Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, October 28, 2010


First of all, welcome a couple brave new followers to the Cave Dwellings….Thanks, CeiPui…and Thanks Donna a.k.a. “Froggi”, for taking the ride with us.  We will try not to get you into trouble as you get in the truck and head South…Do either one of you carry a bail bondsman card????

  Now , for some serious stuff….Many of you may have heard in the news of the death of an American who was jet skiing on Falcon Lake in Southwestern Texas.  Dennis and I have spent at least 5 winter January months at Falcon Lake State Park  .  It is a lovely park, with low brush, nice level pull through camping spots…and is known for the birding.

  We have walked across the border at Progresso a few times, and the last few times there was a definite increase in Mexican Military .. with machine guns.  In fact, some of the Military Police wore a mask that was like a ski mask, so you could only see their eyes and mouth .  This is to keep their identity secret from the drug cartels.  It is very sad what is happening on our border, and McGuyver and I feel the Mexican border towns are really no longer safe to cross into.  Also, those towns are now losing their only means of support..American tourism. We both figure, why risk it?  The bad guys don’t seem to care who they hurt or kill in their pursuit of being the No. 1 Drug Cartel in Mexico.  Just as the TV show on National Geographic states, it really is a “Border War” down there.

  McGuyver and I really loved this campground at the state park, too…


..They have a great Recreation Hall, where they serve sandwiches and breakfast…Also, they have a nice laundry, a cactus garden and a butterfly garden…We really liked it there….and the weather in January was almost always 70-80 degrees…

    This is Falcon Lake, which is the dammed up Rio Grande..and you are looking across it at Mexico….I so hate to see this place go downhill due to the dangers coming across the border.


Last year, McGuyver and I decided to walk across the border one more time…at Palomas, just across the border from Columbus, NM….We had a very nice lunch at the Pink Store, and felt pretty safe….But still…we were out of our country and in “theirs”, and with the drug war escalating, I was glad to get back to Columbus, NM…This year, it is just too dangerous to cross.  Call us sissies or scaredy cats..and yes, you may be right,… but those people take no prisoners…


So, today McGuyver had his check up with his Cardiologist, Dr. Vijay Shah…Everything looks great, he has kept his weight down, (must be his dietician), his LDL (the bad cholesterol), is down to 67, which is AWESOME!! His EKG was great.  He told us to keep walking and eating right..(I’m not sure he knows about the occasional pizza, KFC, and “recreational” beverages).  He DID want Dennis to get a screening for his Carotid Arteries (the ones in your neck to your heart) some time this winter…We told him our daughter in Indy is a Vascular Ultrasound Technician, and he said “Perfect, have her do it”…We are stopping in Indy to visit them on our way South Monday and staying with them a couple nights, We called Chris today and she said “no problem”, so our daughter is scanning her Dad’s Carotids Tuesday at the hospital she works at….Boy, it sure is handy having a kid in the vascular medicine field!!! Especially when it is an issue in your healthcare!..THANKS CHRISTIE!!!!

I will blog once more, either late Saturday or early Sunday…and after that we may be incognito until the next weekend,when we settle for a few days and McGuyver sets up our Hughesnet satellite….We will probably be in Grenada MS….So, please don’t think we “dropped out”…and thanks for reading my is much cheaper for me than a shrink….


  1. We use to live in Mexico. We had a very nice home and enjoyed it very much. After we sold our home we went back to spend the winter there in our motor home. Things have really changed there and we will not return in our motor home. It's very sad because most of the Mexicans are so very nice.

  2. Nope! Won't be calling you a sissy! I think you're making a very wise choice to cease crossing the border.

    Now hopefully my Aunt and Uncle will feel the same way and not take their MH down south.

    By the way, love the pics! Cheers!

  3. I'm with you guys! I've refused to cross the Mexican border for several years now because of the random, senseless violence. Police walking around masked with machine guns is way too much for us.

    There is nothing in Mexico that is worth our lives.

  4. Yes, it's too bad about that Mexico thing. We enjoyed our visits to the Pink Store as well & I'm glad we got to see that when we did. If it wasn't for all the trouble we would likely spend some time in Mexico each winter too. Safe travels next week. You guys will be paving the way for us:))

  5. The LoWs (Loners on Wheels) have been supporting the Pink Store from their park in Deming for some time, but I don't think I'd go down there either this year. :( It's too bad, but who wants to risk their lives?

    I'll be waiting for your posts. :)

  6. Never thought it was a good idea to go to a gunfight unarmed and that is what you are doing these days in going to Mexico. That's not being a sissy, but being smart. I will anxiously await your news of your travels, by the way my niece Tammy is a resident of GulfportMs. and she says the weather is great.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  7. Our staff of 150 is 90% hispanic and still have family back home in Mexico. In a class I taught yesterday, I asked them how long its been since they've been back home and they all said about 2 years. They were firm in their decision not to return to family for any reason even death because they don't want to risk their own lives. That right there should tell you something.

    It's not safe for anyone right now. You're being smart to stay away from Mexico and border towns on either side.


  8. We have our bags packed and cooler packed and ready to go,what time will you be by to pick us up??

  9. Mexican visitation is really getting scary. Our Escapees Chapter 21 has an annual visit to Pancho Villa State Park in Columbus, NM, with the highly anticipated visit to the Pink Store. Suzy and I skipped the Pink Store this year, less from fear of violence than for the need to stay away from the food and drink during our strict weight program. But we won't likely be going across in future years either. Sissies? If you think so, but smart is what we think!

  10. Brave is my second name, so let's head South! :)

    No sissy, I for sure would not go near the border these days. Just feel very bad for those who can't go home!

  11. Sad, but a good decision for now. There are plenty of other beautiful places to be so Mexico will just have to wait. Hopefully this will improve instead of decline with some proper attention. Blessings, K

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