Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


  This will be a my last chance to blog until Monday…I have lots to do today…Tomorrow I am driving to Indianapolis to see Chris, John and Aiden.. They are having a “little kids” early birthday party for Aiden, I am the biggest little kid I know.  His actual birthday is October 18th, but that weekend is a Purdue University football game…and John’s Dad has season tickets….Also, Chris and John have had their home on the market for about 2 months.  They want a bigger house in an area where the school system is a little better than where they are at…Well, last week, their house sold!! This is really good news in the present real estate environment. Their closing date is November 19th, so as you can see..THEY are VERY busy!


The GMC is all spruced up and ready to go…washed and waxed by yours truly….

(Let me just say…NEVER AGAIN a black vehicle!!!!)

  The Bull Moose Bar and Grill is coming along nicely….


They are working furiously, trying to get it open this month…Personally, I don’t see it happening.. Notice they tore off the decking and changed the entrance…They have started painting the outside in the front too. I am very anxious to see the inside of the old train car…

Speaking of trains,  (I know, I know, here I go again…), we had an open public meeting last week with our State Senator and a couple of our State Representatives about the train horns. ( I didn’t attend…I seem to have caught a nasty intestinal bug, and thusly cannot wander too far from our bathroom this past week) …But, from what I have heard of the meeting,  nothing really got accomplished..It was more of a political dog and pony show than anything else…I suggested to our alderman that they hold the meeting outside, to get a really good taste of the noise…Well, it was a thought!

100_8278 From this proximity to the train, I cover my ears because it is so loud it actually hurts them…I find it strange that we have a noise abatement ordinance, and they make the kids keep their car radios from blasting loudly in the summer…but BNSF can knock your hearing out at 50 paces…So…..I guess the ordinance doesn’t apply to them…..

We aren't the only town who is complaining loudly about the raised decibels of the horns..Most towns along the Rt. 34 corridor are also joining in…FYI…In 2006, the National Railroad Administration raised the train horn noise 10 decibels…which actually DOUBLES the noise….OK, now I sound like I hate the horns, but I really just hate the NEW ones..I would have no problem if they returned to the old ones..FAT CHANCE!! Well, misery loves company, and I’m not alone in this, I have LOTS  of company..

Remember when I told you that our local St. Paul’s Catholic Church was going to be moved?? Well, they are getting it ready to haul up the street to it’s new home about 1 mile away…


I’m not sure if they just boarded up the stained glass windows, or removed them for the move…McGuyver says he never had seen windows taken out to move a house, but because these were more valuable, maybe they took them out…Aha!!! McGuyver DOESN’T know everything!


Somehow these steel girders go underneath to raise it up…To illustrate how this looks, here is my very own McGuyver ,helping move a house…Yes, that’s him walking along as if he is “holding” it up….



The plan is to move it next Thursday, Oct. 14th…and MY plan is to be there with camera in hand!




I cannot believe how long the roses of summer hang on, blending into the fast approaching colors of fall…I will be “incommunicado” until next Monday, when you will have to tolerate many pictures of Aiden Kendall Wolff, our youngest grandchild….Until then, have a great weekend!!!….and…






  1. Have fun in Indianapolis! Congrats on selling their house too!

    Seems like the train horn issue is not going to be going away anytime soon. It sure must do a number on folks with hearing aids!

  2. Have a great time in Indy and have a safe trip.

  3. Have a great weekend!..Happy Birthday, Aiden!!

  4. When I went through Indianapolis on Wednesday, they had I-70 and parts of I-465 closed completely for repairs and detours around on I-75. What a zoo and i went through at 11AM in between rushs, Good Luck with traffic during your stay. Horns don't bother me a bit when I take my hearing aids out. Sound pretty nice then. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.