Cave Dwellings: Phew!..Busy Week!
Cave Dwellings

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Phew!..Busy Week!

MacGyver and “moi” had a great visit with at the Wolff den last week. The original reason we went to Zionsville was for me to go to an appointment with my ENT at Indiana University Hospital…We got to Zionsville Monday afternoon . We got up the next AM and followed our daughter, Chris, into downtown Indianapolis. Chris works for a Vascular Surgeon at Methodist Hospital downtown.. It was a busy drive through rush hour and I was very glad Dennis was my chauffeur!!


Chris showed us the best way to park down there…valet parking. You just drive up in front of University Hospital and give your keys to one of several “valets”, get a ticket and you’re good to go…Valet parking is only $5.00 if you are a patient..and I was an out-patient..SCORE!!

I was scheduled for a CT scan of my neck and chest, which required an injection of contrast (dye) to see what was going on. I am not one who gets uptight with needles and such, as I worked in our local hospital as a Nurse’s Aide when I was in college..If you can to that job, you can handle most anything!..After all this, I met with my doc, Dr. Moore, after he looked at the scans. Good news was that he saw nothing major on either scan.  He did see my growths on my thyroid gland, but didn’t see anything definite in the way of an enflamed parathyroid…(He did say,however, that a Radiologist would read my scans and give the final results). Sooo…nothing much new…The doc wants me to get more bloodwork done ordered by my Endocrinologist and have a copy of the results sent to  him…

While I was there, I signed up to be on My IU Health, which allows you to view all of  your medical stuff online. Today I did find my results ..but am not exactly sure I understand them…I guess if  Dr. Moore isn’t worried, than I shouldn’t either, right??

After a hectic day at IU Hospital (we went in at 7:30AM and got out at noon), we all went out for dinner…a celebration of health…

19330_1001455353198276_2934309090136237965_n  11113916_1001455309864947_7284104462369088490_n

 10409121_1001455406531604_3202408961693813016_n 11069359_1001455379864940_4416663388932646068_n

Dennis and I watched these two Wolff cubs for 2 days so Chris and John could do a quick trip to Las Vegas, where John had a presentation to give for his work…We had a great time with those boys!!

20150424_122926 11149255_1002136836463461_6682915260083081458_n

11162073_1002599479750530_1035024283671697661_n 20150423_195400

Chris and John flew back on Friday and we got home here Saturday about noon…and drove through some pretty heavy rain all the way!…

Sunday we went to see our granddaughter in her musical. Taylor is a Sophomore at Kaneland High School, and the school puts on a musical every Spring. Last year we missed it because we were still gone, but THIS Spring we made a point of being here.. This year it was “Shrek, The Musical”. If  you remember that kid’s movie, it is really cute..a story of an Ogre in a world of nursery rhymes and storybook characters…  They had a Friday night performance, a Saturday matinee performance, a Saturday night performance and a matinee performance on Sunday..we went to Sunday’s matinee and it was spectacular!!  Here is a collage of a few of the wonderful performing and talented kids…

04-26-2015 Taylor had 3 different parts..She was a dancing rat, one of the Three Little Pigs, and a Duloc dancer..which meant 6 costume changes.  The musical even had a live orchestra of high school members in the orchestra pit providing the music for all of it..What a fabulous production..and what talented kids…Of course, we were very proud of Taylor!

101_7055 101_7069 

Above is our darling Duloc dancer…and on the right, she is now a Dancing Rat, trousers, tails and tophat!

101_7089 …and on the left, Tay is now one of the Three Little Pigs…what a hoot!

The musical was 2 1/2 hours long with a 15 minute intermission…and after it was over we took a few photos of our “shining star”…


I gotta say it…she is a keeper, this one!!…and so are her very proud brothers!!

 101_7104 101_7106

Mom and Dad…(they brought her the flowers)….and..of course, Papa and I were verklempt…

101_7102 What a wonderful week full of grandchildren we had..we are sooooo blessed!!


  1. Glad you tests came out well. Terrific pictures of your grandkids and your 'star'.

  2. I always love family photos.... and what an array of photos you have today! So good you could be with the grandkids!

  3. You sure have been busy! I think it's great when kids have the guts to be on stage.

  4. Whew! Sounds like a whirlwind of a week. So glad to hear the tests came back fine and hope you're feeling well. Is it time to start planting some annuals? I could never wait for Mother's Day to start with the planting when we lived in IL.