Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


  Well, …..where do I begin??? How about 3 big things I love about camping…

1-…Seeing new and different places…

2-…Having campfires and meeting people..

3-…Being able to take your house with you when you travel…

  And ….what are 3 big things I don’t love about camping…

1-…Cold weather and no campfires….

2-…Not feeling well when away from home…

3-… and knowing in you heart, that you should GO HOME….

….and so we did.  Long story longer….McGuyver’s back  began to bother him somewhat…Then ,when my sis passed away, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I should be home…Then our nephew, Scotty (who is in a wheelchair, has a trache and can’t talk), ended up in ICU the 23rd of December.…Neither one of us was able to have a good time because our hearts weren’t in it…Sooooo , we left December 26th..and got home yesterday, December 28th, at3PM…

Gloves and cap...ready for cold weather..100_8997

Gloves and stocking cap ready for action…..                Our outside temp was 17 degrees…OH, JUST GREAT!



Yes, that is snow in Missouri…..and it just kept showing up more…all the way back to Illinois….


We called ahead to one of McGuyver’s friends and he plowed out our driveway before we got there….Thanks Conveyor Eddie!!!! It was a bit of a challenge backing the Hiker in our drive…Yes, there were a few profanities, but no helpers or wives were injured or abused in the process….

Can I just say that when you think you things about this trip are beginning to  “chill out”…and we are home safe and sound….one errant sharp edge of a bedroom slide  (sans the little tennis balls) can literally knock you out of the game…And it did McGuyver…He cracked his head good..( and he was wearing his usual baseball cap)…The blood was flowing…So we ran in the house and I had him sit down so I could get a good look at it…NOT GOOD

  “OK, Den…you definitely will need stitches on this one”…

“No, Donna, I’m fine!!! I just cut my scalp a little..I’ve done it before..I’ll be fine!”

“ I say you need to go to the hospital so they can stitch you up…You have a gash about 2 1/2 inches long  and it is GAPING!!!! YOU CAN’T SEE IT..I CAN!!!”


(I need to interject that things were getting ugly at the Caves…I was pissed)….

OK, Dennis…WHATEVER YOU THINK!!!”… and I walked away to the kitchen..The next sound I heard was a huge THUD…Oh, Oh…McGuyver down…fainted…I ran in and helped get him sitting up, but still on the floor.  At this point, I told him I was calling 911….About this time, he tried to get up again  …and he went down again..this time he was OUT!! and he fell against me, so we were both on the floor…(Ya had to be there)…Just as I was dialing 911, he came to, and said “Do NOT call the ambulance!”…

..I did manage to get him to allow me to call our son Kelly, (paramedic), and his wife, Cindy, (nurse)….They came right away…and off we all went to the hospital ER…. (Now, I love to do family things, but this was a bit over the top… and by the way, OUR truck was still hooked on to the Hiker!) Unbeknownst to us, Cindy had already called ahead to the ER, and they had a bed with his name on it already..she has some pull up at Valley West ER!!)

  McGuyver ended up with 10 staples in his head ( I asked to the ER Doc to let ME put them in, but he wouldn’t)…He also got IV fluids, a CT scan of his head, an EKG and a tetanus shot.  He even had  his own little cubicle to lie in.  He definitely had a concussion…but there was no bleeding in the brain..and yes, they verified he did, indeed, have one.

Finally, they discharged  him,  reluctantly I think, to my care.  To make sure I didn’t throttle him when we got home, Kelly and Cindy came in our house and had a couple beers with us…I got out the cheese and sausage, mixed a MUCH NEEDED Rum and Coke and we all had a “Let’s celebrate Dad’s stapled head wound” Party.  They left  about an hour later, but only after Kelly helped his Dad hook up our Satellite TV…Cindy will take out  his staples herself in about a week..(unless I feel the need to do it myself!)…JUST KIDDING!!!

Today, McGuyver is fine…We finished cleaning out the RV, got it backed on the pad, and he winterized it AGAIN!!  He doesn’t even have a headache!!!!  So…I didn’t mean to be mysterious when we left…We were just so bummed that I couldn’t bear to put it in writing….But, hey..we are home..and actually very happy to be here….This winter trip was doomed from the start, I think.




