Cave Dwellings: Do I detect a little “Civil Unrest” in town??
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Do I detect a little “Civil Unrest” in town??



This little gem of a sign is one of many that are popping up aaaaall over town.  We have had the same mayor for quite a few years, and many of us think it is time we “change it up” a bit…get some new blood at the helm..New Captain for the ship…Elections aren’t until next Spring…and I have a pretty good idea who will run against the sitting Mayor..and I will vote for the new recruit.



Our little town is suffering the same bunch of home foreclosures as every big town…Remember the “Center Street Clay” I photographed in my 2010 tour of Sandwich??

100_6603It was a business that that made and sold pottery here and online…Well, that dream was burst by foreclosure, and they moved out so this mansion went on the auction block..It sold for $167,000, I’m told…I just hate that sooo many people are losing their homes to bank foreclosures..Some people just bit off more than they could safely chew, and some were told by unscrupulous realtors that they could afford a home when they couldn’t..For whatever reason, it certainly changes the “ambiance” of a small town when homes are being gobbled up by speculators and rented out to, well….shall we say “less than eager” occupants…It’s happening here…A LOT!!!

Sandwich has several subdivisions…One is called Potter’s, way South of town…One is called Webb subdivision, on the South edge of town. One is called Dutch Acres, on the East edge and another is called Sandhurst, on the Northern fringe of Sandwich…The most recent subdivision is Fairwinds, and it is just North of us, backing up to the Sandwich Fairgrounds..It has quite a few homes built now, and McGyver and I walk through it on occasion…WELL…today there was a new sign posted…

101_2792 The developer is apparently in a very bad financial situation..Notice that 76 lots will be sold in one lump bundle for a suggested opening bid of $250,000…That doesn’t seem like much for 76 buildable lots with sewer, elec and water, when you divide it up…Oh dear…I hate to see this happen..

Our weather here is turning very hot and the grass is beginning to dry up..The birds have discovered my fountain/bird bath…I really hate to holler at them for bathing, but I do NOT like it when they turn it into a bird potty..Somehow, the berry smooshed scat and black and white splotches take away from the calming affect of the water…GRRRRRR!!



We put out our flags for Flag Day…Notice the lovely crop of clover we are unintentionally growing in our front yard…Maybe I should harvest it and sell it for a new kind of salad greens…I know some “tree huggers” who wouldn’t know the difference if I called it “Baby Revolc” and sold it is some new salad addition…(revolc…clover…revolc..clover..get it?…OK, so that was pretty lame..)




Not too much going on here except Den and I doing some tag team watering…trying to keep the gazillion dollars worth of potted plants alive, and fighting a never ending battle with the squirrels (who insist on digging my plants out), and the rabbits (who have them for side dishes daily)…


Mr. Wren is considering buying one of our very lovely wren houses..He was sitting on top, singing his mating song,  hoping for a bride so they could pick out china and silverware…The painted birdhouse is one our granddaughter, Taylor, made me in Industrial Arts class…Girls take that class now…I obviously didn’t.  I cannot drive a nail straight to save my sorry buttinski..

2012-02-15 08.44.56


It’s time to gear up for “date night”, tomorrow…This means I actually have to put on a bra and an outfit that matches (somewhat), drag out the “war paint” and smelly good stuff…I really need to get a photo of me “cleaned UP”..I am not very comfy in confining clothing, but make a tolerable date for McGyver to escort to town on a Saturday night..So, that’s it for my blabbering aimlessly..Thanks for reading this far….You can back away from the computer and just shake your head..I totally understand.

In the offices of a New Jersey loan company: Ask about our plans for owning your home.”


  1. enjoy your date night!..I am sure it will be a night to remember!..
    sorry to hear about all the foreclosures..what a shame that has to happen..

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  3. Perhaps you should build a birdy outhouse next to the bathing area?

  4. I like your header photo. It has a lot of potential:))

  5. Not quite sure how you train the birds to quit using the fountain as a poop house. Good luck with that one. Have a wonderful time on date night. What exciting things are you going to do?

  6. Pretty sure we have some revolc growing at our place back home. We haven't done any kind of spraying for a number of years now. I'm not even really keen on the idea of having grass in the first place, but that's the way it is.
    No comment about the foreclosures. Everyone has their own little tragic tale. The developers I don't feel quite so sorry for though. They're just in it for the money.

  7. I sure hope the new recruit for the Mayor's job in Sandwich is none other than yourself.

    Heck, I might even buy one of those foreclosed homes and temporarily move to Sandwich just so I could vote for you, Donna.

  8. The house next door to us has been up for sale for quite awhile now after the owner lost possession of it. It's now down to $69,000, which is almost half of what we paid for ours 7 years ago. We've updated EVERYTHING, and that property is in sad shape, but I sure hope things improve in the real estate market soon for our sake and everyone else's too!

  9. It's so sad when people lose their homes in foreclosure...sometimes what happens to those homes is not pretty. Like your header pic!

  10. I was a Real Estate agent back when they were selling homes to those who could not afoord it. It wasn't I who would tell them they could afford those homes, it was the mortgage brokers. I tried my best to advise people, but to no avail. I had to retire from being an agent because I could not live with myself knowing these people were going to lose everything they had. My co RE agents would say, "what do you care as long as you make those nice paychecks". Just not my kind of job.

    I too have an issue with clover. However, I fear if I remove the clover, the rabbits that have moved in will resort to eating my flower and vegi garden.