Cave Dwellings: Fairly quiet at the Cave….
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fairly quiet at the Cave….

  This week has been, so far, pretty quiet.  The Cave Dwellers have recovered from the Sandwich Fair, the traffic and dust..aaaachoo!..well somewhat.  Our weather has cooled down into the lower 60’s and tonight it could get into the upper 30’s in the Western Suburbs (that would be US!)…I went out and found that I had a few more tomatoes “hanging” on, waiting for me to get my lazy behind out there and pick.


McGuyver and I took the Log Hog (log splitter) out in our backyard and split some wood for our fire pit and fireplace.


I let Dennis run the splitter…That thing looks like something I could really hurt myself with…no doubt.  I do the stacking of wood…and I’m sure I’m not doing that quite according to Den’s specifications…but I do work cheap.

It is beginning to look like fall around here….but someone better tell our Hybiscus…This thing is prolific as all Heck.  I swear I have had at least 50 blossoms so far on that plant…




That pink flowered plant would be our thriving Hybiscus..Notice how far away the pumpkin is staying from it…I think Mr. Pumpkinhead finds Ms. Hybiscus a bit looney, being known as a tropical plant and all.  I thought I heard that pumpkin whisper to the Mum plant..”Pay no attention to that flashy flower..just pray for an early frost”… 






Above, left, is our Tiger Eye Sumac as it looked last October…pretty bushy and full…On the right is the same Sumac just yesterday,…McGuyver gave it a real close haircut with his chain saw….It was becoming so full, it was taking over the sidewalk, and making a run for the street beyond…It should be starting to turn orange in a few weeks…LOVE IT!!

Last night, Dennis and I enjoyed a campfire on our deck….while trying to stay out of “Hummingbird WAR” range..We have 2 feeders hanging on our deck and there were about 3 Hummers vying for best dibs on the food…They were dive bombing each other like jets in a dogfight.  I could hear them zooming around my head… a little disarming.  I had visions of wearing one for a hair barrette at any moment….


These photos are NOT my best..I am still trying to figure out our new camera… I need to tap into some of Al or Judy's photography knowledge….I think I need one of those old box cameras they had in the 50’s…point and click..WALA!




I do know that this is a Goldfinch…but not sure if it is a female…or a fading male..(I’m hoping for the latter…It’s about time some of these brightly dressed male birds let the females show off a little!)






McGuyver is checking our weather on his phone..I’m checking my drink, making sure  it isn’t empty yet..Winking smile

As you can see, things are pretty easy going around here…Dennis and I are just chilling out on our deck and loving the Fall…I have all my Halloween stuff out…Now all I need is a skull mug instead of a Xmas one, …no… REALLY!!!



“From ghoulies and ghosties
And long-leggedy beasties
And things that go bump in the night,
Good Lord, deliver us! “
~Scottish Saying


  1. Please don't rush winter some of us have to stay here in it.

    You didn't have to dress up for the picture.

    Dennis sure has a lot of wood...

  2. That's a nice wood pile. Should make for lots of fires. It's still September isn't it? Your Halloween mug made me wonder if I've missed a month somewhere.

  3. Barrette? Do they still have those? I'm afraid you're aging yourself, old girl. :)

  4. Good to have the wood splitter...makes getting the wood ready for a fire a lot easier. Seeing ya'll split the wood, make me so ready for fall and early winter.
    Thanks for the post.

  5. McGuyver sure is good at chopping wood ;)

    Love seeing you in your uniform. Another thing we have in common. Today, I let Bosco out to pee around 3 pm & all the neighbors got to see my finery!

  6. Tell Dennis I envy him, I have looked for a used splitter for years and they are so expensive around here and the ones they sell are made so cheap now.See you are in your official campfire uniform, must not be to cold yet Denny has his shorts on still. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  7. I'd stay away from that 'log hog' too as it looks pretty dangerous.

    Your backyard looks beautiful for this time of year with all those flowers!

  8. You have to watch those drinks, they can get empty without you noticing if you do not keep an eye on them!