Cave Dwellings: Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy…They ain’t got nothin’ on the Caves!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy…They ain’t got nothin’ on the Caves!

  I am darn sure that 90% of you out there will not have a CLUE who I am talking about when I mention  Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy …They were popular comics back in the 1930’s and 40’s..One of their funniest movies was  called The Music Box, and it was a short film with a scene of them moving a large piano up a steep flight of stairs..It was made in 1932, and the link I posted to it is a 5 minute video clip of that scene…Hilarious!!!  I tell you that because Dennis  (with me only slightly helping) moved our 28 cubic ft. behemoth of a freezer up our steep and narrow (and OLD) basement steps to the deck, down the deck and into our garage…Why did we do this??? Because it is 35 years old and we haven’t used it in years.  The reason being …it is NOT energy efficient and sucks up those kilowatts like Cocaine…So….if it still runs, which it does, Com Ed will come pick it up and pay you $35 to boot…One slight problem..they won’t take off doors and haul it up steps..It’s up to YOU to do that…So, McGuvyer , being McGuyver, rigged up a  plank and “come along” system that he could do by himself…Photos, of course, were involved…..



This happened Saturday, and the temps were about 90 degrees..Notice how he has his little “sweat bandana” on in the photos above…I was told not to attempt to help..BUT, when the come along got stuck on the top step trim, I put on my Superwoman cape and jumped in to help.  McGuyver couldn’t get back down into the basement because the freezer took up the whole stairway.  So, he took off one of our basement windows and crawled in and out of the basement about 3 times to give it a shove and get the strap back on it..I was working the “come along” at the top of the steps…


…here it comes….               …closer…almost up…           ….        ..Here is the trusy “come along” I cranked .

I used that contraption to pull it up,  with Dennis pushing from the bottom..I had visions of the strap slipping off and McGuyver being pinned to the basement floor with a freezer on top of him….NOT A GOOD VISION…!


                                                                          TRA DA!!!!!!

We had a rolling platform in our garage that we managed to get underneath it, (no easy feat there, either), and it now sits in the back of our garage waiting for the Com Ed guys to pick it up on Sept. 21st..OH, yea…we had to  go online and schedule a pick up…Earliest date was Sept. 21st between 8AM and 6PM…My, they are certainly scheduled aren’t they??

Today we spent some time helping Uncle Jr. and Aunt Jeanette…They had plumbing problems again and Dennis, with Jr. helping,  managed to get the sewer pipe apart to ream it out and get their tub draining again…I know, I know..I am a lucky damn woman to have McGuyver in my life…Jack of all trades..except spelling bees..He wouldn’t stand a chance.



Jr. turned 88 on Aug. 25th, and Jeanette turns 96 Tuesday, Sept. 6th…


Sam and Donna, there was no time for a photo of the shirt and hat you sent him…He and Dennis had sewer sludge in their ears….but he sure loves it and gets compliments on it ….You’re the best!!



How was that for an exciting Labor Day weekend at the Cave’s??….and the weekend isn’t even over yet!! YIKES!!

“Well, here’s another nice mess you’ve gotten me into.”

                                                ..Oliver Hardy, to Stan Laurel


  1. Good thinking on making that job a bit easier getting the freezer out. I guess I am on of the 10% that remember Laurel & Hardy...they were classic. I enjoyed them in The March of the Wooden Soldiers.

  2. Dennis is pretty smrt!!..quite the feat getting the freezer up the stairs!!

  3. I remember also. Probably going to get hate mail, loved them hated the stooges. Hopefully you have stocked up on tylenol, I think Mcguyver is going to need it tomorrow. Btw can I borrow him for a couple weeks?
    Also have you ever noticed how many Donnas are on blogs, and haven't heard one little girl with our name.
    Give your guy a nice massage for Labor Day.

  4. I always knew I was in the top 10% of America! Does that mean I'm old???

    I, too, didn't care for the Three Stooges, but liked Oliver and Hardy. :)

  5. Great invention for getting that old fridge up the stairs! Does McGuyver do tiles??

    I loved the Three Stooges as well as Abbott and Costello. I remember going to Saturday afternoon matinee's in the mid-50's to watch movies like "Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein".

    Who's on First?

  6. Well, we are sure in the 10% group. We even went out of our way to visit the Laurel and Hardy Museum:)

  7. That was quite a job. Glad McGuyver didn't end up under the freezer. Of course I remember Laurel and Hardy and after watching their clip I had to go watch one of my all time favorites of Abbott and Costello - "Who's on First?" Thanks for the laughs.

  8. Count me in as another 10 per center. I remember Laurel and Hardy as well. Three Stooges, Abbot and Costello, loved them all. My favorite was Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein:)) Probably wouldn't have thought about that 'come along' idea but I might have tied a rope to the hitch of my Jeep with the other end around the freezer and gave er a yank:))

  9. What a feat! Congratulations to the movers.

    We certainly remember Laurel and Hardy. Today's so-called comedians and comics can't hold a candle to them. We also remember the piano moving, and will go back and view the clip you linked us to. Thanks a bunch, you Cave Dwellers!