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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Soooo Many RV/Campers Out There…

  I need to thank another brave soul who is now following our blog…welcome to Chinatours .  I see you are a female travel agent with a tour company for China, but never found a name for you…Welcome to our blog, but I’ll bet it isn’t as interesting as touring China.!

As I have said before, McGuyver and I are relatively new to the RV/camper scene…We got our very first one in 2003, unless you count the pop-up I won in a local contest back in 1971.  That little pop-up was only used in our back yard with the exception of one fishing trip to Wisconsin for Dennis and his buddies.  Our very first trip in our Cougar was to Hayward WI for 3 nights at Chippewa Lake Campground…and boy, were we “green”…But, we managed to figure everything out through much trial and error .  after that little trip, we were “in love” and hooked on the camping lifestyle.

  In our travels so far it has been apparent just how many types of “campers” there are out there!


McGuyver has been known to “pull” a few into their campsites…Left, this guy got stalled in the campground road and was blocking traffic….sooooo…TraDa!! McGuyver to the rescue. He always carries a tow strap, and we have pulled a few vehicles out of tight spots on a trip or two!!


Notice the yellow tow strap connecting that motorhome and our GMC…The owner of the MH was very grateful and got his rig repaired the next day.


Here are a few pictures of some  RV/campers we have seen on our travels…Trust me, these are only a smattering of my photos, as you can imagine!


Prevost on left (buku buckos!!)….Casita in the middle (these come in a few different sizes, and we see LOTS of them).…Either this guy’s rig on the right was receiving signals from Mars…or he was a Ham radio operator..I prefer the Mars idea.

Now here is a double decker toad mobile, left… Right is what I believe is called a “teardrop”. ..the perfect name for it.  I KNOW I would be crying plenty if Den and I had to share that thing for 4-5 months,  just sayin’….Crying faceDid you know that there is a queen bed in that thing?. and that’s about all!!.They guy showed us the inside!! 



Left, the living area was on the top of this 5th wheel????…Middle is vintage travel which is very cool, but needs a new front bumper…and on the right,..looks like 1/2 of a pop up, eh?? But this is the way it was built I think you could pull this thing with a bicycle .…(just kidding!)

Now this his one is very ingenious…..And I DO mean GENIUS. Ya got your deck right along with the camper… The photo on the right….I guess they didn’t pay much for their tickets to that show…..(Notice, they are sitting on the top of their MH.  And you all think I am strange!)


The “custom” Prevost on the left is looking like Dollywood! …And a big -ass triple axle beauty on the right…loved the red freightliner!!

Some people really know  how to “live” on the road….



These photos are 2 different campers..Left was in Arizona, right was Texas. I don’t care where they were from, I LIKE THE WAY THESE PEOPLE ROLL...MY KIND OF RVING, FOR SURE! No, I did NOT intrude on their “Happy Hours”, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t get out the binoculars to see if I could see the kind of wine they hadRolling on the floor laughing!



This little buggy wasn’t a “toad”, it had it’s own little trailer….Boy, that had to be fun, zipping around Ajo….It seems we always see some really unique campers when we travel…We also have seen some great cooking equipment…

Leave it to the Texans to know how to party. These were taken at Canyon Lake , Potter’s Creek Campground ,at Easter…..They smoked their breakfast, lunch and dinner…and everything in between. That campground smelled like one huge BBQ pit for the whole week! I should have gone door to door getting recipes…

OK, enough of the camper pictures There is no end to the many kinds of camping people do..and how they do it.  This has been a very tough year to sit around and look out the window at the lonely Hiker out on the pad. We are hoping to get away in September before McGuyver puts on his bib overalls and becomes a farmer for harvest time. I might just use that time to go on a road trip to visit our daughter in Zionsville……

So, thanks for stopping in…and right now I’m gonna steal a little idea from  Judy……





……THE END…..


  1. You are so right, there are many many different campers out there. The beauty is, they all are having fun in their own way. Thanks for the thoughts on all the different rv's.

  2. Great blog love all the pictures.

    You are like Gladys Kravitz on the TV show Bewitched.

  3. you know of course it doesn't matter how you camp as long as you do!!..great 'bevy of pictures' you captured!..happy hour here at Brae Island!!..cheers my friend!!

  4. It's always interesting to see all the different tastes in rigs & camping styles. Always get a kick out of how some folks are able to be so creatively innovative with their stuff. Know how ya feel just sitting in the house looking out the window at the rig. For those of us with the true spirit of travel it is not an easy thing just looking & not doing!!

  5. Great idea for a blog. There are just as many different types of RV's as there are campers!

    Lots of interesting rigs for sure.

  6. A travel agent from China is following you? unusual!

    Glad to hear you and McG are getting on the road before he puts on his happy pants!

    THE END! :)

  7. Nice summary of some of the equipment out there. I even saw one or two that we have not seen yet. We do have a huge 5th wheel in our current campground with a roof patio and they are actually using it everyday. We are not even close to a race track?

  8. I'd leave you a long comment, but that pic of the couple chilling on top of their RV has given me an idea......rut roh!

  9. Think about a short road trip in the hiker to Bloomington or Springfield and Donna & I will meet you for a weekend. Be safe out there. sam & Donna...

  10. Love this post. It was fun to see all the different campers. People are definitely creative.