Cave Dwellings: Expecting a Killing Frost….
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Expecting a Killing Frost….

  Well, after sitting around the house yesterday due to the rain, McGuyver got the call to get back to the cornfields and take his throne in the combine.  I think he was glad, as we want to get this “show” on the road in about 3 1/2 weeks…We are planning an early family Thanksgiving here on Nov. 12th, and hope to get on the road South the following Monday or Tuesday…

  Today I heard we are suppose to get a frost out here in the Western Suburbs/Boonies.  I thought I should go out and warn my stubborn friend, Iris, who might not have listened to the weather…


….Iris insists on peeking out for one last look at Fall…I think the blue one on the left may just as well stay buttoned up and call it a day….




The same might be said for Rose…She appears to be pouting and not sure about making a grand entrance..I think she may get her “pursed lips” nipped in the bud tonight, so to speak….








Miss Clematis is also in for a rude awakening tomorrow morning.  I think someone (a hungry bug) has been getting a last snack from her petals…she’s really a mess.  Time to tuck it in, sweetheart…See ya next Spring.






Even though we are losing some of our “hangers on” with this frost, we have a few old friends gracing our yard who might be able to ward off Jack Frost a few more days…


The Mums should be OK a few more days, and that English Lavender, upper right, is close to our house….Of course, the  Firebush is just beginning to don her beautiful rose colored dress on her dripping leaves….

I got ambitious and picked a few last tomatoes from our garden….What a crazy year with this garden…We didn’t have lots of tomatoes, almost NO green peppers, and about 2 Jalapenos…until mid October….Now we are being over run with these veggies..I went out and picked as much as I could find…

101_0527  101_0528


This is just a portion of what we have….I do believe we will have ground turkey tacos for dinner tonight..mucho bueno!





This photo does no justice to my 3 bags of caramel corn I labored over today…It’s the best thing since Cracker Jacks…and much , much better!!!!( If I do say so myself)…It just seems that Fall cries out for taffy apples, caramel corn and acorn squash…




I do love the Fall, but it seems way too short…..I think I love it even more now because it means we are closer to getting into the Hiker and heading outa this Illinois winter….and they are calling for a dandy this year….Get in the truck and get it warmed up for us…We will be there shortly…

October gave a party;
The leaves by hundreds came -
The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples,
And leaves of every name.
The Sunshine spread a carpet,
And everything was grand,
Miss Weather led the dancing,
Professor Wind the band.
~George Cooper, "October's Party"



  1. I think your header should be named pumpkin cottage! I covet your tomatoes. :)

  2. Ya, this damp cold weather sucks alright. You guys will probably get out of here before we do this year.

  3. Beautiful flowers and LOVE all those tomatoes!!

  4. nice header shot!! the colour of the house!!..bee--uuu---tiful!!..
    happy fall day to you Donna!!..looks like it was a nice day!..

  5. I am hoping the freeze holds off until the adjuster looks at the fiver. I have been holding off blowing out the lines because he might want the water line charged up.Wish we were heading south too. we are going to Branson on the 4th of Nov. It is Veterans week and three guys and their brides from my old Helo squadron are meeting us there. The one flew in my crew with me. Be safe out there, we miss ya. Sam & Donna...

  6. Hurry get the work done and com'n on down - weather is great in TX

  7. We have our bags packed and ready to go,don't forget to stop by and pick us up.

  8. If you've posted that header shot before I must have missed it - it's a beauty.

    Glad to see you taking care of all those flowers to ward off Jack Frost - he's a cousin of Mr. Murphy you know!

    Won't be long now before you're heading toward warmer weather and some sunshine!

  9. Good golly, wouldnt have wanted the job of climbing on the ladder to put all those little pumpkins along the roof line.
    Hey you stopping by on your way south ?
    Donna W.