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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Few Thoughts On Photos…

…And speaking of photos, I would like to give you some news about my previous header photo of The Turtle Cottage, in case you didn’t see her….If you look closely, you will see why it was called that.  There in the middle of the picture , close up by the porch, just in the grass under the middle pumpkin on the porch, you can barely see a HUGE tortoise…Yep, that’s right….She lives there and her name is Rhonda..


…and she has her own little house (see what looks like a dog house on the left in the following photo???)

  Sometimes you really gotta study a photo to take it all in..That darn tortoise scared the bejesus out of me when she began slooooooowly moving across the lawn…Bet they don’t get many Trick or TreatersTurtle

OK, Before I forget, (and you know I might!),  I now need to again thank a few more willing souls for signing on to keeping track of the Cave Dwellers…Lord knows SOMEBODY needs to Surprised smile!!  A big “jump into the GMC” to Merikay  their new Alpha (and her toy RV), Gene and Judy  and their passion for the great outdoors (shared my many of us).  Also, a “get in the truck” to Jessica and Harry, who live in upstate NY and are getting ready to sell their sticks and bricks and hit the road soon.   (Gotta find out WHERE they live in upstate NY. Dennis was stationed at Sarratoga Springs in the Air Force a gazillion years ago. ) Gypsy Boho has also been brave enough to travel with us, and a big “welcome to the Cave” to Rick and Elaine NB…Phew!…We gotta get U-Haul!

  As I was adding yet MORE photos to the computer, I had a few thoughts on this digital computer photo stuff.  Lately, I have been going through old photos,  trying to get them in some semblance of order..It suddenly occurred to me that we make very few pictures we take into “prints” anymore..You know, matte them and frame them , or put them in you wallet to brag about, or send them in Xmas cards (which is also a dying tradition)Sad smile…It actually made me sad to suddenly realize that we rely soooo much on our techy stuff to hang on to our memories for us…



Left, Den, me, Dave and Sue, on our way to Florida…Our precious Gypsy….and my sailor son, Kelly.

Now, don’t get me wrong…I am the first to admit I am TOTALLY into putting these photos on disc for posterity…Really, I get that…But…there is just something about holding that old, worn, maybe torn, photo in your hand and putting a finger on a familiar face as if to bring them closer to you..


graduating class 1898scan0009

My Grandma Ross’s graduation class 1898,..My Uncle Walt and Aunt Edie on the Alcan Highway, 1948…and Den’s family gathering at Xmas, late 50’s.

Luckily, both our families were big picture takers…with the old Brownie box camera, then the fancy 35 mm..We were in photography heaven with that one!! Den’s Mom was also FABULOUS at documenting ‘who’ was ‘who’ in almost all of her old photos…


scan0011 scan0015scan0022

Den’s Grandpa Cave….Den’s Mom and Dad on their wedding day…Den’s Great Aunt Clara Elliott…Oh, boy…there are some stories out there about her…She was quite the politician in her day, so I hear!!…



Uncle Jr. (you’ve met him)  ….Aunt Jeanette and Uncle Jr , and…my Dad.  My Grandma Ross made him take violin lessons when he was little…He hated it…But a big thanks to her ….I loved listening to him play, and he didn’t do if often because it embarrassed him..

  So now you see what diggin’ through old photos does to me…makes me wax nostalgic…And yes, it is nice to have them preserved on the computer..but it’s oooh so nice to hold them in my hand


I don’t need to tell you who this All American family is…taken on our front porch,  1975…

And, yes, ….I still have that newspaper clipping……to touch.

"Faded, ragged, torn or dusty pictures means someone cared enough to hold onto them......"

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  1. Sure hope we can get on the road soon before we all have to sit down and go thru all the old pictures.

    How soon do we hit the road??

    Just kidding I could sit and look all day at pictures of you when you were younger.

  2. I think Kelly sure looks like his dad. I'm afraid I don't have any old pictures to reminisce about (long story), but I'd like to.

  3. Back in the mid 80's I had a small business called, 'Memories.' People brought me their treasured old photos and I would re-photograph them making new negatives and prints. I always enjoyed seeing all the old photos and your post reminded me of that tonight. Your pictures were exactly the same types of photos people would bring in. Many times it was the only photo they had and it always made me happy knowing that by making new negatives for them I was helping to extend their family history for years to come. I sure do know what you mean by holding the pictures in your hand. All this computer stuff is great, but some things are just not the same. Ya got some good looking ancestors in your attic there Kiddo:))

  4. Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing

  5. What great family pictures! I have some of those too, BUT mom never wrote on alot of them, who are those people? sad

  6. Great old family pics! I have an Uncle who is the hoarder of all our old family photos - he has hundreds of them. Every so often, he'll release a few to us poor peons and it's amazing how we all stare at them for hours! Nice blog!

  7. AAAhhh, but do you still have those shoes????

    Neato blog! Thanks!

  8. I think I recognize some of those people - they look just like my old photos of the 50s LOL! Great newspaper article.

    I think you have a good point about holding the photos...and documenting who is in them... I have tons of photos on the computer and most just have a date and a names. Years from now, assuming the technology allows access to old disks, will anyone know who these people are?

  9. what a great post, are on a roll! the last quote!..may have to steal it one day!

  10. I'm with you girl! I still like my photo albums and I still put pictures in them. Some things just feel better when you can touch them.

  11. You are so right about prints, I have been scanning ours and once they are all saved on Two disks. duplicate all your files just in case.Then I will give the prints to family members a lot younger than us. Oh Rigg's said to tell you Gypsy was sure acute looking miss, He said he would give her a couple of sniff's any day. Be safe out there.. Sam & Donna....

  12. I also love to have the pics in hand...have a ton of old family pics from the early 1900's and can only pick out a couple of people, you are very fortunate that your family thought about names and dates. I know they are relatives but not who. the pic of dens family...I had to enlarge to look at because it looked just like a pic of my family in the 50's at grandmas house, the closest lady even looked like my Aunt Rose.
    Donna W.

  13. A few years back we started sorting through our old photos, but it mostly old vacation shots, and most of them got tossed. Our daughter had kept the really good old photos in her home, but I don't know what happened to them since she lost the home.

  14. Yay! You mentioned us on your blog!
    T H A N K Y O U!
    Love going down "Memory Lane" with old pics. Very nice!