neighbors have a nice green thumb!!

    Todd Temple

  9. Lawrence of Suburbia....I liked that one:))

  10. I sure miss having a garden while full timing, but I have seen people do containers and even have the upside down strawberry thing goin' on! Nice neighbor's view without all the work, can't beat that! :-)

  11. Having the same heat wave here in SE Wisconsin...sooooo tired of it!! I was so excited about volunteering to take care of the gardens at the state park, but there's nothing to do because just like you even though they're watering the dirt remains as hard and dry as dog biscuits! My flower beds are doing all right since we mulched heavily right before it all began, but the green pepper plants I planted are still struggling to stay alive, much less grow. My lavendar, however, is lovely, just like the ones in your picture. Never knew it was so drought resistant!

  12. I love your redneck jokes, and when I finally get to retire, I have a housedress/nightshirt that will become my permanent wardrobe.

    Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures. We have not yet made it to New England, but will get there one of these days.

    Great Post!