Cave Dwellings: We’re In Fossil Heaven!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We’re In Fossil Heaven!

  The Hiker has once again landed for a stay of 2 weeks. We are working our way into North Texas before the 2-3 night hop back to Sandwich, IL.  We left Goliad yesterday about 8:30AM.  Boy, it sure is handy to be able to just walk outside stoop over, pull the levers and “la dumpo” is “la dune-o!”..( yeah, I know..I ‘m considering the Rosetta Stone for Spanish.)
We did just fine on the drive, having programmed “Carlton the GPS”, and sitting back, cruising up Rt 183 to I-35 just North of Austin…Diesel prices snapped my head around like the Exorcist though, as we cruised through Luling and Lockhart..with prices as high as $4.11 a gallon.WHOA!!Surprised smile  We seriously MAY have to take out a 2nd mortgage to get home!…About 15 miles South of Austin, we ran into major road construction.   They are making some kind of 4 lane road (interstate?) going to Austin from the Southeast.  (No recession here in Texas!) We were detoured around and about , up and down, all over the place.…Poor Carlton..He’s an elderly gizmo..about 5-6 years old…and wasn’t aware of any road building on his pre-programmed route. Being totally a techno toy of rules and routines, he was now showing us on his screne going through pastures, wildflowers and mesquite with nada a road near us….That was one of the few times Carlton was totally quiet (which I quite enjoyed) , as he tried to re-calculate on his electronic fingers and toes just exactly where the road went!..Finally, he managed to get his act together as Rt.183 moved back into the spot is was suppose to be.  Ya just gotta love progress!
Lake Georgetown was formerly known as North Fork Lake, on the North Fork of the San Gabriel River in the Brazos  river basin.  Lake Georgetown, formed by a rockfill dam 6,947 feet long, is used for flood control and recreation and as a water supply for neighboring communities.  Georgetown, itself,  is considered the gateway to Texas "Hill Country" (an area of gently rolling hills that stretches across Central Texas). The city was founded in 1848 by Thomas Huling and George Washington Glasscock (the city's namesake). Like many towns of the era, Georgetown started as a frontier town, but it quickly grew in both size and importance.much of this history has been preserved, both in the city's architecture and its fondness for tradition. In the Historic District in Georgetown, TX and you’ll see restored homes and other historical buildings offering a glimpse into the city's past.”
You know darn well McGyver and I will be exploring the historic district of Georgetown!!…Anyway…here is our little slice of “Fossil Heaven”…
WE are sitting high on a limestone bluff, overlooking Georgetown Lake…and OH!! THE ROCKS ARE ALIVE WITH FOSSILS!! .(A fitting spot for a couple of “old fossils” to camp).  I know this, because last time we were here, I took home enough for a large fireplace…JUST KIDDING!

This particular rock was sitting next to our firepit…Note the shell shaped fossil in it…This place could get me in a lot of trouble with McGyver .  If you have ever seen the movie “The Long, Long Trailer”, you will remember that Lucille Ball gathered so many rocks , hiding them in the camper from Ricky, that the “trailer” would  barely climb any hills…And by the way, if you haven’t seen that movie, rent it.   I think Lucy and I are somehow related.  We seem to find trouble wherever we go..We own this movie…and it is one of my “fav’s”…

This park is called Cedar Breaks….loaded with Cedar trees (NO, REALLY?? DUH!)..What a sweet smelling fire that wood makes.  McGyver managed to drag what looked like a partially burned stump as big as a Redwood over to our camp.   It was seriously HUGE!!  He drove the truck and put it in the back of the GMC, then hauled it out and cut it up with his little electric chain saw…McGyver just loves his “man toys”, and is a typical Caveman..He is definitely a hunter and gatherer…Me?..Well, I like to think I am Wilma Flintstone…I love her outfits…and the bone in her hair is really a lovely accent piece. HMMM>>>>Maybe I can steal one from the dog in the RV next to us…(now you know why I am in trouble so often).
Yeah, I know…I’m already getting on your nerves with my rocks and fossils obsession…I have a tendency to grab on to a topic that I love, and go nutso with it until Dennis has to remind me to “step AWAY from the computer, Donna”…So, I guess I will.  

Oh, wait!!!…I want to give a shout out to Judy, the very oh soooo sheek  birdlady of blogland.  She is a great sport to model her evening wear for us… in an attempt  (however feeble) to compete with “moi”…and my fine sense of “haute couture”…I shall have to take you under my wing, my dear,  showing you the advantages of Tweety Bird  “happy pants” , tho the Mickeys ARE quite stylish, a Rummage Sale lighthouse cardigan.. and also some stripe socks…You ARE, after all, a work in progress… a Jr. Fashionista in the making!!(please note..the photo left is NOT Judy..don't hang THAT on her!)
“Fashion magazines are society’s way of saying,” If you don’t feel inadequate already, read one of these!”~ Maxine


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  2. Donna, I know you could have found Maxine headgear somewhere, but where did you get her face? Very well done, and I'm still not showing you people my ensemble.

  3. Roxanne is such a chicken duck! I humbly bow to your Highness in the fashion department. But, if you can be a junior bird nerd, I can be a junior fashionista! :)

  4. Oh com'on Roxie, you know you want to. I TRIPLE dog-dare you!! Marilyn McMillan joined the fray tonight.

    Long Long Trailer is such a classic - love it. Now get your hands off those rocks Maxine..I mean Donna... and back on the keyboard!!

  5. I do that is what I am talking about!..nice outfit and fit for any happy hour at any campsite near you or me!..Cheers!!!oh and the price of in Coquitlam?..$ those Texas prices are a screaming deal in comparison!!

  6. I want to know, does Carlton the GPS sound as dour as Carlton the doorman?

    Love the Maxine ensemble!

  7. Love the ensemble. We spent a week around Georgetown a couple months ago and really enjoyed it. There is a nice little winery tasting room right downtown with some decent wines and lots of little shops. Enjoy!

  8. Looks like a lovely place to spend some time, next time we get on the road in that direction.

  9. butterbean carpenterFebruary 29, 2012 at 5:05 PM

    Howdy Donna,


    Hope Dennis takes some cedar(really juniper) back to Sandwich with y'all!IT AIN'T GOT NO BEETLES IN IT!

  10. You are in a nice part of Texas. We live just a few miles north in Temple. Lockhart is the BBQ capital of the world....Blacks, Smitty;s, Kruetz. Luling also has great Texas BBQ.

    BTW, I read your blog all the time. Enjoy your wit and your wardrobe!


  11. Lookin' very sporty! Thanks for another great history lesson!

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