Cave Dwellings: A Few Pictures That Didn’t Stay in Vegas…
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Monday, December 17, 2012

A Few Pictures That Didn’t Stay in Vegas…

  Our kids posted a few fun pictures they took in Las Vegas last week…



Tim and Terrie had a romantic dinner in “Paris” the night before they left….



The above pics were taken from the Eifel Tower…That hotel/casino was not there the last time Den and I were there…Actually,the last time we were there we ended up staying with our Cougar in Sam’s Town..NEVER AGAIN!!. They had razor wire on top the concrete fence…to keep the bad guys out…The day we got there we were told by our camping neighbor that there were gunshots the night before….No wonder he had 2 Doberman Pincers camping with him… We stayed one night and got the Hell out of Dodge Vegas!!

Vegas Ter

Terrie, the night of her birthday…That would be her brother, Kelly, running from her in the background…Surprised smile


….Isn’t it nice they could spend some calm, quiet,  and reflective time, relaxing and breathing in the lovely desert air…Disappointed smile!!

Vegas kids2Vegas kidsvegas3girls

….I cannot understand where they get this craziness that they are so aptly displaying…GOSH DANG, I LOVE OUR FAMILY!!

Vegas group

It took me a few minutes to understand why they are all dressed in hospital gowns….Then I read the name read the sign…”Welcome to the Heart Attack Grill…Food Worth Dying For”..One of Tim’s detective friends and his wife went along too…

It’s sooo nice to see al 3 siblings and their respective spouses spending quality time together…Be forewarned…We are all getting together again this weekend to have our Cave Family Christmas, here at the ‘ol homestead…Dennis and I are still hoping to leave for Florida sometime after the 27th of December, weather permitting..We have reservations for January 5th at the Army Corps Ortona South Campground for 2 weeks…I have the rest of the trip planned, but I’m scared to put anything more down..afraid it will  bring bad luck if I actually put the whole trip plans on my blog…My luck, the whole thing will fall apart…Crying face!!

Before we can go anywhere, we had to take the GMC to the diesel doctor…It seems we need new fuel injectors, to the tune of about $3000….YIKES! This could be beans and weenies for the first part of the trip South…On a more positive note, the fuel prices are heading least for now…I have been hauling some stuff out to the Hiker…but McGyver won’t let me take any canned goods or things that could freeze just yet…

The weather guy is predicting some snow and 40 mph winds for here for Thursday…Chris, John and the Wolff Cubs are coming in Friday night, so I sure hope it won’t prevent them from arriving…Hey, those darn weather guys almost NEVER hit the target, right????? Thanks to all for reading this drivel…Hope you enjoyed the pictures of our kids in Vegas..These are the only ones they published for us to see..I have a feeling there are more, but don’t want to askEmbarrassed smile

“Las Vegas is perhaps the most color-blind, class-free place in America. As long as your cash or credit line holds out, no one gives a damn about your race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, address, family lineage, voter registration or even your criminal arrest record. Money is the great leveler.”

                                                                                ~Marc Cooper


  1. what happens in Vegas, gets on the Cave Blog - I like it!

    Looks like everyone had a great time in Vegas - was there ever any doubt?

    At least they've got a week to rest up for the next big partyfest at your house this weekend.

  2. Hey guys you will be saying just down the road from us at Ortona we drove in there the other day it is a nice COE campground. Let us know when your in the area we could do a happy hour. We are at "The Glades RV Resort".

    Rick and Elaine

  3. looks like the kids had a ton of fun!..but you know there was no doubt that this would be a trip to remember!! Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!!

  4. great vegas pictures..nice to see the kids all get together...we love when ours do on..hope to see you when you arrive here in the sunny south...:)