Cave Dwellings: My Own “Veggie Tales”, Superman, and a Wasted Trip to Naperville.
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Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Own “Veggie Tales”, Superman, and a Wasted Trip to Naperville.

  OK, I realize it has been nearly one week since I have even THOUGHT to sit down and try to be creative at the computer.  Why do I seem busier now than when I was in my 20’s with 3 kids to chase?? Seems I am either trying to keep the weeds down, the house decent, the laundry done, the truck washed, the Hiker washed, and the kitchen from being closed by the Health Dept.  Not to mention my trips to the foot Doc, Physical Therapy twice a week, grocery shopping, garage sales, (hey, I gotta have SOME fun), and a random trip to the “special” shoe store in Naperville.

  Let’s start with my trip to the shoe store in Naperville, which shall remain nameless for it’s own protection. It is suppose to have assistants to assess your foot problems and suggest what shoes would be good for you, alleging to take about 1/2 hour of time.   For me, (after I finally got a sales person’s attention), it only lasted about 5 minutes. The minute I said “I don’t guarantee I will buy a pair of shoes today”, they ran, not walked , away from my poor old feet.  Hey, I wanted to be totally honest with them, right?? I wasn’t about to be pressured into buying shoes just to give someone a commission..Sooooo….I left…and as I did I muttered under my breath “Won’t ever go back there again!”.  I do have to say that Naperville is a lovely town, albeit way to busy and “high end pricey” for me…


Notice the very NARROW streets…Me, driving the GMC down with them with oncoming traffic, was about as scary as McGuyver taking our Hiker through downtown Vegas. …maybe MORE scary… Naperville itself has some very fancy and fine homes as you drive out of town…



I took all of these photos from the driver’s seat of my truck…I was afraid that if I got out and starting photographing in this neighborhood I would have the Naperville Police squad asking questions…like… was I casing the place for a robbery…I ask you, am I so strange that I look like a robber???….never mind.

On the way back to Sandwich, I did a drive through Plano,IL to see if I could get any pictures of Kevin Costner or Russell Crowe at the Superman filming…As you can see…I couldn’t get NEAR…



…I almost got my camera confiscated taking this shot.  Sheesh, I was just wanting a glimpse…hoping it was some “movie star’s” trailer….Alas, only in my dreams… Last Monday it looked like the town of Plano was burning, with billows of smoke coming from downtown and helicopters flying around…Turns out, they were blowing up a fake 7-11 store on the movie set….Dennis said he saw 3 helicopters go over his friends business on the edge of town, and they were very low…so low you could see guys in camouflage standing out on the edges….part of the filming…It doesn’t take much to entertain us Midwesterners,does it?

  My tomatoes are suddenly quite prolific, and I think I have a Suma Wrestler tomato in the mix, what do you think?

101_0043 101_0041

I don’t know what got into this one, but he definitely had “4 BLTs” written all over him.  I also picked a few of the smaller ones for some Salsa….






Oops….something is definitely missing from this recipe besides a fresh lime (which I did add)…..










…..I found this little Mr. Jalapeno with a cute nose growing on his hot little face…..He jumped into my Salsa too…..






Looks like I have my own little cast from the kid’s movies “Veggie Tales” (vegetables that talk), and this one is masquerading as Jimmy Durante.  If you have to ask who Jimmy Durante is ….you are probably not a child of the 1950’s or 60’s….”Good Night Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are”….Bet I gotcha on that on too, eh??

Thanks for taking the time to check in with me.  I will try to get in more than one blog in a week…Fingers crossed

Ha Cha Cha Cha…..Jimmy Durante


  1. ... one of these things is not like the other ... Poor tomato, just trying to fit in. Instead, he's the long-necked chicken when the farmer strolls by with an axe.

  2. You could make a couple pizza's out of that big one. Wonder why they aren't filming that movie in Metropolis instead of Plano. We said the same thing when we visited our cousin's in Naperville, They have a beautiful home but the stores, are all high end. Hope they have a Walmart hidden somewhere on the edge of town.Got a card from Uncle Junior. Tell we said hi when you see him.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  3. I am let a little ol' plastic (looking) fence come between you and Russell??? Oh, and Kevin...??? Are you insane? There's bail you know!! We would have chipped in for pictures! Heck, I got fifty cents right here, right now if you go back...

    And Sam is right! They're in the right state, why aren't they in Metropolis??? They prolly don't even know there is such a place in IL!!! DA's... who wants to see them anyways...

    You can have your comment section back now.

  4. I love it when you play with your food...

  5. You have some nice looking tomatoes there, can you say BLT?

    Jimmy who?

  6. My hubby is moving to your house with all those tomatoes. Just thought I'd let you know before he showed up. LOL And no pictures - how sad. Try again and again and again and again.

  7. Suma wrestler??? Definitely
    Jimmy Durante??? Definitely....and that cute little pepper!!! How could you eat them??
    Naperville sure is a quaint little town!! Very pretty!!

  8. Sorry, but when you go RVing, you can't bring your tomatoes, they'd put you over the weight limit...ok, maybe just the Suma wrestler :)

    Oh, and thanks for nothing spoiling the Superman movie for me. Now I know they are blowing up a 7-11. Sheesh! ;)

  9. Those are some great looking tomatoes! And some big looking homes in Naperville!

    Russel Crowe and Kevin Costner in Plano? Whod'a thunk it?

  10. Kevin couldn't have known you were on the other side of the fence!?..geesh didn'the know that you have 'peeps' waiting for the ever elusive photo op??..
    now as for the tomatoes?..mighty funny looking that big one was!! it will be mighty tasty!!!

  11. "Say goodnight Gracie " from the same era

  12. Hi its the other Donna.
    To me the tomato looked just like
    a manatee face. Oh well I can relate almost anything to an animal. and Bill stole my gracie line. Tomatoes didnt do well here this year....too much rain...then too much heat and no rain. Heck way, pick it sit on the ground w/ a salt shaker and EAT !