Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Friday, December 3, 2010


  First of all, we need to hand out a few thank you’s to all you kids who rode with us in the back seat of the GMC. 

  Apology #1….We apologize for having to turn around 15 miles from home at 6AM Monday to get McGuyver’s glasses that ONE of us forgot!

  Apology #2….We apologize for the 4 30 packs of Busch Lite you had to sit around in the back seat…(And for those of you who tried to open them…shame on you!)

  Apology #3….We apologize for freezing your behinds off at Pocahontas , Arkansas the first night out.  Who knew it was going to get down to 23 degrees?

  Apology #4….We apologize for the bad language and nasty attitudes in our Hiker when we realized we couldn’t get online Wednesday afternoon…The language was pretty blue around here…as you can see…



  Up until today, we have had a PRETTY challenging trip.  It started with the forgotten glasses, the cold temps, and peaked when we couldn’t get our HughesNet hooked up until this afternoon…THANKS TO MCGUYVER..AGAIN!!!  Long story short, when Dennis got our dish all set up Wednesday, one of the blue lights wouldn’t come on..the system light…obviously this was a really important light.  He finally called Hughesnet HELP on Thursday AM and talked to Alex who lived in India or Bangeladesh, or somewhere like it…(Ya think his name was really Alex??) At any rate, Alex tried to walk Dennis through the system and finally told us that someone would call us back later…Needless to say, later became this morning and still no call.

  Luckily we had our laptop along, so this morning we took it to the nearest McDonalds parking lot, got online there and paid our bills online..also downloading our bank statement, which brings us to another reason the air was blue here ….The good ‘ol checkbook didn’t balance right away, and that totally honks McGuyver off to no end..Fear not though, we finally got ‘er to match…After that encouragement, McGuyver decided to try getting Hughesnet up ONE MORE TIME…. and…..(this is where I dropped to my knees and kissed the tripod) THANKS TO THE SATELLITE GODS, BECAUSE, FOR SOME UNKNOWN REASON,  WE HIT PAYDIRT!! You all have been very patient, covering your ears when the language was just unbearable…and thanks again for ignoring the rantings of two elderly, crabby, forgetful RV’ers.

  I did manage to take a few photos on the way here…


  We left at sunrise Wednesday from Arkansas and hit the road for Texas, casting a large behemoth of a shadow in the icy plowed earth…(VERY ICY!!!)

  We are now safe and sound  (and online), here at Lake O’ The Pines in Jefferson TX.  We signed up for 11 nights which puts us leaving here the 12th of December.  This lake is just beautiful, the temps are 65 degrees today, and finally, we are ready for a campfire.  All of you kids complained that we haven’t had one yet…Well, it was either too damn cold, or McGuyver was NOT in the “happy campfire” mood..until NOW!!

100_8697  100_8698

Here is our spot…absolutely fabuloso!!!!

Wednesday evening we had a magical sunset….and I was out side in my “uniform” down by the lake to get some nice shots…


….and of course, I made friends with a Blue Heron here ….He totally ignored me while I tried to creep closer…


…Right now, it is getting very close to cocktail hour….I managed to keep myself from drinking all my liquor in the last 3 wild and crazy days….We plan on doing some sightseeing in Jefferson ..they have quite a Christmas celebration…and we will definitely post photos….now that we have calmed down. 




  1. The beer in the back seat came in handy,seems like the more you drink the less you hear any arguing in the front seat.

    Ok now light the fire..

  2. Repeat after me, Miller High Life Light, That Busch beer just doesn't cut it. but It's better than nothing.So glad you guys are getting warmer temps, Il MO & PA all are having the same weather.Froze my Kazoo on a motorcycle ride today at 34 degrees.Be safe out there and keep us posted, or is it pasted. Sam & Donna.

  3. Glad you made it safely to Texas and some warmer weather. Hey, you didn't have to go to a doctor or a hospital so what's a little Hughesnet problem? Sure looks like a nice camping spot you have there by the lake. Enjoy your campfire!

  4. Cool shadow shot! That campsite was worth it wasn't it? Have you considered that maybe you should leave Illinois a little earlier in the year??? Just saying.... :)

  5. What a nice site you have! Relax and chill out with that beer this week and enjoy the campfire.

  6. Liked that first sunset photo. We dumped our Hughesnet set up a couple years because there was so much blue air in the coach most of the time that we had to wear infra-red glasses just to find the kitchen sink. Got so bad Arizona slapped a an environemental violation tax on us for to much 'blue air pollution!!

  7. cheers DD..I have missed you and your posts!..sorry for barfing in the backseat!..don't like beer!!..enjoy the campfires and your happy pants!!

  8. Ma!!! I missed ya! Now if you look under the front passenger seat, you'll find me hidden away (I'm stuck under some cans of beer). I stowed away because I can't take this white crap falling from the sky anymore. Think Blog Pa will let me stay with you guys???

  9. Don't mind the blue air one bit -- I learned some new words along the way, so I can surprise a few folks here in quiet little Benson, Arizona!