Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


  Sunday it was a rainy day at the Cave.  This was not helped by the Chicago Bears looking like big drips while attempting to thwart the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees….Obviously , the offensive line did NOT get the memo that they were suppose to PROTECT our quarterback, not try to get him killed!!  We still can’t believe Cutler didn’t get his bell rung and end up with a concussion by the end of that horrific game…

McGuyver refused to let the “ass-whooping” our Chicago Bears got get him down…He also refused to let the rain dampen his spirits…


McGuyver’s wants are simple…a campfire and a Busch Lite…


He found the biggest log we had in the garage, threw it on the fire and sat down..Notice it had quit raining…temporarily.  Shortly after that photo was taken, the rain Gods began their bucket brigade, and..what the heck.. we both were outside in the rain with our umbrella…Gene Kelly would be proud..if only we had a lamp post…..sigh.







But…. apparently the Cave Dwellers weren’t the only “hard core” camper wanta be’s in the neighborhood…




Our great neighbors, Deb and John, came over to join the Crazy Caves and their pursuit of a fun day, despite Mother Nature’s attempt to foil it….


We are blessed to have great and fun loving neighbors..(even though we are old enough to be their parents, they humor us….)




Please take note of my “ensemble”…Deb and John have lived next door to the Caves for almost 10 years..and they are accustomed to my fine sense of fashion…

Good neighbors are very hard to find, and we are lucky to have Deb and John.  Deb is the one who gave my my first chandelier…and John is right there to help out when McGuyver needs it…and..  IF McGuyver ASKS FOR HELP…What is with MEN and their pride??



OK, that’s all I have today…It is sunny and 70 degrees today, but the bottom is suppose to fall out of this weather tomorrow…but…WE AREN’T SCARED..WE HAVE A WAY OF DEALING WITH ADVERSE CONDITIONS…FRIENDS, FUN AND A CAMPFIRE!!!

“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass…
it’s about learning how to dance in the rain!” –Vivian Greene


  1. Great header the boots!! But I must say they're the wrong ones for dancing in the rain.

    As for football...well my home state team (Seahawks) got stomped AGAIN! I'm not getting a good feeling about this, LOL! Glad you had great neighbors to drown the sorrows. Cheers! ~M

  2. Sorry about your team. Mine won (barely) - Redskins. Not a whole lot to celebrate there either other than a messy win. No rain here - sunshine but only in the 60's. Supposed to get into the 80's again this week-end. So we're not dancing in the rain.

  3. Bush Lite and a camp fire what else could a guy need.. I could think of a few things but hey it's a start.

  4. I sure like those kicks in the header. Since I don't have an umbrella, I might just have to buzz over to Sandwich to dance. :)

  5. I would have been right there next to John and Denny only with a High Life in my hand. Glad to see the weather didn't get you down, and yes it's great to have good neighbors.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  6. What FUN it would be to live by you's!!!

  7. Looks like you guys had some fun "dancing in the rain." Good neighbors are priceless!!
    I would say you guys have fun but you ALWAYS manage to have fun!! Love it!!

  8. Nice boots! Sure puts those old 'Blue Wonders' you were wearing when your foot was sore!

    That's quite the log Den put on the fire - must have been expecting a long night!

  9. Thought about you guys tonight when I came across the following article in which the Sandwich Fair is mentioned.....

  10. Ooooops, just realized it was your Facebook site where I came across that Sandwich Fair article. I'll be alright....once I get older:((

  11. Rain is to be celebrated, one way or another. We missed this year's rain in Benson, AZ. The monsoon has come and gone, and we missed it. Usu8ally we stand out on the front porch and watch the river come down our street. But we missed it this year.

  12. hope you had fun dancing in the rain!..I for one love your ensembles!!