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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lose Your Marbles?…I’ve Got Mine!


Well, here they are, my marbles that is, and I have about 30 of them.  That’s a lot more than I thought I had.. I was pretty sure I only had a few. Actually, I was sent by my Physical Therapist, Mike, to the Dollar General Store in Sandwich to get them (it would figure that’s where MY marbles  were hiding….and yes, I did have to pay one dollar for them.)  What I need them for is very much like a side show in the Monkey cages at the zoo.  I put them on the floor and move them from one spot to another,  one by one, by scrunching one at a time with my toes …


…Then,  when I have all of my marbles moved,  I have to repeat the process and  put them back in the spot they came from….NO, REALLY???? What scares me is that I really am quite talented at this, but I’m not exactly sure what to do with this new found talent…Maybe a competition between two people at a party?? I’m pretty sure there would have to be lots of alcohol involved…..

I have been going to PT twice a week now, and have not only acquired my marbles, but also have been given a big red rubber band.   No, I did not WIN it..…This is apparently needed for stretching my foot out….


…I have another idea for it .I think I should dress all up in a sexy outfit (maybe one of my evening ensembles), tie that big red ribbon/band around my head, and give a big surprise Dennis some evening…HMMMM


….If that is my intention, I probably should have the Paramedics standing by to revive McGuyver…Our son, Kelly, is a Paramedic, but he would probably ignore that call…too embarrassing.  Although he’s accustom to my humor,  I could never explain that one away….

What you have here is a very disgusting photo of my GOOD foot….yes, that’s what I said, my good foot!!

100_0433…I have sprouted a large painful bump along side my little toe (go ahead and turn away if you must, I totally understand…feet are not pretty appendages)..This is more than likely an injury that I incurred while abusing this good foot to save my bad foot….Kind of like playing Good Cop /Bad Cop, yeah??  OK, maybe not..  I actually did tell my Podiatrist’s nurse about this new “development” , but the Doc  didn’t want to see me (I wonder why)…He just shot me off to get more PT….big whoop.

If this thing on my good foot doesn’t get better in another week or so, I will become this Doc’s worst nightmare…a disgruntled 63 year old woman, armed with a bad attitude, sore feet …and hot flashesSteaming mad.


OK, this is a short and frustrating blog….Sorry about the nasty photo of my feet….I have no pride nor any common sense.

“The beatings will continue until morale improves”….

“I told the doctor I broke my leg in two places. He told me to quit going to those places.”

- Henny Youngman


  1. If you continue to stretch your foot, will you have to buy one bigger shoe??

  2. TOOOO Funny!!! Maybe you squeeeezed one of those marbles to hard with your good foot and popped into the bottom of your foot and that's the lump by your little toe!!!!

  3. LOL Blogma!! In that first picture it looks like you are chewing on the marbles you fed yourself with your monkey toes!

    Have you tried those Vibram Five Finger shoes? Ugly as sin, but my Pop (who has Planters Peanuts like you) loves his. He won't wear them out, just as house shoes. He says they are making his feet stronger.

  4. So that's where my big red rubber band went!!!! I had to use that band to exercise my left wrist after breaking it in a motorcycle crash. Been looking for that big red rubber band for years.........

  5. Have you thought about learning to walk on your hands? Just saying..

  6. glad you have your marbles..I was a bit concerned!!..hope you foot is better soon cause it looks like you may be having some trouble with the other foot!!!..better use the medical system while you can!!

  7. Thanks for the laugh - not at your troubles, only at your approach to the solution to those troubles. Always great to have a wacky sense of humor.

  8. I got foot cramps just reading about moving those marbles around with my toes. I think you have the right idea of exploring the possibilities of using this talent. Good luck with the search.

  9. Thanks to your blog, I'm learning more about feet than I think I ever wanted to know!

    Isn't it amazing how we listen to, and worse, even pay doctors and therapists who tell us to use our toes to play with marbles???

    Do you think they joke about this at their parties??

  10. Toes and marbles and plantars peanuts and red rubber bands. Thought I'd ended up in a pre-kindergarten! Thanks for a humorous look at a non-humorous situation!

  11. Keep practicing with your marbles, maybe you will get good enough to open a wine bottle too. :)

    Take care,