Cave Dwellings: I’m stuck in the movie, “The Birds”..or worse.. “Harvey”..
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Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, June 23, 2012

I’m stuck in the movie, “The Birds”..or worse.. “Harvey”..

If any of you are old enough you might remember these 2 movies.  The first was a horror movie about , you guessed it, BIRDS!!..The other movie, Harvey, starred James Stewart (not one of his best movie attempts), and it was about a giant “white rabbit”…(OK, some of you flower children may be having a flashback to the singing group Jefferson Airplane and their song about drugs named “White Rabbit”….  but snap out of it!!.. It was the 60’s, after all!!!).  At any rate, I am feeling like we are slowly becoming a reality show here, starring Dennis and myself being possessed by the wild creatures…

Sooooo…I am not crabbing about the heat…I am now crabbing about the drought..and our lack of vegetables still able to fight the good fight against the long, lop earred, fuzzy, hopping critters living rent free on our property.  I did quit hauling water to my lettuce in the veggie garden..The rabbits are keeping it trimmed down to about 1”…So much for fresh summer salads,eh?..I had been watering my radishes faithfully.  They had nice big green tops showing and looked ready for picking.  I pulled a few out of the ground and realized that unless I had a recipe for radish TOPS, there were no radishes in my future, either.  They looked like an itsy bitsy red root…Our pepper plants would be doing nicely..I had watered them well…but now Brer Rabbit has devoured most of the leaves, so it is doubtful we will be stuffing any this year…HMMMM..a recipe for stuffed rabbit, perhaps???




….or maybe a nice tenderloin of squirrel?? If I truly AM the Wicked Witch of West Center Street, I should be able to turn him into “potted squirrel”, right?..Now, if I could just find my magic wand..I must look for it later.  All I need now is a basket for my bike, then just kidnap a little dog, and I could double for Elphaba (W. W. of the West)…Green with envy



It is becoming “Critter Wars” here at the Cave Dwellings…The Blackbirds have invaded my new fountain and take their baths there daily, throwing water at least 3 feet around the fountain. This is bad enough, and makes it necessary to wear a swimsuit on our deck… but to make it worse, those rotten big ‘ol nasty birds are throwing BLEACH water…Yes, I have had to add a little bleach to the water with the 95+ heat wave…As it turns out, my flowers surrounding “said fountain” are not fond of bleach water..they turn black..and I have had to move them about a gazillion feet away from the “dirty bird bathers”..Don’t get me wrong…I love the little cute birds..They exhibit some “fountain manners”, dipping their little toes in, fluffing a little, getting a drink and flying away…but those Blackbirds might end up in a pie!

Our weather has cooled off slightly, so this AM I took the bike I mentioned above, and rode out past the Sandwich Fairgrounds..I had it in mind to ride through the grounds , but forgot that they are having a big Engine Show this weekend…



I have yet to figure the allure of looking at old engines…This must be a testosterone related disorder…

So, instead of zipping pedaling through there, I opted for riding my bike to Edgebrook .  This is our local golf course/country club with lots of homes built around and in it…



  If you are NOT a golfer,…I feel your pain at being bored to death here…My adventures on a golf course are memories of the elephant trunk waterfall at Goofy Golf…


I’m sure the country club police were watching my every move as I pedaled my arse down the golf cart roads like a crazed Tiger Woods stalker…


To further irritate you non-golfers, I will provide a link for Edgebrook Golf Club…I know, I know…but I have a certain public I must provide for…Actually, Dennis and I did go to a golf tournament once, courtesy of our good friend who lives near Dallas..We attended the Colonial, while in Texas one spring.  All I remember were the very well dressed Southern ladies (compared to moi), and whispering while we were following some guy named Fuzzy Zeller around…How could I EVER forget that name?

Well, it’s date night tonight.  I washed the GMC this morning, thinking I could trick the Rain Gods into watching us drive it out of the garage tonight..all clean and sparkling so they could drop buckets of rain on it…As it stands right now, they didn’t take the bait..and I have to add more water to my fountain so the evil blackbirds can throw it all out…


  1. Well, you've cityfied the bird's drinking water by adding chlorine... maybe you should just add some floride while you're at it ;-) Liked the shot of the squirrel in the hanging basket... cute... did he already destroy the plant?

  2. Sounds to me like you need Elmer Fudd to the rescue with his shotgun to get those wabbits! Forget Jimmy Stewart as he'd just argue with the rabbits.

  3. Squirrels and rabbits are not our problem here when we try to grow stuff. It's deer and gophers. The deer eat the tomato plants from the top down and the gophers chew away at the plants from the bottom up. We are not amused.

  4. I'm with you on wondering about the old engine attraction....testosterone or not:))

  5. I so agree, the heat is bad, but the lack of rain...not good. Those silly wabbits.
    Harvey was one of my favorite Jimmy Stewart movies.

  6. Now here comes the movie history lesson. Harvey was not a rabbit, he was a pooka! And I had to Google "Harvey" to find out how to spell that!). Pookas are mischievous creatures from Celtic mythology, much as Kokopelli is a mischievous creature from the mythology of the southwestern Indians. And I have as much belief in Kokopelli as Elwood P. Dowd had in Harvey!

    1. I guess I forgot what Harvey "really" was, I was so traumatized by the giant rabbit I couldn't think of anything else!!

  7. Glad to see you have a respite from the heat, Just got home after a week at the Lake. Adam old me last night when his Mom picked him up at the campground , that this was the best vacation week ever. After 30 plus hours immersed in water I hope the wrinkles come out. I tried filling some of them in with Miller High Life. Be safe out there, oh yeah Rigg's had a bunch of sloppy wet Lab kisses saved up for his Daddy when I walked in the door. Sam & Donna...