  1. Wow, what a story and what an ending, your right though, I will probably never stop second guessing my decision not to go back to PA last year for my brother's funeral. You guys did the right thing, I am drinking a high life right now as I type this to celebrate Den's fast recovery.You will be in the same boat we are living out another cold winter, but who knows maybe in the spring we'll talk you into a Mo trip for a long weekend, I can sweeten the deal by putting you up at our campground at the Lake. Wait till you see the grease burgers at the T & D Tavern. Oh I'm ahead of myself again. Anyway, we were worried when we didn't hear from you so i hope all is well now. Be safe out there, we missed you guys. Sam & Donna..

  2. had me on the edge of my seat all through that! Glad McGyver is on the way to a full recovery.

    ..and yes, sometimes you've just gotta do, what you've gotta do. Now that you're home, hopefully things will sort out.

  3. Never a dull moment in the Cave family.
    What do you all do for fun and to relax?

    Tell Dennis to stop using his HEAD and let you handle it.

    Glad you all are safe and some what sound.

  4. that is quite the 'saga' you have had to endure over the last few days..welcome home Cave family..welcome home!..
    so glad you are all safe and sound..that's is all that matters at times like this..
    I say close the book on the 2010 trip and move on to 2011..a spring trip sounds like a better idea!!

  5. What a "BUMMER" - to say the least.
    Ok you two, you know we are all here if you need us. Jim came home tonight with Den's story, and now we can read the REAL STORY. LOL. Donna you are so right, things happen for a reason. This particular trip just was not in the cards. You two are meant to be home now. Maybe while you had him trapped in the ER they should have checked his back problem. No telling if you will get him to a DR now. He has seen enough. Oh, good luck with that.
    I know some guys that can hog tie him and get him there if need be.
    Jim & Barb Otto

  6. Well, that was quite a series of events. Geeeezzz, some people have all the fun & excitement. I've heard of people banging their heads against a wall after returning home but this was certainly much more than that. Anyway, sounds like you are at ease with your decision to return & that is what really matters. I'm sure lots of travel days await you & when the time is right the open road will reach in tap you on the shoulder......

  7. I'm going to be very careful about watching the slideout corners while we're away lest I end up like Dennis with a head full of metal. Glad to hear he's o.k. and feeling better.

    It sounds like going home was the right decision for you. There'll always be more trips in the future.

  8. So glad to hear that McGyver is okay! In a couple of years of search and rescue I can't tell you how many people who clearly NEEDED to get to a hospital quickly just "needed to go home and lay down". Good move getting him to the ER, and I'm glad that the recovery is going well.

  9. OMG! What a story! And all those miles in just a couple of days. Hope you are now at peace at home. Try to be safe...

  10. Holy crapoli, what a night! I'm glad Dennis is okay. I have a stubborn man too so I understand what you went through trying to convince him that he was truly hurt worse than he thought.

    Time to hunker down and chillax for a few days. You're home, all safe and sound (for now) ;)

    Be well,


  11. wow what a story. glad to hear Mac. is doing well and sorry to hear about the loss of your sister. is it to late to hit the raod again maybe after the new year?

  12. OMG! OUCH!!!Some people will do anything for a little attention!
    Guess the bang to the head made him forget about the pain in the back! Have you thought about getting hime sized for helmet! LOL

    All kidding aside we are so glad McGuyver is O.K. We too have banged our heads on the slide. Ouch!!

    Sorry to hear about your nephew.

    Travel Safe
    Dawn & Denise

  13. Well if *you* are going home *we* are too!

    Well, we had the exact same kind of thing... Mike spent some time in the hospital and when we got out we discovered it's just as cold "here" as it is "there"... so a few days ago we decided we're going home! Now that the "Caves" and the "Vantramps" are doing it, everyone will be going home! ~grin~

    Glad everyone is okay and pass the rum! ~lol~

  14. Gosh, your story had me on edge! Some people can be quite stubborn, but of course McGuyver is not one of them! :)

    I pray that your nephew will be okay, and sorry to learn about your sister's passing.