Cave Dwellings: RV Cleaning Tips From Someone Who HATES Cleaning!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Monday, February 6, 2012

RV Cleaning Tips From Someone Who HATES Cleaning!

Today is “dump and clean” day…I choose not to dump, and let McGyver do that…I also choose NOT to clean, however there is no one to delegate that duty to, soooooooo…I succumb to the job of housekeeper/cleaning lady.. Definitely NOT my favorite, but hey, this is a small RV right??  Get on with it, I say!  And because I was at a loss for a blog topic (we have been housebound in the rain for 2 days), I decided to share with you a few of my favorite cleaning tools and tricks to get this over with fast..Yes, I will do anything for a blog!

101_1691 101_1692

My Swiffer 360 degree Duster..I can clean faster than a speeding bullet with this thing…and without a cape! And then there is my favorite shower cleaner, Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower FOAMER… With a name like this, you would think the darn thing would do it all without me…Well, almost..All I do is spray it all over our shower walls, let it sit for a minute (time to refill the coffee cup and grab a donut), then spray the walls with hot water from the shower.  This ONLY works if you have a removable head (shower, that is)..Ya gotta be able to take that little hose and aim it at the walls….This is where I think McGyver should be doing my job..A Hose Captain of  the Sandwich Fire Dept. is better qualified to get this done…right??.OK…wrong.



See that little hanger with the clips on it?…INVALUABLE!! After scrubbing off the shower mat, you rinse it with the removable shower head and hang it up to dry..This allows your shower floor to dry out, so black slimy things can’t grow..It ‘s also helpful to turn on  your overhead shower fan and open the vent…Those shower walls and mat dry out great,  and here’s  a bonus… you might catch a few bugs in the fan and watch them go around and around…Cleaning and extermination all in one job!! I know, I know..GENIOUS!









What we have here is Clorox spray Clean-Up Cleanser with Bleach…Yes, I did say bleach..Now, before you go and using this stuff, please read the rules for cleaning your RV sinks…You can use this on ours…but, I don’t want a thousand nasty comments saying I ruined your sinks…(that was my disclaimer)..The reason I love this stuff is that it really helps get any coffee or tea stains out of the sink and drainer…I also spray my tupper ware dishpan and the drainer , then use a toothbrush to really get the gunk out…(I DO try to keep all coffee water in the dishpan and toss it outside..but that’s exactly what got my feet into trouble with our big step at the bottom of the RV..Crying face)




Ya know, sometimes I crack myself up at just how desperate I am to find a subject to make fun of…I apologize for the first half of this blog…HMMMM…No I don’t…You know me well enough by now to know how pathetic I can get.Sarcastic smile

I actually did get out for a little bike ride in the park today…(I refrain from walking with Dennis, as my feet are still in the healing process and he walks too damn fast!)..Guess who I spotted again this morning??


At first, Mr. Spoonbill was ignoring me, but I think he actually recognized me by  the bicycle, the jumping up and down, and the frantic waving…So, he posed…I also got myself a few other neat bird photos this morning…Bear with me, bird photo cringers, I just cannot help myself..



Not really sure what the guy on the left is…Maybe the tri-colored Heron?? (OK, I’m clueless!).  I’m getting pretty good at my covert stealth approach , gliding quietly through the grass on my old lady bike, hobbling off of it and sneaking through the dense underbrush with my camera poised for the good shot…James Audubon your bird loving little heart out!!

Yea, I know..this was a senseless effort.  Another example of Donna, flying by the seat of her “happy pants”….I just refused to let a blog slip by due to boredom…and YOU, my dear bloggers friends, are the ones who suffer!!Angry smile 

“Who was the first person to say, "See that chicken over there ... I'm gonna eat the first thing that comes out if its butt"?” ~haven’t a clue who said it, but I laughed MY butt off!!



  1. Sure wish I had spoonbills in my neighborhood. Hope your feet are well on their way to all better.

  2. I don't see three colors there! (tri-colored?) It's a little blue heron as opposed to a great blue heron. :)

    Your scrubbing bubbles is probably a lot easier than my squeegy wipe down, and then a towel wipe down after each shower.

    I'd be happy if anyone did any of the cleaning chores. :(

  3. Scrubbing bubbles is great stuff. The rain raised the level of the pond near my RV and now there are more birds stopping by to visit. I just ordered a camera @ so I hope to get some pics before I leave here.

  4. can't live without my swiffer 360 dusters my clorox spray also and I will be picking up some of that do it by itself scrubbing bubbles...I need all the do it by yourself stuff I can find :)

  5. I suppose just sticking the shower mat on the shower wall defeats the purpose, huh? The hook and hanger idea is something I never thought of, but then I also hate cleaning!! Thanks for the tip.

  6. cleaning process is great blogger fodder!..heck..I can remember doing a post with regards to ironing!..I 'hate' ironing!!

  7. I skipped through the first part of your blog and concentrated on the bird pics! They were excellent!

  8. I read your whole blog and found it all to be interesting! This is me sticking my tongue out at the previous comment.....

    I see I'm being too careful about chemicals in our motorhome! I'm gonna have to give everything other than the swiffer a try! Already using that little jewel!!!

  9. To Sue and Doug.... Iron? What's an iron?? Won,t have those nasty things in the MotherShip! :-)
    To Donna.. good tip on the shower cleaning! I also love those Swiffer dusters! Being on the road alot always means dust! Found your blog today via Bayfield Bunch! Fun! Great photographs!

  10. Judy, dont you know Donna takes a guess at the birds knowing you will give her the real insight
    Donna you are right Dennis should do the hose, after all water pressure could build up and you are so much smaller than he is, it could knock you down, after all there is always more than 1 fireman on a hose, so for safety sake Den should be the one to use the hose.
    I have to use a lot of the Green Works products because of my allergy to scents, and though adequate not as good as some of the harsher smellier stuff

  11. Yeah, cleaning is not everybody's favorite task. It's very important to let the mat dry completely, as a moist environment can serve as a breeding ground for bacteria. These tips are very useful. Thanks for sharing them.

  12. I agree. Cleaning is not my favorite, either. Isn’t it funny how we refuse to do things that are good for us like cleaning or going to the gym, hehe! Anyway, it looked to me like you had fun with all the cleaning, after all. Your tips are awesome, by the way. I’ll be sure to try that Mega Shower Foam on my shower walls too.

  13. Well, I personally don’t like cleaning stuff, but after my husband bought a trailer for our family, I started doing some cleaning myself. It’s because I really love to see our RV clean and fresh inside out! ;)


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