Cave Dwellings: Finally Cleaned Up the Hiker..inside..
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Finally Cleaned Up the Hiker..inside..

  I started my day yesterday at 7AM, getting ready for my Ya Ya’s and their hubbies to come for coffee.  McGuyver left the house early to help his friend hang some garage doors…sounds like lots of fun, no?  My coffee  group arrived about 8AM, and we had a real gab fest until about 9:30AM…


  After they all left, I decided it was time to tackle the HitchHiker and clean up the inside.  When we “landed” at home last December…and after McGuyver clocked his head and ended up in the ER, I neglected to tidy up the Hiker after we finally unloaded it.  Can I just say that UN loading it is not nearly as much fun as LOADING it!!! No sirree Bob!!  I had been carrying stuff out there for the past few weeks and just setting it inside the door to put away another day.  Well,  yesterday was that “another day”…



I cleaned and wiped out cupboards, under the bed (our storage area), dusted, vacuumed, swept, washed out the sinks, shower and bathroom.  We still had anti-freeze in the lines…and it will stay there until we leave.  We never know exactly how late in the season we will be pulling out of our drive.


Friday, I got ambitious and cleaned my chandeliers.  This usually means that I take each crystal down and wash, rinse and dry them by hand.  That involves standing up on a chair and making a gazillion trips to take down and rehang them all..NOT FUN>…This year, since my feet are still a huge issue (no, I won’t even go THERE!), I decided to try one of the spray chandelier cleaners.  You put some newspaper underneath the chandelier, and lay a garbage bag over that..then you spray from the bottom up until the thing is dripping wet…Oh, did I neglect to say…make sure the chandelier is NOT ON!!!


  I think both of them turned out pretty darn good…and it was really easy.  When we are gone for the winter, I put a garbage bag or pillow case over them and tie it up tight so they don’t get dusty.  Yes, I know..I am quite enamored with my lighting…some might say obsessed…and they are closer to right than wrongNyah-Nyah

Last night was “date night” and I wore my Brian Urlacher Chicago Bears  jersey.  His  mother died a few days ago, and her funeral was yesterday.  The coach, Lovie Smith, the GM,  the owner, and lots of players flew to New Mexico to be with Brian for his mom’s funeral….She was only 51 years old, and died unexpectedly..I am sure it was very hard on the family, but No. 54 will be donning his jersey and playing today against New Orleans…This should be a very emotional game on many levels, and you can be sure McGuyver and I will be glued to our TV….

  After our usual trip to the Moose Lodge for a cocktail last night, we had KFC and spaghetti for dinner.  I had some left over sauce, and I cooked up some noodles…Family style chicken is what we call that here in Illinois..chicken and spaghetti…YUMMO!! And I deserved some carbs, after getting the Hiker all spiffy for her Winter trip South….hopefullyFingers crossedIsland with a palm tree!!

Winter is nature's way of saying, "Up yours."  ~Robert Byrne


  1. When I was a youngster my Mom & Grandma would have a spaghetti or macaroni dinner every Sunday, any meat, including any leftover baked chicken breasts and leg went right in the big sauce pot, along with the homemade meatballs,nothing like chicken falling off the bones drenched in sauce.By the way it's 11am and the meatballs are made and the sauce is simmering in the stove for tonights supper. Wish you were here to share it with us. Don't forget to plan a day or two at the ranch with us when you head south,we are south of you you know and in a direct line with I-55. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. Not sure if we are going through Missouri...Thinking of heading right through IL and into MS and Louisiana for some Cajun food and music!...but thanks, we will keep ya in mind.

  3. Looks like the rig is ready to go.We have our bags packed and ready to get in the back seat of the truck. When do we leave??

    I got dibs on a window seat!!!!

  4. At the rate repairs are going here, we may be traveling south together! :(

  5. Know what you mean by just kinda leaving everything for another day after getting home from a trip. Always kinda sad how we so quickly abandon our 5 month home on wheels for our permanent home here in Bayfield. After receiving so much daily attention the rig just sits so lonely like all summer waiting to once again become the center of attention.....

  6. the Hiker looks mighty cozy!!..bed all made and everything!..very nice work Donna!!..soon you will be heading down the road!!!

  7. Great job on cleaning up the 5'er! Hopefully, it won't be too long before you're in a position to start messing it up on the road!

  8. Wow! Spic 'n Span clean...good job! Can't wait for you to pull-out again. Cheers! ~M

  9. We cleaned when we arrived home, but now we are out occasionally and the motorhome needs another thorough cleaning....just like sticks and never ends.

  10. What are the boy Yayas called? Yoyos?? Well, blogma, your RV looks like a fancy hotel. You sure keep it clean. You obviously did not pass those genes down to me! If you came in here, you'd have to alphabetize the dust bunnies.