Cave Dwellings: Heiser Grandkids …and a Merry Medical Update..
Cave Dwellings

Buckhorn Creek, Lake O' The Pines, Jefferson, TX

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Heiser Grandkids …and a Merry Medical Update..

  First of all, I want to wish our oldest daughter, Terrie, a Happy 40th Birthday!!
101_0389 (2)
We are watching Taylor, Peyton and Campbell for the 5 days they are in Las Vegas celebrating….Terrorizing the strip with Terrie and Tim also are Chris and John, and Kelly and Cindy…Also along for the celebration is a cop friend of Tim and Ter’s , along with his wife..I have a feeling the friendship will be stretched to the maxEmbarrassed smile!! They left out of Midway Airport, Chicago, Saturday at 6AM..Chris and John hopped a flight out of Indy about an hour later, and they all hooked up at Harrah’s about 11AM…This is a MAJOR Cave-a-palooza , meant ONLY for the young people…McGyver and I are “minding the store”, the kids….. and the dog…Chris and John left their 2 boys (the Wolff Cubs) with members of John’s family, who live in the Zionsville area…

                                Would you allow this group in your casino????
2012-12-08 09.12.162012-12-08 09.13.18
Above is my coffee cup from the Wolff boys…so even though they aren’t here, I can still enjoy their presence…I LOVE Snapfish!!
We have been having a great time here with the Heiser kids…I made a couple big breakfasts ( 2 days in a row of bacon, sausage, eggs, pancakes and French Toast..WHEW!)….
2012-12-08 09.11.532012-12-07 17.03.25
On the right is Bogie, their deaf rescue dog…Previously, someone had beaten her and she is deaf as a result..She is part Pit Bull and Part???? and she is the sweetest, kindest creature ever…Only one thing to remember…Don’t sneak up on her…make heavy footsteps if she is sleeping…Ya gotta remember that she cannot hear you coming and is easily startled..So much for being a watchdog..Someone could break in and steal everything from the house downstairs, if she was sleeping in her dog bed upstairs…Surprised smile!
2012-12-07 18.40.542012-12-08 18.40.20
When the Heiser kids are here, we enjoy Jessica’s company also…She is the 12 year old daughter of our neighbors, and is just like one of our own grandkids…You can easily spot Jessica, being the only one NOT blonde.
Taylor had Jessie take this with Tay’s cell phone…This is our wreath hung on the Hiker tongue…Pretty neat, eh??
2012-12-08 09.16.44

The  last time we were at Uncle Jr.’s , Aunt Jeanette gave us this table clothe…She said that Den’s Mom had given it to them for a wedding gift over 50 years ago…It now graces our little Xmas tree…I love that it is something that Grandma Kate (Den’s Mom) AND Jr.and Jeanette had a part in..and it will be kept in the famly.
2012-12-06 17.46.212012-12-06 17.45.57
I took these last Friday, 17 days post surgery…
2012-12-08 09.20.022012-12-08 09.19.34
McGyver took these yesterday..I actually had on lipstick..The scar is fading daily, and now I have to put Aquaphor on it 3 times a day…AND…I can lightly cover it with make-up….But in these photos, I obviously didn’t have make up on, and I still think it looked pretty darn good…and can only get better…I’m trying NOT to make this totally a Merry Medical Christmas blog, but I figure a few updates may help someone else see that “miracles DO happen,” and “all things are possible”…
This afternoon, I am taking the Heiser kids and Bogie back home and spending Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights at their house..My duties are pretty simple…feed them, make sure they do homework and get to bed by 9:30PM and on the school bus in the mornings…During the day,  I am free to return to Sandwich .. until the school bus drops them off at home again about 3-3:30PM…I will take some pics and hopefully blog again about my experiences at the Heiser homestead…You know darn well something unusual will happen…Murphy’s Law…


  1. You look great, hope you won't need the rest of the week to recover from you full time babysitting job. but it is fun for us to have the Grand's around.We miss you guys. be safe out there. Sam & Donna.....

  2. My oldest will reach his 40th birthday later this month. How did we get to be this old???

  3. As always great to hear from the Cave people:)

  4. Looks like you got your Christmas wish... you look great!

  5. Nice way to spend the weekend! you are a fabulous Gramma!

  6. Donna, you look great - thanks for the update!
    Connie in PA

  7. You just make all the Merry Christmas Medical Updates you want. I luv, luv, luv what modern medicine can do to help us. And waht a great grandma you are.

  8. love your updates...great looking kids too...and you personally look wonderful!!

  9. Happy 40th to Terrie - Las Vegas may never be the same after the Cave-a-Palooza.

    You are looking terrific - what a fantastic job the surgeon did on your neck. What are you going to get done next?? Can't wait for more pics!!

    I sure would love to be at your house for one of those big breakfasts - awesome!

  10. I think the psychological lift is just as important as the physical lift. What a great feeling inside for you now eh:))

  11. Our oldest was 40 last May. Gah. Not sure where those years went. Pretty sure she wasn't too keen on the idea either.
    The results of the surgery look awesome. Nice to see when things turn out just right.

  12. My gosh, you look wonderful! That's exactly the procedure I want, though glad the one I just had is over and done...Someday, soon I hope! I will go back and research your posts for more info. Happy holidays!