Cave Dwellings: A Gut Check…I Have NO Worries!!
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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Gut Check…I Have NO Worries!!

Mother’s Day, Dennis and I went for breakfast..Well…we drove through McDonalds (Mickey D’s) for a couple breakfast burritos and some hash browns..We had our thermo pot of coffee with us. When we travel with the Hiker we always take our travel coffee mugs and our thermo pot for refills.  Even though we didn’t have the Hiker lashed on, we did have a bit of a “road trip” in mind that morning.

Some of you might have heard of the Northern Illinois tornado (an F-4) that hit a small town called Fairdale…That town is about 50 miles North of where we live. Right after it happened, the town was off limits to the public ..a few reporters were allowed in.  Later, quite a few people took the drive to see the destruction. We waited almost a month to go…giving the people a little time to begin the healing process ( 2 people were killed) . Here is a map of Fairdale, IL, population in 2010 was 150 people.

data=RfCSdfNZ0LFPrHSm0ublXdzhdrDFhtmHhN1u-gM,V_u0xZKBDcvfCMC6G_svmm2wHTv-j2uZSXdCH4-kjn_CXm8AnXwPamJbScIPIUw0ADUnCiJZE6lZ4J_vwCsD_XDXAsraGw Yes, it has about 7 streets total..

We were about the only car driving through. Most of the debris and demolished homes had been cleaned up..Let me say this..Dennis and I didn’t go there to be gawkers or to poke our noses into their misery. We never got out of the GMC, drove slowly through the streets and left quietly..There were very few homes still standing and the orange fence was marking the foundations to keep people from wandering through…I will let the photos speak to you about the spirit of the families that call Fairdale home ..

101_7113 101_7110 101_7114


101_7115 101_7122 101_7124

As I said, it was almost totally void of homes..all that remained was foundations to mark where the homes had been.

101_7126 101_7127

Someone put this statue in what’s left of a large tree, right, notice the chair and vase of flowers in front of this foundation..


 101_7132 101_7130

Cars thrown like toys…and huge trees ripped by their roots from the ground…

101_7134 101_7138

A lone dresser sits on this one…..   and a green grill sits in front of this foundation on the right…

101_7136 101_7137

Just a few homes remained…I love this last one..The American Flag and a heart…This speaks volumes of Fairdale people and their spirit!

And this is what I meant by “gut check”…Compared to these brave survivors, I have NO problems…and no words .



  1. It takes a long time for a town to recover from something like that. The town, the people, the land. Makes you feel small and fragile.

  2. Great post. Good to be reminded of what is important in life and to have compassion for those that suffer. And to be reminded to pray for them. And help when we can.

  3. Terrible! I lived in OKC in the 70's and have seen my share of tornadoes, they are scary!

  4. posted this on june 13th so you can see if our blog is working okays.