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Friday, May 8, 2015

Medical Merry Go Round

Short blog…I am YET AGAIN having more ultrasounds of my neck…Not sure why everybody is so concerned about my Thyroid…I was told my Parathyroid was the “big problem”…Plus, I needed a Bone Density Scan…and when you are on Medicare, you can only have one every 2 years and you must have a diagnosis (I have 3)…I cannot get one of those until August 1st…sheesh…I am so ready to tell them all, “just give me a Happy Pill and leave me alone!”

On a good note, our son-in-law who is a Detective in Glenview IL PD was just promoted to Sergeant! WOOT!WOOT! Terrie and their 3 kids went to watch their Dad get his star pinned on…

11188448_10204339389664114_3153342598383244175_n 11209642_10204339392624188_778949690413704331_n

…and guess WHO got that honor?? Terrie said he was a little nervous, being that she had a sharp object in her hand…

11209645_10204339393984222_5439398149459192117_n 11010969_10204339394344231_9043380854744446_n 10438317_10204339394784242_6841155760161100888_n

Taylor and Sergeant Heiser……..             Peyton and Sergeant Heiser……              Campbell and Sergeant Heiser……….

11201893_10204339395784267_8493802354607143511_n 11143238_10204339396184277_997589881903911954_n

Sergeant and Mrs Sergeant Heiser……              The whole darn Heiser clan with the Glenview IL Police Chief…..

Not much else going on here…We have had a couple days of rain, but are starting to get some flowers planted..Our Aunt Jeanette will turn 100 years old this September..and yes, she and her 92 year old husband (Uncle Junior), are still living at  home..though I’m not sure that is the best for them…They won’t discuss at home care or anymore assisted living…Sometimes ya just gotta shut up and let them do what they want…As for my medical mess, I will keep you posted if anything new comes up…As for now, I’m in limbo…


Makes my back hurt just to look at this!!


  1. Dang!,,,on the medical stuff. Give Sarge my congrats!

  2. I know how frustrating that medical stuff can be. It sure would be nice if things were more black and white with definitive answers. Congrats on the son-in-laws promotion. Happy gardening!

  3. Congrats to you son. They are all heroes.....:)