Cave Dwellings: Playing “Mrs. Doubtfire”…I DO have her weird sense of humor!
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Playing “Mrs. Doubtfire”…I DO have her weird sense of humor!

  After having the Heiser grandkids here at our house over the last weekend, I moved in at their house Sunday for 3 nights, 4 days…until Ter and Tim came back from their trip to Vegas…So far, the Las Vegas PD hasn’t called for some bail money so that it  a good sign…Terrie’s kids pretty much watch themselves…I am only there to make sure that there is one adult in the house who can drive, cook, and make executive decisions..Wait a minute..I may have used the term “adult” a bit loosely.  I am probably the farthest grandparent from an adult…My role model is Mrs. Doubtfire…especially when she vacuums to the rock tune “Dude Looks Like A Lady”..I DO, however, have the REAL body suit that matches hers…

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2012-12-09 12.54.302012-12-09 12.54.13

I think I climbed those steps 1000 times…..All the bedrooms are upstairs, and I had their master suite all to myself..At least I did until Bogie decided to find her way to the bedroom. Bogie is their deaf rescue dog, who thinks she makes the house payments at 185 Cobbler Court…

2012-12-09 17.40.442012-12-09 17.41.392012-12-10 19.55.27

…..I rest my case…HEY!!! THAT IS MY CHAIR AND PILLOW ON THE RIGHT….DOWN, BOGIE!! ….NOW!!! (It’s almost impossible to discipline a deaf dog…especially when she give me the following look….Annoyed

2012-12-09 18.20.49

The oldest 2 kids are in middle school and ride the bus..I have to say that these two kids are amazing…They have to walk 2 blocks to the bus stop, leaving the house at 6:40AM…They set their own alarms, get up, dressed, get their own breakfast and out the door…Actually, the first alarm to go off is Taylor’s…and that starts at 5:15AM..I know this because I can hear it too, so I roll out about 5:30.….Peyton’s goes off a little later (12 year old boys are notorious for NOT being as “high maintenance as 14 year old girls.) .Once the 5:15 buzzer starts, I think Tay hits the snooze button 3 times, and actually rises about 5:35AM…Peyton’s alarm sings for another 25 minutes, and he finally makes it up by 6AM…(Sometimes Taylor  has to roust him, but he always manages to make it)…Campbell, the youngest, rides a different bus to the elementary school..He needs to be awakened no later than 7:15AM,and this is where I felt somewhat needed..I got him up, got breakfast and we bonded over The Disney Channel until 8:03AM..This is when I walk him to the school bus stop, which is visible from their front door…WHEW!..

Once the kids were all on the bus, (Peyton’s job was to feed Bogie and take her out to potty), I was free to come back to Sandwich (a 20 minute drive). Rest assured that Bogie happily slept in every available couch and chair in the house while no one was homeWinking smile..…

At our house, I did some cleaning, some laundry, dinked around, made the kids some food and was back at the Heiser homestead by 3PM, when Taylor and Peyton got off the school bus…and Campbell got off about 4PM…How does Terrie EVER remember these schedules????

2012-12-09 18.47.172012-12-11 18.45.32

Wednesday was my last official full day of acting the “nanny” role and resuming my Granny one…Is it just me, or do the words Nanny and Granny come from the same nurturing vocabulary??

Terrie and Tim’s flight was due in Wednesday, late afternoon.. I was at the Heisers when the kids got off the school bus Wednesday.  I had made spaghetti and fried chicken for a dinner that night,knowing that Tim and Ter would be  hungry, and they could all eat together…Terrie called about 4:30PM and said they were driving home from Midway Airport and about 1 hour from home, so I left the kids in Tay’s hands and began the traffic rush hour drive back to our house..Taylor, being 14 going on 30 and a very busy neighborhood babysitter, qualifies to watch her younger siblings for the hour…I piled all my stuff into the GMC and headed home about sunset..

2012-12-12 16.57.49



This is a large farm owned by the Rosenwinkle family and I drive by it on my way home..The Rosenwinkles own many farms out our way…They use to own much of the property in Chicago that O’Hare Airport is now occupying..hence the MANY farms…They aways have their silos at this particular one decorated with red and green Xmas lights this time of year…I took this photo “on the fly”while driving, which is probably NOT a good idea, but you can see the colored lights waaay at the tops ….

Terrie called me about an hour later, after they got home, telling me how much they appreciated my “nannyism”, and officially promoted me back to Grama…I had a great time with the kids,and they definitely helped me stay young while I was there….And now, I am back home, and Den and I spent today helping Uncle Jr. get some groceries..…Right now, I am done blogging…and it is very nearly cocktail hour.   I will most definitely find a glass of wine with my name on it…Martini glassRolling on the floor laughing…Thanks for checking in!!!!!


  1. I'm worn out after rading this blog. You are a good grandma you go girl..

  2. That looks like a mansion you stayed in! Wow! Right now I don't think I could have done that stint. Good for you!

  3. Your grandkids live in a beautiful home. Just another learning experience for the grands showing them that this is how families are supposed to act to help each other out. It's a great lesson for them and one they'll remember and pass along when they get older. Congrats for caring enough to show them how it's supposed to be done.

    Now, is Vegas still the same after the Cave-a-palooza?

  4. what great kids..not sure I could handle all those alarms going off in the mornings would need a schedule just to know whose is whose..your a great nanny :) and I'm sure the kids appreciate drink it up and get some rest...