Cave Dwellings: A Wealth of Yukon Gold….
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Wealth of Yukon Gold….

   This last Spring we planted a garden as usual..8 tomato plants, some carrots, lettuce, spinach, green peppers, jalapeno peppers and ….Yukon Gold potatoes…For some reason, either the excessive rain early in the season or the excessive heat just lately, most of our garden was a bust…The pepper plants looked like they had been grown in Barbie and Ken’s garden.  The lettuce was virtually non-existent and we had about 20 carrots,not even enough to make Bugs Bunny 2 meals….


You see before you one of the 3 green peppers that actually survived…barely…So much for using some on our shish kabobs tomorrow!..PATHETIC.



Our tomato plants are only about 3 feet tall, but they do have some green tomatoes on them, so we are in hopes for some good fresh tomatoes soon.  I usually put up some salsa and spaghetti sauce in the freezer, but this year looks like a sauceless year….


HOWEVER…. Our Yukon Gold potatoes are thriving….THANK YOU TO THE POTATO GODS, WHO OBVIOUSLY STEPPED IN TO SAVE US FROM A GARDEN FAMIN…(OK, I tended to exaggerate a little bit just then)



Today was a nice sunny day  here. I went outside and took my camera for a few shots in our yard.  I did some weeding too, but was much more involved in the photo taking…(We still  have issues with our camera…as I have said, McGuyver is still researching..Annoyed100_0435100_0438100_0443100_0445

I know that there are some of you out there that yawn over the flora and fauna photos.…Not everyone was a botany/biology major, and if you just nodded off I totally “get it”….Some of us are nature freaks, some people watchers,and some just want us to ditch the photos and get on with the story….Sorry about that, though…I do love a great photo!!


The little shack on the right was suppose to belong to a nice young Wren couple, but they apparently didn’t care for the looks of this place, (a bar??) and refused to sign a lease….I’m thinking some low class Sparrows might find it intriguing, but the funny thing is….they can’ t get their large arses in the door hole!!  Maybe we could paint it next Spring , lower the payments and lease it as a “fixer upper”……

Well, that’s about it for my burst of creativity for today…Not much going on around the Cave Dwellings…Tonight is “date night”, and my date of almost 42 years is springing for a “Happy Hour” at the local Moose Lodge, followed by one of the gourmet pizzas at our local Pizza Hut…Make ours a “carry-out”, please…I like to eat my pizza in my jammies…

“All right everyone, line up alphabetically according to your height.

Casey Stengel


  1. I don't think wrens drink beer! Iced tea, perhaps?

    A spud bonanza. Nothing wrong with that. :)

  2. Great looking Tators you got there, and also the header of the C-130' at Davis-Monthan AFB. Made a few flights in those in the 60's. Only trouble is they didn't have enough room inside for our helicopters like the huge transports of today so we would fly to our port of embarkation and the rest of the crew would fly down in a C-130.The flights I made were on weekends to go to places like Puerto Rico,Nas Roosevelt Roads to make a rum run. Boy those were days when you had your priorities straight. Hope everyone is doing well, Get a picture of Uncle Jr, in his new hat & shirt for me. I broke down and got one for one of the carriers I was on. Donna will be wondering what all the Pay-pal stuff is from e-bay.Be safe out there. Sam 7 Donna....PS Tell Denny Rigg's says hi , and says you guys should meet us this fall when it cools down in either Bloomington or Springfield.

  3. There's nothing like fresh potatoes right out of your own garden! Pure Yukon Gold!!

  4. I'd always thought that there are no peppers in western countries, because I often heard that there are no ginger, garlic in western countries, it seems that peppers are liked by many Chinese. You also eat peppers?

  5. Those "tators" sure make up for the low yield in the garden this year. They sure do look nice and I bet you will think of many creative dishes to use them in.
    I, for one, say bring on the pictures. After all a picture is worth a thousand words....or so they say!!! LOL

  6. Impressive looking taters. Sorry about the rest of the garden though. Very frustrating with all that work. I'm one of those that love the beautiful pictures. Don't have a clue what they are called but just love the beauty.

  7. impressive wealth of 'gold'..sorry your little 'rental' sat empty!..maybe make the entrance a bit bigger?