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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why We LOVE John Wolffe

  Our weather here has decided to become tolerable once more, but only after a frosty couple evenings.  I made a little cashola at our garage sale….
…so I decided to get some shelves for the basement …and buy some paint for our living room…I know, I know…I should be doing something FUN with it…like maybe… having dancing men come over when McGuyver goes into the cornfields…Alas…the only men that even wanted to come over were busy with bingo at the “home”, so painting our living room rose to the top of the list..As long as I am going to be a Harvest Widow, I may as well put it to good use, right?…(Plus, I won’t have Dennis standing over me telling me I missed a spotSteaming mad.)
Monday, Dennis and I went up to Uncle Jr.’s and Aunt Jeanette’s to put the plastic on their screen porch…They have a lovely screened patio they sit on, but in the winter they cover the screens so the snow doesn’t blow in.  It is becoming waaaay too dicey to let either one get on a ladder for ANY reason, so McGuyver and his trusty co-worker, Dementia Donna,  “got ‘er done”!!
A couple blogs ago, Kenny  had a photo of his grandson, Riley, riding in a toy police car.  He commented that Riley was getting too big to get in it, and maybe someone should tell him he no longer fits in the toy car…Well, Kenny….I now present to  you our son-in-law , John Wolffe, A.K.A. “Wolffie”….(Chris’s hubby).  I didn’t have the heart to tell John the same thing…Just look how much he is enjoying himself…..

…Makes a Mother-In-Law proud, yes he does.  Is that a beer in his hand?…Imagine that... HMMMMM…

  My fall flowers are in full Autumnal bloom…Sedum, Mums and Marigolds…My Hibiscus, bottom right, is still producing buds and flowers…Someone needs to tell this poor thing his time for “center stage” is over….”Exit, stage right”.
Our neighbor broke his foot a month ago and has been hobbling around on crutches and in a cast.  I feel his pain…No, wait a moment…I never felt THAT kind of pain, I’m sure!!  He is still on crutches, but his cast has now been replaced with a walking boot. Well, last night Den and I were sitting on our deck with campfire and cocktail (NO, REALLY?)..Mike came out to light his grill and….out of propane.  McGuyver went over and helped him get his filled propane bottle from his truck to the grill…No way could Mike carry that tank AND  walk on crutches…
101_0347 101_0346
This week’s weather has been just fabulous so far, and we finally decided our grass needed at least one more mow…Plus, yesterday McGuyver got the call, and he will definitey be in the corn and bean fields next week, so yesterday he mowed our yard..hopefully that will be it!
Next weekend I am going to Zionsville IN for our grandson, Aiden’s, 3rd birthday party…When I come back, I am preparing to arm myself with paint, roller, paintbrush, ladder, dropcloth….hmm, what else?? Oh, yes…extra wine…and I will be painting our living room. I AM WOMAN HEAR ME ROAR!!! Yes, there will be some photos…especially if the dancing men surprise me..

  Dennis also got to work on our garage siding, trying to get it finished.  All he had was the front, but to finish it, he needed the correct equipment to finish the job, and it was being used at another job.  I need to explain that Den borrows lots of stuff from Otto Construction, whom he worked for after he retired from Cat.  Jim Otto has more stuff in his “man cave’ than anyone I know…Today, McGuyver went out and “got after it”….
…Won’t be long till this garage is done….finally…and lookin’ pretty good, Den!!
Well, not too much is exciting around here, unless you count getting 2 new deep cycle batteries for the Hiker…HEY!!!! THAT IS EXCITING TO US!! ONE MORE STEP TOWARD MOVIN’ ON SOUTH FOR THE WINTER!!  So now, it’s almost time to see what I can come up with for dinner…We  have been enjoying a campfire nightly on our deck with our cocktail hours..Better get all we can, looks like Texas is a NO GO for fires…Thanks for stopping by…and until next time, remember…..
“It is unwise to meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup"....-unknown
…thanks, Chris…


  1. Painting the living room and drinking wine??? Sounds like a fun project!! Remember you HAVE to post picture when finished!!

  2. Every time I see someone coming to the Indianapolis area I get excited. I always hope they are coming to the southern part of Indy..... but to no avail. You will be north of us. Rats....would have loved to met you guys.... Travel safely!

  3. There's a big difference my grandson is 9 and doesn't drink as far as I

    Wine and painting sounds like fun.

  4. If you posed for the header, I'd like to meet your broom! :)

  5. Somehow, the picture of John on the trike with a beer and having so much fun simply confirms the fact that he indeed belongs in your family!

    I'm just wondering if he was born that way or if it just kind of happened after he married your daughter!

  6. drinking and riding?..shame on him!..what a great photo..makes the momma proud!!!

  7. Is there such a thing as a TWI
    (tryking while intoxicated)?
    Last time Sam had a paint brush in his hand was when we were dating and my house needed some painting...guess he was trying to impress its I dont do painting. Just make sure that wine comes during and after painting. Before along w/ paint fumes could have you painting 60's psychedlic in your living room
    Donna W.

  8. I like Donna's comment TWI, what's the fine for that? Too funny! Painting the living room sounds like too much work, why don't you just sit down and have that wine instead!

    Kevin and Ruth