Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, December 31, 2010


  I have a few “wanna be’s” in my life…I “wanna be” a piano player, but all I can manage is chopstix , and I do better with the utensils…I “wanna be” a dancer…but all I did was go to dancing school age 4-10, and besides, the tu tu’s scared me…I “wanna be” a poet…and I DID actually win a poetry contest in high school, (have no idea where that poem is)….I also imagined myself to be an artist in my more wistful days….and I have dabbled in some attempts at art (using the term loosely).

  While we were gone this December, I found some idle time to do a little sketching…or attempt to do some..I have used my grandkids as subjects before, but it has been a while since I got out “the ‘ol sketch pad.”  I do not claim to be anything but a “hacker”…but our grandkids liked getting these portraits…mostly because they are done by their dementia driven Grama/Mimi…..


      Taylor Kate Heiser, age 12                                        Peyton Lang Heiser, age10


      Campbell William Ross Heiser, age 6                                 Aiden Kendall Wolff, age 2

Trust me, my brother is the talented artist in the Ross family (my maiden name)….Not me….But it did give me something constructive to do ….

We took our walk this morning in the rainy drizzle…yes, I said rain…


That is fog at the end of our street…

  Snow Angels


I think I have mentioned what fabulous, crazy and totally “off the wall” family we have…A perfect example is the photo on the left…

This would be my 2 son-in-laws…They were at the Hampton Inn, Carmel Indiana the weekend before Xmas.  Both families were swimming in the indoor pool…Someone, (and it could have been EITHER ONE of the men), decided to run outside and make snow angels….HMMMMM….Should I be worried about Timothy Heiser and John Wolff???….No, because this is EXACTLY what happens when any parts of our family gets together… total insanity..

Terrie was fast enough to catch this pic on her cell phone and send it to us…trust me, they weren’t out there very long…..

…Makes a mother-in-law proud, eh????



OK, I have managed to find something to blog about, albeit a bit lame….I also want to thank all of you for your concern when we were so “mysteriously” offline and traveling.  I will tell you that Scott is out of ICU and back at the nursing home..Den and I went up to see him about an hour ago…Also, my brother-in-law, Dar’s hubby, is doing OK, and I think he is glad we are back home…Dennis…well, what can I say about Dennis that hasn’t been said?? He is a stubborn, ornery, curmudgeony old fart, but a cute one at that…and he is ALL mine. At the moment he resembles Frankenstein, but personally I think staples become  him…..More later!!!



  1. Those drawings look pretty good to me.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Let's see, when I was a kid I wanted to be a railroader, My Granddad let me drive his train, Then I wanted to fly in the Navy , I did that, Then I wanted to go over a hundred MPH, did that several times, Now I wanna jump out of an airplane in a parachute, with my bride, but I think her stents and weak heart are going to prevent that. Guess I will have to be happy with 3 out of 4. Unless of course Donna you want to take my Donna's place in the plane, and Den & her can watch from the ground, See we can be as crazy as the Caves. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. I wanna be outside sitting in the warm sun right now but it's snowing!! Yep, it's snowing on us today right here in Southeastern Arizona only 20 miles or so from the Mexican border!! Thought the drawings were good & resembled the kid's photos. How about a close up shot of Dennis's stitches just as a reminder for the rest us bopping around outside our rigs to be careful...:))

  4. Hi Donna. I thought your drawings were good. Happy New Year to you and Dennis!


  5. Hey the drawings look real good.

    If things get tuff you can always

    get a job with a Carnivel doing


    I just want to be normal..

    Happy New Years!!!!

  6. eeuw. rain on snow. icky. BUT, the photos of your drawings and the stories about your family are GREAT.

  7. great job on the portraits!! for your I wanna's?..I don't want to sound greedy but..
    I wanna be retired!
    I wanna be a full timer?
    I wanna win the lottery?
    I wanna have happy hour in my happy pants with you and Dennis!
    Happy New Year, my Sandwich, Illinois friends!..we wish you joy, happiness, good health and safe travels in 2011!!

  8. I wanna be someone who never sees another mosquitoe in their whole remaining life!!! I'd even be willing to make a snow angel in my swimming suit to accomplish this...naw, maybe not. :)

  9. Those drawings are really good, you should do more!!

    Wanna be's?? Don't know. But I do know I never "wanted to be" a piano player, dancer or a poet that's for sure.

    With son-in-laws like that, looks like the Cave family is destined for many years of greatness!!

    Happy New Year!

  10. Cut off your ear!!! You get into your art, ma! Those are beautiful portraits, and really captured the kids' personalities. They are going to treasure them when they get older.

    Hope you and your hunky man have a fabulous new year, and even when you have nothing to blog about, I still love hearing from you!


  11. Well my girl, you just added one more talent to your memory book. You are an artist. I love the portraits of the grandkids. You did an awesome job.
    I agree with one of your other followers...we need a close-up of old "staple head". Of course - as ornery as he can be, you may have to catch him when he is asleep.
    Barb Otto

  12. Did you get your rum balls? Never had them. Want my address so you can mail me some? hehe!

  13. Wanna be a little warmer...
    boy I'm sure getting whimpy...
    6 years ago I was singing in a 8' snowbank with 4hrs of plowing and shoveling to do just to get to the cars

  14. I agree with everyone else, you are a fine artist and the portraits look great :) My only real "wannabe" at the moment is just to be back in decent physical shape. I have and am doing everything else I love! It will happen, I am intent on it!

    I also agree with wanting to see pics of Dennis's staples :)

    Hope you all have a wonderful New Year! Stay warm!

    97 Roadtrek 170P "Taj Ma Trek"