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Monday, August 22, 2011

Tag Team Babysitting

  The Wolff clan arrived last Thursday evening from Zionsville, Indiana…They pulled into our drive about 8:45PM with 2 tired little boys and 2 equally, or MORE, tired parents…They can’t leave town until John gets home from work at 5:30-6PM and it is about a 3 1/2 hour drive…Make that 4 hours with potty stops, diaper emergencies, McDonal101_0028d’s drive through and I-65 traffic. It’s a challenge even without the two little guys…

I snuck in and took the photo on the right in some low lighting and no flash…They were both “cashed” on our couch that night by 9:30PM…..I wonder why…




Maddox and I had the same idea…let’s get into our jammies…Needless to say, I had mine on at my usual 4:30PM.. I even beat Maddox. OK, OK, I know that surprises absolutely NOBODY!!

Madds ( what I call him) had been pretty sick with diarrhea and stomach troubles the few days before they came. He also had a boil -like nasty thing come up on his little cleft chin..but it was healing.  Luckily, he was feeling better the day before they came…Sick little kids make me fearful when I am “in charge”…


  Friday, McGuyver, Chris and John, Tom and Leanne, and Kelly and Cindy all went golfing at our local Country Club, Edgebrook, which just happens to be a mile down the road from our house.  The got a pretty good deal..9 holes and a cart, plus 2 beers for $20.00 each.  (Throw in a bottle of wine and I would have driven their cart!) Actually, I don’t golf.  Trust me, it’s just as well …Putting an iron stick in my hand and having me try to hit a little white HARD ball off the ground could be considered endangerment with a lethal weapon for all involved…I chose to babysit…But I  had some  much needed help from Terrie’s 3 kids….LOTS of help..


No problem finding the “center of attention” here….I think Madds was overwhelmed!

Friday evening we hung out around outside with some snacks and a few cocktails…


Bottom left…Is McGuyver holding court???

Kelly’s and Cindy son, Dylan,(bottom right photo), stopped by to say good-bye..He leaves for college this week as a new freshman…studying aviation….Kel said he would be actually flying in 3  weeks…NO, REALLY??.. You can’t even get a driver’s permit without 6 weeks of study…YIKES!

Kelly had a few words of advice for Dylan before he left…



No, there is no money being exchanged here….Kelly and Cindy have donated enough already!

Maddox has this cute little blue foam seat that they put him in so he can begin strengthening his back to sit on his own…


…John Wolff finds another use for it…He makes a mother-in-law proud, yes he does…LOVE THAT GUY!!



We cannot let Maddox get ALL of the attention!!!




We had a great weekend…Chris and John left for Chicago Saturday morning.  They were invited to one of John’s Perdue University old frat brother’s wedding. was Chris and John’s 6th wedding anniversary, so they booked a room at The Palmer House and spent the night in the city…The bride at this wedding was of the Hindu faith, so they had a very unique traditional Hindu wedding, complete with the groom and guests dancing down 4 Chicago street blocks to Hindu music..This was followed by the groom climbing on a horse and riding horseback (dressed in traditional Hindu Bridegroom garb) to the temple to receive his bride…Only Indian  food was served at the reception. No, not buffalo and deer meat, the OTHER Indian)….I’m not sure that kind of meal would have been to my liking…too spicy..and what the Hell IS Saffron, anyway??!!

The Heiser kids were sooooo much help for ‘ol Mimi (that’s what the Wolff cubs call me, without the “ol). And my tired feet needed a few more sets to run around…They kept Aiden entertained while I did the diaper duty, formula fun and cereal debacle with Madds….


On the left, 6:30AM Sunday, the three Heiser kids all asleep in our living room...Madds and I were up, oh yea..Photo on the right has Papa deflating the bed, which, as you can see, was a HUGE attraction for the kids….and me…That thing is amazing….



OK, so by Sunday evening, after making a sweep of our house for hidden cookies, suckers,  soggy cheetos, Power Rangers, X-box games, ( I actually DID find one in our couch cushions), game chargers, race cars wheels, pacifiers, wipes, burp rags, drink stirrers…oops, those were mine from Friday night…, McGuyver and I were alone again…All was quiet…kinda boring, but…well deserved!!

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.  Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.”  ~Jane Howard


  1. sounds like your 'tag team babysitting weekend' was a huge success!!! put your feet up and have a drink! deserve it!!..way to go 'mimi'~~~

  2. What a great weekend, I'll bet Maddox is still wondering who all those people were and why were they staring at him all the time!! I'll be he loved it!

    That wedding sounded interesting! There are quite a few East Indian restaurants around here and the food is terrific - spicy, but very tasty!

  3. You have the most amazing family!! If you ever have an opening let me know and I'll apply!
    Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! Now you can put your feet up and chillax!!

  4. Sounds like a Grand weekend to us.Glad to hear Maddox was feeling better and i hope he let you off easy on the diaper routine. When Adam was in diapers Grandpa was the only one he wanted to change him, Hope I never go through that again. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna

  5. WHEW!!! I'm exhausted just reading about your weekend. Good thing you had a crew to help you out. I bet growing up, your kids always had their friends come over to your house because you knew how to make it fun.