Cave Dwellings: An “Uplifting” Move Is About To Begin!
Cave Dwellings

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

An “Uplifting” Move Is About To Begin!


  Since I came home from Indy, Dennis told me that the St. Paul’s Catholic Church is up on the girders and is scheduled to be moved Thursday morning…


I took a bike ride down to see for myself…….Sure enough, this sweet little church was packed up and sitting by the side of the road.. twiddling it’s girders, waiting patiently for the movers.

This move will take the church across the street and through a parking lot of the local grocery store…


Above is the lot it will go through.  Then they will head it North on Main Street…


…This takes the church right through our busiest North/South Street in Sandwich, above….

This routing will take the moving church right by my Ya Ya Mary’s daughter’s house, so I am riding my bike over  to watch…and we will be sitting on their front porch…”Front Row Joe”…Will there be photos??   Do birds fly????

Here is the flyer that was sent to the residents to explain the procedures for moving this little church…









McGuyver is chomping at the bit to be helping with this move, but …his house moving days are behind him…This work is very hard, dirty and dangerous….Even too hard, dirty and dangerous for my smart, strong , hard working McGuyver…His knees aren’t what they use to be….Those days are long gone…..




I mentioned that there was a meeting in town about the train “noise” (which I couldn’t attend).….Here are a couple excerpts from the local paper that I found when I came home from Indy….

“Students in portable classrooms can’t hear their teachers.  Those classrooms might be more than a quarter mile from the BNSF tracks”. A couple who lives at Dutch Acres, one and one half miles from the tracks, said they can’t have their windows opened in the summer.  Another told of students walking from school, putting their hands over their ears to stop the noise from the trains.

“One man indicated he’d lived in the same location for 16 years without problems, but now his grandson covers his ears and his dogs are howling because the train whistles are so loud.  Mayor Thomas explained to those present that the train engines built within the past five years have louder whistles, and that the maximum volume level is now 110 decibels rather than the previous setting of 96 decibels.  With regulations set for engineers to blow whistles both before and after railroad crossings, sometimes the whistle can blow  continuously from one side of the city to another.”

  “One of those attending noted that the railroad has raised the decibels to painful levels in our  homes.  If it hasn’t lowered the number of accidents, what’s the point?  When the Mayor was asked how loud noise can legally be in Sandwich, he answered that it was 75 decibels.  Someone wondered about the Environmental Protection Agency, whether it can become involved when the whole community suffers from the noise produced by about 37 trains coming through the city, all hours of the day and night.”

….And so, the train saga continues in Sandwich IL…..Apparently, misery loves company, and at least I know that it isn’t just ME being a crabby old lady!!










  1. Maybe they should just plunk that church right down across the railroad tracks! Would the trains dare crash through a church with their horns blaring? Probably!

  2. Just curious what the BNSF Rep had to say about the crossing pole horns that are being installed right at each crossing instead of the locomotive horns being used they are like 75DB and are pointed at the traffic, Union Pacific is using them so why not BNSF & Amtrak. The Amtrak horns are 5 chimes and are by far the loudest, Or maybe he didn't have the nerve to attend the meeting. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  3. does a bear 'poop' in the forest?..we know you will be taken lots of photos!

  4. Can't wait for the photos! :)

    I never thought about it, but yeah, the train whistles really are a lot louder than they used to be several years ago. Thanks for that info and the exerpts from the meeting reports. Good luck with all of that.

  5. I think the train companies have got it right. They know that the generation of kids growing up now will be hard of hearing because of all this blaring in the ears IPod nonsense. Train companies are just using simple logic by increasing the decibels of their horns. It's just a proactive measure to keep future generations of kids off the tracks.