Cave Dwellings: We’re Off To a Cave Mega-Convention..GET THE BAIL BONDSMAN CARD READY!!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, July 10, 2011

We’re Off To a Cave Mega-Convention..GET THE BAIL BONDSMAN CARD READY!!

  Friday afternoon, our daughter, Chris and her hubby and boys came in from Zionsville Indiana to spend the night..Saturday the whole fam damily is meeting up at Treelands Resort in Hayward Wisconsin for a week of mayhem, Cave People style, and they left our house Saturday AM to do the 6 hour  10 hour (they have babies) trip to Hayward.

Aiden Kendall Wolff, age 2 1/2…Maddox Isaac Wolff, age 3 months260031_2026214828230_1629830651_1955988_6259413_n



Here is the cast of characters who will be attending this craziness:

Kelly and Cindy Cave, and Dylan…(our son, his wife and stepson)

Terrie, Tim, Taylor, Peyton and Campbell Heiser (our daughter and family)

Chris, John, Aiden and Maddox Wolff (our other daughter and family)

Ronnie (Big Fluffy) Eisenberg  (Den’s brother-in-law)

Tom and Leanne Bernhardt (Den’s niece and husband)

Mark, Brenda, Joshua and Jordan Eisenberg (Den’s nephew and family)

Steve Eisenberg (Den’s nephew)

…and last , and probably most rowdy, Dennis and Donna A.K.A. Cave Dwellers…..

Everyone but Den and I left either Friday or Saturday and are already in their boats, tubing, skiing, or fishing…and drinking a beer , milk, pop, or formula…McGuyver and I are NOT taking the Hiker because we are only going for 3 nights (Monday- Thursday) and it  isn’t worth the diesel price to tow it ..We have a motel room about 2miles from the rest of the family…which may turn out to be a really good idea Smile

Heron on the swim raftJordan EisenbergGene and Leanne...Jan Treeland and son, Julie and Chelsea


Fluff and Papa in front of the big cabinKayakers at the flowageDen, Fluff and Brenda at cabin 12

Daddy and AidenPapa and Aiden

These are all pictures from July, 2009…when Den and I were last with this group in Hayward….Aiden was 9 months.

McGuyver and I are leaving tomorrow at 6AM and will be in Hayward by noon, God willing and the skies don’t open up…I will not post until we get back Thursday or Friday…Rest assured I will be documenting all activities, and may have to be bribed with Rum NOT to publish a few of the pictures..…Eye rolling smile



  1. You guys have a safe trip and I know you will fun with the Cave people. We will stand by with the bail.

  2. Sounds like you will need lots of wine. Try and avoid the need for a bail bondsman :)

  3. have a great time!!!!can't wait to read all about it when you return!

  4. You have our number have the bail bondman call, Riggs will just have to give up dog treats for awhile, but he won't mind. Have fun.

  5. Have a wonderful Cave reunion. We want to see "those" pictures. LOL

  6. Have a wonderful time with the Cave People! Safe travels and take lots of pics!

  7. Maybe not a relaxing restful trip to the wilds of the Southwest but at least you are out & about doing something & going somewhere. Good for you guys.