Cave Dwellings: “THE 4 D’S”..a comedy act in the making.
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Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, February 4, 2012

“THE 4 D’S”..a comedy act in the making.

Yesterday McGyver and I finally got to meet Denise and Dawn a.k.a.  The Cruzin 2some, and we were not surprised to find out that they are just about THE best time ever!!  We met at Alice Faye’s and had a very happy “happy hour”…actually more like a “comedy hour”..We laughed most of the time..Dawn and Denise, you two are some of the most fun campers ever !..and we had a fabulous time..Hope to see you again down the road…and thanks for the memories!!


Dawn was traveling incognito….Do we look like we were having fun..YOU BETCHA!!


McGyver was outnumbered at this party….and LOVED IT…Not sure what this Alice Faye’s bus is for, but if there’s a road trip planned , we four wanta know about it!




Dennis and Denise (not much difference in the names, right?) were playing at dueling photos…

After almost 2 hours, we figured we had caused enough trouble for poor Alice Faye, if there really is one,  and cleared out…A few hugs later, we separated…knowing we  had met 2 more wonderful blogger friends…It takes a  “hoot” to know a “hoot”, and you two were a real hoot!!



It’s a very pretty coastal drive on Fulton Beach Rd back to the Hiker..The Live Oaks are all leaning and windswept from the prevailing breeze off the Gulf…



This morning, I opted for a bike ride instead of a 2 mile walk…I think I overdid it Friday AM, thinking I could walk off the pain…WRONG!..I walked it right back on..So I let McGyver stride off by himself, and I took my bike out for a spin.  I wanted to go back to the residential are where we spotted the Roseate Spoonbill…




There are some very different styles of architecture here on the bay. The top left house was quite like a Victorian home you might see back in Illinois, except it was up higher in the air…Be right back.  Then we have the very modern beach cottage  house, upper right…

I loved this last house on the right>  Right across the street from the bay, and also built up higher than the inland homes…Most of the coastal homes come with their own pier too. Can we just retire here?? At least you get some notice about approaching hurricanes…not so in Tornado Alley.

I pedaled my behind back by the inland lagoon where we saw all the birds yesterday first..I thought I was coming up a big ZERO.  However, as I rode further, I spotted this dude flying over head and landing in a tree not far from me…


I really like the “do” on this guy…Is it a flirty little curl..or a very bad comb over??

It was threatening rain again today, and Den pulled out the awning so we could have our coffee outside.



Those pieces of wood on the ground are some Den put down so we can stay out of the mud if it rains…This area can turn into a real mud hole when wet…You oughta see me navigating my way across these boards..Is McGyver deliberately challenging me?? How much life insurance do I REALLY have, anyway??


..and speaking of life insurance, do these guys know my worth?


I really hate it when the Vultures pretend they don’t see us old people…turning their backs, ..hiding their heads..




I just realized these last 2 pictures look like something out of “Dracula”…or “House On Haunted Hill”…..No, that is not the moon at is the sun trying to break the wispy bonds of the clouds this morning…(now, how’s THAT for waxing poetic??)


 “If a man watches three football games in a row, he should be declared legally dead.”
-- Erma Bombeck


  1. Don't those wood boards get a might slippery when wet? Yikes! What's he trying to do to you?

  2. Hey Donna I'll bring a flight suit with me next time in the trailer and teach you how to fly, then you won't have to worry about falling on your face.Did I tell you my Donna did one of those mud pack treatments,looked great all day and then the mud started falling off.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  3. Seems like an awful lot of empty glasses there at Alice Faye's. Must be why you're smiling. :)

  4. sure sounds like the 'meet and greet' was a real 'hoot'!!!..nice to make new friends!!!..careful on the 'sidewalk'!

  5. Glad you had such a great time meeting the Cruisin' Twosome - sure looked like fun!

  6. From 2 more "D's" -- we hope to someday imbibe, ummm, enjoy a social hour or two with all of you when we do retire. OMG, Miss Donna... all this time I've tried to put my finger on whom you remind me of [writing style]and your quote today brought it all into focus - the iconic Erma Bombeck! I can see it now - syndicated columns in major newspapers titled "Cave Dwellings". Well, maybe not; some fussy editor would try to change some of your chosen 'ways to get your voice' across, and you'd end up !@#XX**^^ him/her. You do make me smile/laugh, girl!

  7. When I saw the boards I just figured you had a little mud boarding planned. Kinda like skate boarding without the wheels. Injuries are generally the same, but softer....

  8. Donna,

    Have you seen any Whoopers yet? Go down to the park near the bridge and follow the signs to the world record Liveoak,,saw some Whoopers a year or so near it next to the water. Post a pic!!!

  9. always a lot of fun to meet other bloggers :)....looks like you had a way no how could I ever walk on those boards..I do a face plant for sure...(I mean there is a happy hr daily right? and one does have to get inside to use the facilities)!!!