Cave Dwellings: Remembering Memorial Day..and Tweeking the Hiker slide
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Remembering Memorial Day..and Tweeking the Hiker slide

Our 2007 HitchHiker SL fiver is showing her age..(some of us age faster than others, right?).First of all , the graphics on the front are peeling off, which really gets aggravating when trying to wash her face..similar to us ladies when we “exfoliate”…Her bedroom slide had an issue with a rubber seal not wanting to come all the way out when putting it OUT..Den adjusted this last year, but it seems to  have slipped out of sinc again..(much like my eyelids have slipped into creases). I remember having to work on this same problem and was NOT looking forward to it again..However..

20150512_123701 20150512_121318 20150512_121513

After completely emptying out the storage under our bed, Dennis climbed his big ol’ self under there and took a look.  He finally figured out that the whole bed slides out, so he could get up in front of it to do the adjustment…Of course I helped here and there…mostly there..He still wasn’t really satisfied…It seems the whole slide is off center, and after much thought about how what he could do to adjust THAT, he made a good decision..He decided that this was a bigger project than he could tackle and just let it be..(WHEW! I was a tad concerned about him trying to wrestle that big slide from underneath it!). He did get the slide so that the rubber seal did come all the way out though…Of course he did, he’s MacGyver!

We have been doing some yard work while the weather is was warm.  I have a lovely Rose of Sharon bush/tree in a flower garden by my bird bath..I have been busy weeding around it and planting some Lavender..Everything was looking just fine until a few days ago….I went outside to this..

20150513_094718 20150513_094657

WTH???? Something…some beastie…had made shredded wheat out of the base of my Rose of Sharon bush..I kid you not, the whole base and bark was totally shredded!! Rabbits don’t do this …do they?? We have had some Woodchucks, but they never have touched any of our bushes or trees..Beavers??? nope, no water except a puddle or two..Deer?…I think not..Something that had a rotorooter for teeth..or very sharp talons…I’m thinking a Sasquatch…Yep, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it…And, by the way, this killed the darn bush and I dug it up today, which was NO easy task…SHEESH!!

Other than out of kilter slides and a mysterious bush terrorizer, not much is going on here. Our weather has turned pretty chilly for a couple days, but looks warmer for the weekend. Memorial Day is early this year, May 25th..We have no big plans for a picnic …I’m pretty sure Ter and Tim will be opening their pool (YAY!) I am on deck for an appointment with my Endocrinologist tomorrow.  I am losing faith and have begun to think I just have to live with this stuff…We shall see. I have been doing some research and found a place in Tampa Florida (yes, I did say Florida) that does nothing but parathyroid surgeries..They have the whole top floor of the Tampa Hospital …It is called Norman Parathyroid Center…Hey, it’s food for thought.

OK, it is almost cocktail hour and I am very much ready for a Cuba Libre…Everyone have a safe and fun Memorial Day weekend…and let’s not forget why we celebrate it…

10986710_10204679703138515_4089626214928867315_o This beautiful mural is at Soldier Field (Chicago Bears football stadium)…and it says it all…


  1. Thanks for showing us the awesome memorial mural. We need to pay tribute to them more now than ever before.

    "All gave some. Some gave all."

  2. Remember to put that flag to full staff, and then down to half staff on Memorial Day. At noon, raise it back to full staff because we are still free thanks to so many...

    1. Thanks, Judy...I am not up to the flag etiquette as you are...I will do so!