Cave Dwellings: Memories of Clear Springs, Texarkana
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, September 30, 2011

Memories of Clear Springs, Texarkana

   I’ve been slightly busy with a garage sale here, so I have been negligent in my blogging duties…However, I DID get lots of “stuff” cleared out of our basement..Next step: organize the basement so we can see the floor!  I need to say “Hey” to some new brave souls who have jumped in our pick up truck, waiting patiently for us to “make like a baby and head out”…(sorry about that one.)  Welcome to  Jerry and Wanda and also to Sheryl and Larry…I hope you enjoy our trip…You will have to fight over who sits by the window..we have quite a group riding in the truck…

  Dennis and I are still researching some places to potentially stay along the Gulf Coast of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama…maybe Florida’s too…But, if we do decide to head toward Arizona, we will just deal with the fire bans (of any kind, even cooking outside) and I’ll just have McGuyver put on his apron and cook inside Plate, or….we will do carry-outs ONLY, through the Lone Star statePizza…. If any of you have heard of some good places, preferably State Parks or Corps sites , in those states, let  us know…HeckFire, McGuyver still isn’t in his combine, so we may be later getting out of here than we thought..BOO HOO!


These photos are from Texarkana, TX…Wright Patman Army Corps campground Clear Springs…We stay there almost every year on the way unless we dive right into Mississippi directly South…Sometimes it is better do take a straight line right down through Illinois to get out of the cold weather..Have I said just how absolutely BOOOORING  the state of Illinois is to drive through…lengthwise?? watching paint dry.

Some of the sites at Clear Springs are deep in the pines…and some are out on the lake…I love ALL the sites at this park…There isn’t a bad one….And we old folks only pay $9.00 a night…Nyah-Nyah


….Not sure if we will go this way again, or the do the yawner through the Land of Lincoln…but at this point I really don’t care..Just “get us outa here!!!!!”……There..I vented and I feel somewhat better..however cocktail hour is looming and I need some “happy juice” and Coke….Thanks for listening to me rant…I gotta work on getting my “smiley face” on again!




  1. Hope you had a good garage sale and made lots of gas money. I'm also counting the days until I get out of Illinois.

  2. Donna, Here in Texas, most burn bans allow for propane grills. I like the Road-Trip. You two be safe!

  3. I'm feeling rather depressed tonight, but Wright Patman cheered me up...if I EVER get out of here!

  4. Nice header photo!

    That campground sure looks great - what a neat spot.

    Your pics of the trees and flowers in Texarcana are just beautiful.

  5. What? Only $9 a night for that great site? Perfect! K

  6. Cheers!..hope you enjoyed your happy hour!!

  7. MY niece lives in Saucier MS just north of Gulfport. she says there are several campgrounds in the area and handy to sight see Gulfport.I'll have to get some names. I think one is even Passport America.We plan on staying in that area one winter when we start full timing. Your idea of a nice Dinner with Donna when she has a day off was great although I might make it at the Olive Garden.I hope Dennis gets lucky too. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  8. Can't beat $9 a night...looks like a great place to stay. Better than watching paint dry!

  9. What a beautiful campground and only $9 per!
    Hope you enjoy your happy hour!!

  10. The pictures of Wright Patman were awesome. We certainly enjoy that area and will be headed that way in a few weeks ourselves. Hope we cross paths somewhere on the road I'm pretty sure a couple of margaritas have our names on them:)

  11. Yep, know what you mean by that Illinois drive:((

  12. Hey D & D, its Donna..
    you know you can break up the boring Ill drive by making a slight detour into beautiful Mo. Trees are getting beautiful and nice rolling hills.
    Oh of course their is the Weeb driveway and includes cheapest camping in the state along w/ pizza, beer and wine for you new glass

  13. Here is a great website for finding a lot of cheap county parks that Kevin found and uses. We stayed at a number of them in Texas in September.

    Hope it can help you out.

    Kevin and Ruth

  14. Beautiful pictures! Road tripping in a pickup truck is such a joy, especially in the great state of Texas. Have fun guys, and always remember: drive safely.