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Monday, August 15, 2011


  Sunday we spent most of the day in Montgomery Illinois to be there as Uncle Clarence (Jr.) Bark was honored as the Grand Marshal of Montgomery-fest.  Uncle Jr., as I have said, is a WWII veteran, and has also served the village of Montgomery, IL as part of the planning commission for more than 30 years now. He and Aunt Jeanette built their home there in the 1950’s, and have lived there ever since. He joined the Navy at age 17, in September of 1941..3 months before Pearl Harbor.  When Torpedo Squadron 8 was almost wiped out in the Battle of Midway (only one crewman survived), Clarence was part of the new Torpedo Squadron 8.  He served in the South Pacific Theater  on 2 different Aircraft Carriers, and saw  more islands than he can remember.

  He and Jeanette went together 9 years before they married. He will be 88 years young this month, and Jeanette will be 96 in September…I gotta tell ya, in their day, they could really dance up a storm…Everyone loved to watch them when they hit the dance floor and made everyone else out there pale in comparison. They will be married 52  years this fall….never had children (not that they didn’t want any), and have been each other’s soul mate and best friend these many years past.  As  you will notice, Aunt Jeanette knows how to dress up for any occasion, and she loves anything having to do with the Southwestern style…They owned a home in Sedona, Arizona for a couple years, but only went there occasionally because they were both still working. They have since sold it, but what a spot it was!

So, we had one Heck of a great day yesterday…and I will share some of the pictures I took…(I warned you!)


Above, left…on their screen porch before the parade…Right, getting ready to line up…



Left is Uncle Jr. with the Mayor of Montgomery…     Here Jr. is rubbing elbows with Jesse White, Illinois Sec. of State…




McGuyver had no idea he would drive them…They were the lead car (after the firetrucks,) and then Den stopped in front of the viewing stand, where I was waiting to help Dennis get Jr. and Jeanette from the car, up the steps to the viewing stand…They are not very sure on their feet, and there were a few steps to navigate, but we got them settled and McGuyver took the car back to the line up area.  Then he walked back just in time to see most of the parade…Jr. and Jeanette sat with the Mayor in the viewing stand…Three honored VIP’s getting their kudos and watching the parade.

Dennis and I stayed close by the viewing stand to we could help them down when the parade was over….


Left is the Honor Flight Car, 1929. Uncle Jr. usually rides in this at parades with 2 other Vets, but this time he had his own special “honor car” as the Grand Marshal. The photo on the right is the Kaneville HS band, and their leader saluting Uncle Jr. in the viewing stand…I almost cried..Oh, Hell..I DID cry, alright?

When the parade was over, Den and I took Jr. and Jeanette across the street to the VFW, where everyone certainly knows them…(after a potty stop for all of us,which took another 1/2 hour…as I said, they don’t move too fast these days..neither do I!)


Those 3 goofy people in the distance, with beers in their hands are Ronnie, Den’s brother-in-law, Leanne, Ronnie’s daughter, and Tommy, Leanne’s hubby…They were anxiously awaiting us to bring Mr. and Mrs. Grand Marshal over for a beer.

2011-08-15 parade2


There was quite a few family and friends at the VFW, and we had a good time partying with the “VIP”S.  Even Jr.’s 92 year old sister came up with her daughter and son-in-law.


Let it never be said that this family doesn’t know how to party…You see?? We inherited that “Yahoo” gene…Mug





It was hard to get a word in …and if even “moi” couldn’t get one , then you know darn well there was a lot of gabby family there..People from all around the room were coming up and shaking Jr.’s hand…We managed to clear out about 5PM.  McGuyver and I drove Jr. and Jeanette back to their house and stay a little longer to get them settled…..and of course, Jr. insisted we stay for “uno mas” drink…WHEW!…I seriously cannot keep up with these two! What fun we all had!!


….Right, is Hershel…He is a Vietnam Vet and was Uncle Jr’s Guardian for the Honor Flight he took to D.C. 2 years ago….


"Never in the face of human conflict has so much been owed by so many to so few."
- Winston Churchill



  1. I have tears in my eyes reading this post. Makes me remember my Dad. I wanted him to take the honor flight to DC but he just wasn't up to it. I know he would have loved it. What a wonderful time and a great honor for your Uncle.

  2. Thank you so much Uncle Jr! So glad he could be honored in this way. Shed a tear here, too...

  3. Wow! It was great to see your uncle be honored. Thanks for sharing

  4. Thank uncle Jr for his service for me. And I want you to adopt me in to your family so I can party like a Cave man.

  5. They both look great! We so appreciate your uncle's service to our country.

    What a great honor for him and you all.

  6. what a great family day and good for Uncle Jr...what a handsome devil he is!!!..brings a tear to my when I think of how much him and your Aunt Jeanette must have seen in their life time!!..what a great couple and a lovely tribute to them!!

  7. What a great post! It's easy to see where you and Dennis get your party 'genes' from!

    Thanks for posting all the great pictures of the celebration and the party afterwards. It's great to see these old vets get the recognition they deserve.

  8. What a super day for Uncle Jr, and he sure deserved it.My Dad too was a WW2 vet and served in the Pacific in the islands around New Guniea, He was in the Army Air Force and is the reason I joined the Navy when I wanted to fly. He said the Navy always kept them warm ,dry and well fed, and would fight like wildcats.Wish I could have been there to share the special day with your family. Tell Uncle Jr. I look forward to meeting him on our next trip your way. I had a Miller High Life in his honor while I read about it. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  9. How wonderful!! Congratulations and a huge "thank you" to Uncle Jr for his service to our country. So glad he was honored in such a special way!! Without a doubt...they are the "greatest generation."
    I will say that Jeanette really doesn't look 96!! I hope I look that good when I'm 76!! They are certainly a cute couple and you can tell they love to have fun. Might just be the secret to a long life!!
    Thanks for sharing with us!!

  10. LOVE Aunt Jeanette's sense of style! I'm happy to see that even after over 50 years of marriage, they obviously still have that sparkle in their eyes for each other. I see the same thing with you & McGuyver. Loving big must run in the family.


  11. A great tribute to your Uncle Junior. I have read many books about WW2's Pacific Theater & the courage of all those brave young men was truly remarkable. It genuinely was a generation of great people we are very unlikely ever to see again.

  12. I'm crying too, alright!!?

    That is so special!! I love it when the honorees and really those to be honored!!! And I'm glad to see that he got to go on one of those honor flights!!!

  13. Wonderful post. I enjoyed "meeting" your Uncle Jr and his lovely bride. What a great couple. So great that your uncle was honored in this way. Loved the photos.