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Thursday, October 4, 2012

What Day Is It?? Where AM I??

  I thought McGyver and I were retired.  I thought we should be lounging around on some ocean front property, Den playing golf, and me eating bonbons in my lawn chair….WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED TO THAT IDEA?? I suppose you could say that “life” happened, and one thing we can be sure of in life…things will change.  I won’t go into detail, but with McGyver in the “corn”, I am doing some double duty in certain arenas…Don’t get me wrong..I don’t mind it..But I can sure tell these old bones are not quite as flexible, and I definitely get tired lots faster than even 5 years ago….Yep, blindsided by life, I am….feeling a bit like a dog chasing a very LARGE cat..Then realizing he is going to actually catch it and doesn’t know what to do with itSurprised smile!

On my walk the other day, I got a few shots of Mother Nature’s work in progress…

2012-09-17 07.56.151349183880473

Truth be told, I took these last week…See?? I am now losing track of time….Last night I put the TV control in the drawer of our coffee table (NOT where it goes…that’s where our bic candle lighter goes) and my comb in our toothbrush drawer in the bathroom…I need to get a grip here.

I did take time out to go to lunch with 2 former co-workers at the travel agency I worked for years ago…



Left is Den’s cousin, Linda, who owned the Travelinn Travel Agency..and next to her is Martha, who worked with me sending people around the country and world…We had our lunch at a lovely new place in Yorkville, IL called Cobblestone Bakery and Bistro.  Martha’s daughter is the head chef and manager, and Martha is the hostess….I have a few more photos of the place…





2012-10-01 12.39.4913491128864901349113166520


You can probably tell that this was an old house that has been redone…They are now remodeling a theater next door and will connect the two when the renovations are done…When I say theater, I don’t mean blockbuster movies, but live entertainers, singers and music in a small venue….Martha’s son, Jon Conover, is a great singer/songwriter in the Chicago area, and he is helping with the theater …McGyver and I first met Jon at Martha’s home when he was a new singer, still in high school…Click on his link, I think you will like him..

As I said, I have been running around like a chicken in fear of losing his head, and one of many projects was to bring in firewood from our backyard and stack it in the garage..Usually McGyver and I do this together, but these days I usually only see him fleetingly in the early AM, and then about 8PM for a much needed cocktail hour by the fire which was built by me..with loveWinking smile..


                       GIT ‘ER DONE!!!!!…….AND I DID…TWO LOADS WORTH!!

To say that the Cave family are huge sports fans is at the very least an understatement…Illustrating how desperate we are to “tailgate” ANY AND ALL forms of sporting events, we were at our cousin’s house watching the Ryder Cup on 2 TV’s in their garage…

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Small one car garages do NOT deter us Cave People!! …and….yes, we could probably build a house with the recycle aluminum moneyEmbarrassed smile..

Now that I am almost to the end of this blog, I have again discovered that putting things down on paper is very much cathartic for me…I am beginning to feel almost relaxed…I have to say that some of this I bring on my frenzied OCD self….These last days I have washed all my downstairs windows (up and down the ladder, up and down the ladder), cleaned the GMC inside and out, also my dirty house, been chauffeur for groceries to my favorite Senior relatives (including a trip to the urgent care and a few days later, the Doc),  visited an assisted Sr. living facility to pre-screen it…  I have also ..provided Dennis with tantalizing cold lunches, made him fabulous dinners, picked the last of the tomatoes, drove 40 miles in the rain to buy myself some new walking shoes, re-arranged our living room and our bedroom.  The bedroom is no easy feat..I have to take all of the drawers out of all of our heavy pine furniture to move it..and the bed is a real “gut buster”Confused smile!…All of this was topped off by my grocery shopping trip to WalMart yesterday…where my credit card was declined yet again…I had to call McGyver to come over and have him swipe his card (luckily he just happened to be home)….AND…HIS CARD WAS DECLINED TOO!…I guess I’m due to let my fingers do the talking in a real “bitch” letter to the big WalMart Gods…They don’t call me the Wicked Witch of West Center Street for nothing…



…Thanks for letting me vent…I am feeling MUCH BETTER, and hope I didn’t just transfer my insanity over to depress all of you!! My sporatic blogging will probably continue until we get our “family” in a safer and more “watched over” environment…In the meantime, enjoy this great and beautiful Fall!! Yep, think I’ll just revert back to my childhood days…go rake a big pile of leaves and just jump right in!!!!

Maxine halloween

“What did the skeleton say to the bartender?
I’ll have two beers and a mop


  1. I am not sure if I feel like laughing or crying, but it sure is true that getting older is not always that much fun. Maybe it is good that we tend to forget a lot of stuff")

  2. Boy, you sound REAllY busy. thought u were going to say you could BUILD a house out of the recycles beer cans :)

  3. What kind of tree is that by the purple house?

    Hang in there. Perhaps after corn season you'll be able to get away for a while??

  4. What happens in the garage stays in the garage (or is supposed to) :^)

  5. You sure seem to be keeping busy anyway - that's supposed to be a good thing, right? That sure was a lot of firewood to haul by yourself - good job!

    Nice pics of the fall trees with all the colors.

  6. Would your credit card happen to be a VISA. They give me trouble with my VISA but the Walmart Discover card goes right through. Sam's won't take VISA in the store at all but will at the gas pumps??? Probably a ploy to make everyone get their card.

    I use to give Walmart a check until someone got my bank account number and made a $700 purchase at a Walmart in Austin, TX. Not where I live. Must have been an inside job. I got my money back but they couldn't or wouldn't tell me how it happened.

  7. I remember a movie years ago called, Children Of The Corn. Sounds like you may be caught up in your own movie, Husbands Of The Corn...........

  8. Man, I'm tired reading about all your chores. We have the same problem with our Visa card at WalMart.
    Tell blue eyes hello for us!

  9. Hi Donna and Dennis,
    Just found your blog via Nomadic Newfies. Fun writing and a little eccentric. I like it. I've just signed on as a follower.