Cave Dwellings: The 124th Sandwich Fair….
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The 124th Sandwich Fair….

  We have had a great week of cool weather, family fun, and Fall Décor….This crisp, dry weather inspired me to drag out my silk leaves, scarecrows, and yes, even my flying witches and skull candles….



This little stuffed pumpkin was made for me by my Mom …She passed away August of 1982.  She’s been gone a long time, but her little pumpkin is still smiling at me…Gotta keep those memories alive.

September 5th, Labor Day, we also celebrated our son Kelly’s 41st birthday…We ended up in an unplanned get together at Tom and Leanne’s house, (Den’s niece and hubby), with Kel (birthday boy), and Cindy, Terrie was there, Big Fluffy, Patty , (a family friend)…and Maggie Mae, the 11 year old Yellow Lab . Maggie was the only one who didn’t misbehave…

We sat around in the garage, out of the cool North wind, and proceeded to eat chips and dips and imbibe in some libation , using coolers for tables and pails as chairs…Obviously, as frequently happens at these impromptu celebrations, we were “over served” yet again.


I’m not in the photo….I took the photo. That’s the reason it isn’t a very good photo…Too much Rum and Coke. That’s Leanne, McGuyver’s niece, with him on the right photo…I think we may have been a bad influence on her???

Today is the first day of the Sandwich Fair, which happens to be 1 block from out house.  Den and I walked out to the fairgrounds about 11AM to wander around.

We managed to snag a couple passes and wanted to go see Max Armstrong, a Chicago Agriculture radio personality.  Max was appearing at the Ag stage at Noon and we always love seeing him…Tomorrow, Orion Samuelson will be there…Some of you may have heard of these two Agriculture Icons…They are VERY popular hear in the Midwest, and attract big crowds…


…We walked all around the fair..The weather was perfect. We even made it to see the animals…LOTS OF BEEF ON THE HOOF!!



In this lower, left photo are Belted Galloways…Hence the lovely white “belts” around their girth.


Left is the Woman’s Hall, middle is our daughter-in-law, Cindy. She is the EMS co-ordinator for the fair..This was taken in the First Aide building which is kept pretty busy with anything from bee stings to heart attacks…




OK..I have now waaaaayyyyyyy overused my photo allowance, but it’s hard not to  include some of the great shots of the fair…I will leave you with one last partin fair shot….Read the sign and know that I will NOT be trying some of this “fair food”….




  1. I like a good country fair,but please pass the Tums!!!

  2. Love the Sandwich Fair. Best and last fair in the state. Fay's Pork Chops is my personal favorite food at the fair.

  3. The fair looks like a lot of fun. Nice reminder of your mother with the pumpkin. I wonder if that was a fad in the 1980's. We have a hand made pumpkin that my mother gave us a long time ago and still brings back memories every year when we break it out.

  4. It's definitely not fall yet here in MT. Still up in the 90's. I'm ready for fall so it was fun to see your fair pictures. But deep fried, chocolate covered, bacon?????? No thanks.

  5. After viewing those pics I took an extra cholestrol tab just to be on the safe side! Got to like fall weather and the Fairs it brings with it.

  6. nothing like the good ole small town fair!..the recap was wonderful!! all your fall decorations!!!

  7. Thanks for the pics of your terrific looking Sandwich Fall Fair. Lot's of great looking food.

    You guys sure know how to party - even in a garage.

    Halloween already? Jeesh! Next, you'll be hauling Santa Claus out of the cupboard - please, DON'T!!!

  8. Wonderful fall decorations!! I haven't thought about getting mine out yet. I guess it has been so hot that I just wasn't thinking fall. The past couple of days it has been's my moment!!
    What a neat Fair!! We don't have those around here...would be lots of fun though!!
    The pumpkin is adorable!! :-)

  9. Burp is right! If I ate that crap, I'd not only burp, but maybe throw up a little in my mouth. Chocolate covered gracias! Looks like a fun time getting together though...lots of laughs, I bet!

  10. wow! what a photo blog!!! and it all looks like great fun! when we're home, my house looks just like yours with all the fall and halloween stuff out!

    and those cows... we call them oreo cows!!!