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Friday, May 29, 2015

Back to Blogger...just great.

Not too much going on around here lately..My Doctor sent me to the vampires for more blood..and I had to give them a 24 hour urine test..I know, TMI....It was no fun for me, either. Of course now that we are forced to be reunited with Blogger, my profanity level has hit an all time high...
I did manage to do some gardening, and I encountered some terrorizing little bugs in our soil..called Buffalo Gnats. They have no resemblance to a buffalo, no beard, no smell, and no grunting...But when they decide to attack, they bite with a vengeance...leaving a little blood spot so you can see where they GOT  you.. I got most of my work done before I was ambushed..then I stayed inside the house applying After Bite and taking Benadryl for the swelling and itching...Here is my hard work..
I have to tell ya..I am NOT liking this Blogger stuff so far... Oh well, adjust and overcome.
Our town of Sandwich, IL was established in 1855..and through the years our streets have changed and grown in number...They originally were dirt, then brick, then blacktop...Our street we live on, Center Street, is about to be repaved.  We have potholes the size of sinkholes..OK, maybe not quite that big, but the good part is that you can see the old brick street in those holes!

Yep, there are some of the original bricks that paved our streets back in the day....Along Center Street the sidewalks are going to be fixed also...and you can even see the bricks that were used for the sidewalks..
I kind of hate to see them replaced, but our little town is in a financial pinch, so trying to save them is not an option...You all know I love history.  Well on my walk this AM, I passed an old abandoned farm on the edge of town. When I was in high school, some folks named Marcelus owned it. But then they closed down the railroad crossing near that house and the road isn't used anymore...The house is abandoned, but I'm not sure if someone uses the barns to store stuff in...

In this last photo, you an see the old pony post (where the fire number is leaning)..and I think the other two posts may have been used also...This is a neat old farm... slightly exciting, yet unnerving thing did occur while I was absent from the blogoshere...I got another year older...I have outlived my Mother's age when I hit 65..and now I am exactly the age my Dad was when he passed..67. I will be glad to get this year under my belt too...!!!!

Happy Birthday to ME!!! Wasting away in Margaritaville!! WOOT!WOOT!



  1. I don't know if you follow Rick Doyle's blog...but he has been following this on the techie pages/threads, and supposedly Microsoft and Blogger people are working on a fix for Live Writer.


  3. Happy birthday to you!!

    I've kept Blogger....never went to LiveWriter. Hope it gets fixed soon for your sake.

  4. I started with Blogger, so it hasn't been a problem for me. I think you need more than one margarita! Happy Birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday, Donna! By the time you get really used to the Blogger Editor, Live Writer will be fixed again.....I"m just sayin'...

    One very nice feature of posting with the Blogger Editor is that when you click on any photo in your blog now it goes to a slide-show of all the photos in that post. From there, you can just use the little wheel on your mouse to scroll back and forth between all the photos in the post. That's even better than Live Writer which only shows 1 pic at a time when you click on it.

  6. Happy Birthday! Never have used Live Writer, so I have no idea what is going on:)

  7. Happy Birthday To You.... you know the rest of the song...