Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, October 23, 2011



  The weather certainly warmed up here this weekend..I even heard a stunt plane zooming around overhead, enjoying his barrel rolls and stalls…No thanks..not for me….I would be needing a garbage- size barf bag for that…


  Seems like a few of the “snow birds” are beginning to stir.  Rick and Paulette are loading up their new rig.. I know Rick is keeping an close eye on how much quilting stuff Paulette stashesDisappointed smile .   The Bayfield Bunch are also rustling the Ontario leaves, getting everything on their motorhome “ready to roll”Rolling on the floor laughing.   Dennis and I are hoping for a Nov. 14-15th lift off out of the Midwest and into the South.   I see that Jerry and Suzy got “Grandma” home in “TIME” for an Arizona winter.  Randy and Pam are now in the Virginia Beach area for dental work after helping build homes all over the USA!…And talk about great spots, Chris and Melissa are in the Florida Keys and  Kathy and Robert, last I knew, were in Gulf Shores, Alabama at the Shrimp Festival!..AND, exactly what are Nellie and Jonathan up to these days????

There are a whole lot of full-timers out there that we follow, wishing we had that life of NO real estate taxes, no lawn to mow, no big electric bills….Ah, yes…All of you are truly living that dream…However,  just as in any house, things can go askew…Take  Judy and Emma   for instance.  If it weren’t for bad luck, Judy would have NO luck at all!! Brakes, and now the fridge, plus walking the highway to find her “thingamajig” for her break-away brakes …She is a real trooper.  John, Bridget and Fred have just come East from a trip through Montana and Wyoming.  They will have to land for a spell soon, they’re gonna be new grandparents shortly!!  Stu and Donna had some rotten luck with a blow out on their fiver…plus some damage to the rig.  Good thing Stu is a “McGuyer”.. Dawn and Denise  have been waltzing about Texas, being with family, and trying to figure out where to spend the winter…No campfires in Texas this year, which really is a deterrent for Den and I.


  Odel and Laurie are hanging out around Sacramento, CA, visiting family and friends till after Thanksgiving.   And..have ya checked out our blogger friend, Teri  , and her blog?? She is all aflutter with just a few more days till she “pulls the trigger” and goes FULL TIME!!!  YEAH, TERI…YOU GO GIRL!! (I suggest you keep close tabs on Judy and her blog..She is becoming quite the “woman on the go” and a PRO full-timer!!) We are WOMEN, hear us ROAR!

  Of course, there are  still some peeps hanging out, enjoying their RV/camper whenever they get a chance.  That would be those who are still working and waiting with baited breathe for the dream to come true…To Sue, Doug, and Tucker,  you keep up that dream…don’t give up!…Sam and Donna (and Riggins), you just hang in there and take care of yourselves.  It won’t be  long and  you will be “on the road” too! Kenny and Angela, you were some of our first followers.  You rode with us when no one else would!!..and your Wednesday funnies are killin’ me!!! Mike and Gerri  have been spending some beautiful Fall days at their home in Georgia, and posting some great photos!  Sue and Mo are about to finish up an East Coast cruise…that flight out to La Guardia made me nauseous!..And Bob and Vicky are splitting their time between Mission, TX and Minnesota…whoa! Now that’s 2 very different climates!! The assured us that Progresso felt very safe to cross into Mexico…that’s good to know.


So…to all of  you bloggers out there who I didn’t mention, I apologize…My fingers are cracked and getting sore…(Yep, that sounds like a cop out to me too.) To those who I did mention, I apologize for any thing I missed or got wrong..They don’t call me Dementia Donna for nothing, and I can only multi-task when under EXTREME pressure.

I cannot tell you all how much we enjoy following and being followed by such a wonderful group of friends..and yes, even though we haven’t met most of you, we feel we know you…(You might know more about us than you really want toNyah-Nyah!!!!

I also need to thank a couple brave new souls who are now waiting in our GMC for us to hook up the Hiker and head South…. A shout out to Russ and Donna and  Howard and Lynda…You are now following 2 elderly dweebs who have no idea where they are heading…Oh, don’t worry…we won’t leave you in a gas station bathroom along the way…We haven’t gotten that bad yet…oh, …and WELCOME ABOARD!

..Since the frost has gone away, I decided to do some indoor “frosting”…For those who know how I am, you know that when I get bored I either cut all my hair off…or I frost it…Today was a frosty day…


Chances are…..I might “frost”….               …….but the “glow” just ain’t happenin’

OK….I am done embarrassing myself now….Thanks to all for taking time out to read my drivel….

Cocktail hour awaits…

“Beauty fades . . . dumb is forever.”
- Judge Judy -


  1. Wow, what an update!! You have a lot of information crammed into this one. I have picked up a couple of new blogs to follow from the info you provided. Thank you!

    Safe travels!

  2. Know what you mean by fingers getting sore and cracked. That takes a lot of mouse clicking going back and forth gathering up all those bloggers addys and linking them into your post. A lot of blog reading too. Bet that took a little time out of your day getting all that organized........:))

  3. Great update on many of our blogging friends. It IS a great community isn't it?? Lots and lots of great folks.
    We just can't wait until we find our part-time rig....we have a huge,bad case of hitch itch. I know you all are getting soooo excited!!!
    Love the new header!! :-)

  4. As my mother always said, "It's a great life if you don't weaken!"

  5. I bet when you're done you could take over for that Revlon model!

    Great update on the blogging community...and some of my favorite people! I could get all gooshy just thinking about ya'll.

    I wonder what has happened to Nellie and Jonathon???

  6. what a great recap today Donna..glad we are a part of your 'blogging dementia'!..makes me all warm and fuzzy thinking of all my 'friends' that 'live' in my computer!!..
    nice hair..don't think I would be brave enough to post a picture like that!..but you my 'friend' are indeed a brave soul!!

  7. You may need to get a bigger truck,seems like there is a lot of us going with you.

    I got dibs on a window seat.

    We are happy to see us listed with such good people..thanks

  8. Hi, Donna. Thanks for the encouragement and the shout out. I also don't know exactly where I am going to be this winter, but it will be Texas or west of Texas. I'm not heading towards FL this year. Maybe we may end up in the same place.

  9. Now that was a serious update, what a great post. We are honored to be mentioned in all that esteemed company. What a great community blogland really is.

  10. Glad to be mentioned in your 'pappalooza' roundup of Blogland! Now, it you did that every day, you could sure save the rest of us a lot of reading!

  11. Wow, a lot of info crammed into that post - what a great summary! :)

    At least two of your "mentions" mentioned you, so I had to click on over and see what everyone was talking about. ;)

  12. Wow! What a great report. Thanks for the link to us. Maybe we'll find a new follower or two from your comment about Grandma.

  13. Thanks for the shout, Donna & I will be with you all the way and hope to see you again next year.We are already making plans for some kind of meetup in the Bloomington-Normal area for a wild weekend with you guys next summer.You did a great job updating all of us on what everyone is doing, such research took you foreever. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  14. You'll be one of those on the road soon enough. Hearing you talk about frost makes me just shiver. Have a great day and hope the sun shines down on you.

    Kevin and Ruth